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08 May 2022 09:51:13
I believe this malaise is not going to be over until there is a real clear out of the owners and those running the shambles. RR has really shone the light on the problems. The point about not being able to bring in anyone in January, despite obvious need was very telling. Giving new contracts not on merit, why was Bruno given one before they even announced the manager. It smacks of accountants protecting what they see as value to the club, don't spend money when it doesn't suit, rather than making football decisions.

I remain to be convinced that ETH is the right choice in these circumstances. I hope I am wrong.

The club has lurched like a ship in a gale, the players coddled for 3 years where winning was only for egos. They are now paying the price of siding with the players. That's what gives games like yesterday.

Time for ownership change, time for a new direction which puts football success before finances.

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08 May 2022 10:10:36
What has RR told us that only a blind man never knew.

08 May 2022 10:12:26
Red Man i think you are overestimating the influence of a common on a private ownership of a club. Unless the Glazers think its enough, they are not going anywhere soon. People protesting, creating nuisance, getting games postponed, walking out is just comedy to the world and frustrating for a fan like me who is watching from his living room. Its not a democracy where you have voting rights to topple a government. Its for the footballing people within the club to sort this mess out.

08 May 2022 10:32:37
The owners aren't going to change anytime soon, unless Ratcliffe fancies putting his £4.2billion to good use, but I don't think even that would be enough to shift the Glazer's.

The truth is the Glazer's know that success on the pitch makes the protests go away.

08 May 2022 12:04:35
Exactly Grim. No one cared when we were winning titles under SAF.

08 May 2022 12:43:40
United Addict

Totally incorrect, there are quite a few of us recognised what the leveraged buyout meant and were saying the same when SAF was in charge. The no value in the market stuff SAF came out with when the club were faced with players like Aguero was farcical. SAF protected them by winning for years. People like me were flagging what would happen when SAF retired, could see the ageing team, especially the CO92 and knew he couldn’t protect the owners anymore. Owners who have seen well over £1Bn leave the club that didn’t improve it.

In business, direction comes from the top, the Glazers will not make many decisions but they will set the direction. I have been on Board meetings when the owners turn up to see what the direction of the business is and ensure there is clear understanding. The CEO will know priorities from owners.

RR told us what we could see with our own eyes, stuff that has been denied for years, when Ole told everyone that winning was for egos, cultural reboot nonsense. The appointment of a club legend who could not say a wrong word about anyone above, cost us 3 years falling into oblivion. If we had listened to Jose or had RR in years ago we wouldn’t be where we are, an emotional basket case. RR has said what he sees. It’s what consultants do in order to get things fixed. Don’t be blinded by results from a group of players who were coddled before and don’t want to try.

08 May 2022 18:59:01
Perfectly said Red Man.

08 May 2022 21:56:44
Red Man spot on. Many of us saw the problems brewing years ago and protested. Unfortunately, Fergie was a massive problem at the time as he was toeing the party line as he knew he had cocked up with his horse dealing with the Irish men and presenting the opportunity for the Glazers to buy or steal our club. Let's face it, fergie made a huge mistake and he could not criticise them or admit to his mistake.
And that has come to bite us on the .



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