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09 May 2022 12:59:50
genuine question; what happens to Pogba if no one wants to sign him?

Does he keep lowering his wage demands and widening the circle of clubs he might sign for until someone bites?

Could he potentially end up at Newcastle on £50k a week if that's the best offer he's going to get?

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09 May 2022 13:13:43
Pretty much yeah. But seeing as there is a 450k a week deal from United still on the table I doubt he'll need to lower his demands that much.

{Ed014's Note - he’ll sign don’t worry Shappy ?

09 May 2022 13:23:22
Ornstein reporting that he has options from Madrid, PSG and Juve and has turned down city reportedly.

Certainly won't be with us next season but will probably be playing at a higher standard in Europe than we will be.

09 May 2022 13:25:30
I really want to believe the club is changing for the better and letting Pogba go is part of that, as is seeing some of the people upstairs leaving and Ten Hag coming in.

However, I can't let go of the feeling that this summer we're going to end up with Pogba signing a new deal, Martial, Donny and Pereira coming back and the club line on them is that they are "like new signings" and our main big signing ends up being our 8th choice defensive midfielder.

09 May 2022 13:39:55
It will be interesting to see where he ends up, and what sort of price he can extract. Quite apart from not lighting up the field with his play, his self-promotion and injury record make him a potentially expensive liability wherever he goes. His success as part of very good Juventus and French teams masked his deficiencies while reinforcing his generally languorous approach to the game.

09 May 2022 14:18:51
just let him go, if he hasn't got the desire and ambition to play in the Europa conference league then we don't want him.

09 May 2022 14:18:51
just let him go, if he hasn't got the desire and ambition to play in the Europa conference league then we don't want him.

09 May 2022 15:01:22
Utd have made him a £450k a week offer? That's insane! I think if Pogba re-signs for Utd then the Ten Hag project is dead before it's even begun; all credibility will be lost out of the starting gate.

DSG, the idea of City making an offer just isn't credible which makes me wonder about the validity of the claim he has received offers from the other clubs.

I'd love to see him struggling to find a club.

09 May 2022 15:48:18
Why would you love to see him struggle to see him find a new club? Very odd behaviour, don't see why fans are making it personal with pogba.

The reality is Pogbas future is none of our concern, he's seen out his contract and will leave.

The club has 99 problems to sort out this summer with a new manager and Pogba isn't one of them which is at least something positive for Ten Hag.

09 May 2022 16:01:43
Break that table which has offer and burn it.

09 May 2022 16:50:34
Don’t think anyone will offer more than allegedly what we have offered. Probably would still offer the club a lot on twitter etc despite not much on the pitch. Hopefully it will be au revoir pogba but with these owners, who knows.

09 May 2022 16:53:40
Club trying to save face and make it out Pogba wants to leave when he leave, Pogba will say something about the fans driving him out.

Good thing he not going City because he get found out as the most overrated player in the world, think he go and joint that Harlem Globetrotters team in France with the other clowns like Neymar and company.

09 May 2022 16:59:03
Sadly I can believe we have offered him 450k a week. The question I have is how? How can anyone think that he is worth that, it just beggars belief.

What do our staff see that I can't over the last 5 years.

09 May 2022 19:30:29
He won't be short of offers and will earn a huge amount more than if he stays with us which neither party want.
Goodbye good riddance. I expect him to do well wherever he goes.

09 May 2022 19:54:27
He’s going guys. Wish him well whatever he chooses to do - just not good enough for a club liking to be at the top of the Premier league or Utd. Plain and simple.

E wet one talks about how good he was in Italy. The standard of that league is way below ours, and he was surrounded by worries…. don’t get me started on international football….

09 May 2022 20:21:36
Doesn't hurt having Kante around on the international stage who can cover for him.

10 May 2022 09:43:50
I’m sure we will see clips of him doing well wherever he goes but I hope I never have to watch 90 minutes of that clown strolling round a pitch ever again.

10 May 2022 10:43:19
Do you hate him gds2?

10 May 2022 12:13:14
DSG, I'd love to see him struggling because he represents many of the things I despise in football which can be pretty much summed up as style over substance.

He has taken the michael out of Utd fans for years with his lazy phoned in performances and I believe he and his stinky attitude are a large part of why this whole Utd squad is so rotten.

He might be a nice guy, model professional blah blah blah but where it really counts he has been useless. The idea that he is one of the leagues highest earners is insulting and it's only this way because he looks like he should be good at football even though he isn't.

Pogba; ugh.

10 May 2022 12:23:29
Who cares what happens to him as long as he's out of our club for next season.

10 May 2022 12:27:42
Ahhh i see, so you hate him for a load of reasons that you have no knowledge of and are projecting that he has done based on beliefs.

Makes sense lol.

10 May 2022 13:39:49
No DSG, I don't hate Pogba but I really don't like what he represents.

As for 'no knowledge', I've watched him ponce about on the football pitch like the 'great I am' but to little effect for the last 6 years earning massive wages paid for by the fans.

What else do I need to know to form a valid opinion on this?

Dont you see that Pogba is a massive part of the problem? Doesn't it pig you off as well that he has been such a waste of a shirt?

10 May 2022 13:41:33
sim01975, I think for the good of the game some of these big time charlies need to be seen to fall flat in their derriers, rather than rewarded for being crap and not trying.

10 May 2022 14:13:45
I expect pogba to go back to Juventus personally and will not really miss him. I kinda gave up on pogba a couple of seasons ago after getting fed up watching him not track runners and doing his jog walk whilst opposition midfielders ran past him overloading on our defence. I always think to be a team you have to give everything for your teammates and thought he disrespected others by not applying effort (I would be appalled if I was a team colleague of his) . Maybe I am old school but giving your all should be a given. Skill on its own does not win you games and you have to equal or better the effort of the other team, without this you will struggle regardless of ability. It's not just pogba though a fair few of our players appear to share this attitude like pogba.

10 May 2022 15:20:08
Il eat my words if i'm wrongg but at the right team that he's happy at i think he will be the player that we hoped for but didn't get.

10 May 2022 18:03:18
I think the problem is Pogba isn't the player we all hoped we were getting anyway and certainly wasn't the player we needed.

10 May 2022 18:14:59
I wouldn’t say I hate him, don’t really hate anyone in football, I don’t know the guy, I hate the way he’s played for us and the circus around him though and I hate the nonsense in every international break. I’ve never really thought he was a great footballer and I’m glad to see the back of him.

10 May 2022 19:51:56
I find it highly unlikely he hasn't known exactly where he's going for some time personally. All this stuff all managers and players come out with about concentrating on the next game and nothing else matters. yeah right. They're on as soon as they get home like the rest of us!



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