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08 May 2022 11:54:05
I can understand the things Rangnick says about signings, the players and all the other stuff that we know is broken.
What I didn't get before and still don't today is why is he playing these players?
Brighton is not Chelsea,
managers in the past Ole and Giggs have used these meaningless games to play 3-4 players who are on the cusp of first team football.

Why did I see Matic start who has pretty told he's leaving, ideally if someone is so public a month before the season ended he should be frozen out and given a holiday than player again and again. What's the point of playing Matic if he is MOTM?

Why is Mata starting ahead of a Garnacho or Mejbri?

If it's true that Mejbri has been demoted because he was needlessly physical in the Liverpool game, you're kidding me Ralf, that was a dead game and the lad was so frustrated and showed the passion that's need for these derby games. Maybe you Germans don't do it like this but the PL is a physical game. What has Bruno done the past 6 months, he looks like a fool anyway talking gibberish rather than playing?

Why is Lingard on the bench? Why are we filling spaces?

How is telles a regular starter when there hasn't been a single game where he has shown he could actually defend, apart from his left foot he's much worse than Brandon Williams. Why couldn't Fernandez not start this?

Why is Cavani on the bench when he says he was not happy with Ronaldo joining?

Rangnick has done what any other weak manager would have done, played those players who should have played. There have been 1-2 changes with rashford and AWB but rest the squad has stayed the same.

He talks like a revolutionary in the pressers but keeps doing what Ole or LVG would have done.

I'll play the U23s just to make a mockery of some of those lads pulling up this shirt.

I really hope none of these players currently at United are here after 2 years.

We need a massive clearout including Fred and McTom who are new Anderson and Cleverley just a bit more fit. Heck even Anderson and Cleverley dominated a few games.

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08 May 2022 13:18:04
There could be a couple of reasons.

First the youth cup final is coming up and after all the work those young lads have done to get there they deserve to focus on that.

Second, if he sent out a team of kids and they got spanked because they aren't ready to compete at this level without a group of players around them who are able to compete at this level then that could adversely effect them. While we know the media likes hyperbole and they are likely to bring up a thrashing every time any of those kids play again.

They deserve to be blooded in fairly and when they are ready in a way that best suits there individual development. Just chucking them is as a f**k you to the first team players is very shortsighted and not in the young players best interests or the best interest of the club moving forward.

Finally picking players from the first team squad under such circumstances exposes them for who they are, and makes clear to both the fans and the club just how big of a rebuild is needed.

As fans it sucks, but we all know we aren't going to see anything great between now and the end of the season. If we choose to watch what we know will be crap then we have to accept that we will be served up rubbish with a side cowardice.

We all know what we are going to see from this group of players this season. We'll be every bit as crap against Palace, we all know it. So let's not throw out toys out the pram when it happens.

08 May 2022 13:32:51
They can't even get a 20 min sub appearance?
I disagree with all of this that we need the right time for them to come in and play.
We are not going to be a club where the first teamers are going to support the young player for next 2-3 years anyway.
If they are not good enough to be first teamers when played a few games and don't think that are good enough break into the first team at 19 it's very likely they never will.

Isn't the youth team there a pathway to the first team?
Or we are so desperate we'd rather win a youth cup that has no value at all, than play a first team game in PL.

08 May 2022 13:33:51
Totally agree with you there Shappy.

08 May 2022 14:10:04
It's tempting to suggest but I have to agree with Shappy. There's little point in exposing them to a potential disaster. How could they possibly show themselves well when we're 4-0 down. They need to be blooded in when we have a new manager who knows how to develop youth players at the right pace. Look how City have managed Foden who arguably showed himself to be more talented than any of our youngsters. Patience.

And Telles has to be the worst defender I've ever seen wearing a United shirt. His straight up in the air defensive header led to yesterday's first and a scuffed header led to the second.

08 May 2022 14:25:38
Tell those young lads Rohan that the youth cup has no value! Ridiculous.

08 May 2022 18:15:32
The Youth Cup has no value?! You obviously don’t understand the traditions of our Club. Tell that to the young players or the 60 000 watching them play on Wednesday night.

There young lads need to be protected, nurtured and developed not thrown to the wolves in a toxic dressing that only care about self preservation.

Hopefully they win the cup and show the charlatans in the first team we’ve got some proper talent ready to take their place when the time is right.

08 May 2022 18:17:34
I think Mejbri learns more by have some actual coaching. Explaining to him that he needs to keep his head and show controlled aggression. Then give him another sub appearance and see if he listens and learns.

I think the whole club has thrown in the towel for this season. That includes Ralf. Cannot wait till the reset button is pressed. I hope the club can shift some of these chances on.

08 May 2022 21:46:45
I'm sorry, what's all this rubbish about not exposing these 18-20 Yr players to some proper football and getting them to get some experience? They need to be thrown in at the deep end and finding out if they can handle the pressure, just like the Busby Babes and Class of 92 did.
If they're going to make it, then Brighton is the perfect game to put them in. This club and it's manager and some supporters have gone soft.

08 May 2022 23:38:18
AAA, pull your head out your back passage.

The Busby babes made their debuts in a totally different era. Football wasn't the global phenomenon it is now.

As for the class of 92, Sir Alex didn't just play 11 kids just thrown in. There was older class players with experience dotted throughout the team to guide and help them as they settled. While a lot is made of the class of 92 (and rightly so) it completely skims over the contributions from Schmeichel, Bruce, Pallister, Irwin, Keane, Cantona, Parker, Ince, Robson, Blackmore, McClair etc. Who were all regulars around the time players like Giggs, Beckham, Neville, Scholes and Butt made their debuts.

They had class players with experience around them when they were breaking through.

Who in our current squad can shield and guide the kids like the players who helped the class of 92?

You can't just throw the kids off the cliff. It's unfair and setting them up to fail.

For Scholes, Beckham Giggs and Butt when they were making their debuts they could look around and see players like Robson, Keane and Ince in midfield. Bruce, Pallister and Irwin behind them, Cantona and Hughes ahead of them. Leaders all around them.

Who would the kids have? The chuckle brothers in midfield with Fred and McTominay doing their to me to you passing. Maguire the ringleader of the circus and his clowns in defence.

Where are the leaders, the class players to shoulder the burden and give the kids the conditions they need to play their own game with confidence.

09 May 2022 11:11:31
I agree 100% with you AAA, we as a club have become soft where we cuddle our players.
Bruno or Maguire or Rashford can give a 2/ 10 performance yet they stay in the lineup next game, because their social media is good or they have a good transfer value.
If they're good enough, they are old enough.
If the young player cannot handle losing a game 4-0 to Brighton and not come back 2 weeks later then I'm sorry he should not be a United player.
All the young player that come up in bottom 10 or maybe 15 in others teams like Brighton have been given the run around and beaten more so often than our youngsters. Yet some of them come out on top even after that and are sold at huge sums.
Grealish was relegated, Andy Robertson was a Hull City player.
You have to play them atleast in these useless games, where there's no pressure to perform and even the fans will get if one of those young lads have a stinker. Imo it's the best to play them under no pressure at all.

As much as Telles struggles at LB do you guys seriously think a young Fernandez would be worse?

09 May 2022 20:01:45
If a young player goes on the pitch and gives 100%, the fans will get behind them, no matter how bad a day we have.
Remember we applauded off players last week that have put in some of the worst performances I have ever seen from a United team.



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