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07 May 2022 18:52:33
Just on the off chance that anyone from Manchester United, be that player or staff, actually looks at these pages, I would just like to state that you are an embarassment and should be immediately removed from the club. Not just you but everyone. You are clearly, very bad at your job and as a United fan, I expect better. Please stop ruining my illusions of this once great club.

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07 May 2022 19:57:15
Can hardly label them all. Pretty sure the tea lady and kitmen are without blame. That's about it ?.

07 May 2022 20:01:16
Then there is the poor coach driver who takes em to the stadium sits through that dross then has to drive em back to the airport/ Hotel whilst those twats post sad faces on twittergram and how they need to work hard before serving another plate of dross in the next match.

07 May 2022 20:24:16
Totally agree. I’ve said it a few times, and I will say it again, if 90% of this squad were paid off this summer and fired out of our (the fans) club from a canon, to be replaced by a team of youngsters for next year, with the one or two first teamers that deserve to stay, I would accept a bottom half/ relegation fight in order to get rid of the useless, disinterested, lazy, unprofessional bunch of w@nkers that currently call themselves Manchester United players. I would snap your hand off now for that.

I hope the new man is watching every second of every game played this season and sits down for a very long talk with RR. He needs to come in and the whole playing staff need a reset, not just some tinkering. They are a disgrace, and in times where ordinary people and fans are feeling a massive pinch with everything in the world going up, these over paid pr*cks are turning our once great club into a giant laughing stock.

I’m done with this season, and will see how the summer goes before deciding if I can even be ar$ed with next season, but if half of the squad aren’t gone I highly doubt it.

If Liverpool do the quadruple, it will kill me but at least they will deserve it, and it will prove once and for all how far we are away from being able to compete with both them and City. This squad has zero chance of ever doing that, from the “captain” down.

07 May 2022 20:54:49
That bit vexes me 'if Liverpool do the quadruple', but I must admit, they look fantastic. I only wish we were half as good as they are this season.

07 May 2022 22:44:18
I said it when he was appointed and I will say it again. RR was not the man for the job.

Worst points return since 90/ 91 at this stage.
Worst away record since the 70’s, having had the longest undefeated run under Ole.
Demoralised and destroyed the team beyond repair, although it was already pretty disfunctional.
Tactically terrible.

Is it all his fault? Not at all. Everyone in the club should take a long hard look in the mirror but this has been another in a long line of poor recruitment decisions.

So frustrating as a fan of nearly 60 years to watch this embarrassing mess of a club.

07 May 2022 23:27:09
Keefy if RR’s appointment, and the shocking results since, mean that there is now a major clear out and squad change then it will have been THE greatest decision we could have made. However if nothing much changes personnel wise then it will have been a disaster.

This group of players, on the whole, have been useless for years, not just since RR came in. We have needed a real clear out for god knows how long, as the attitude within the squad is shocking. Unprofessional, over inflated ego’s, overpaid and with too much power. They need to go and if RR has helped make this happen, he’ll do for me, shocking results or not.

Maybe he has just been asking them to play how he feels they should be able to play, but they aren’t good enough, or dedicated enough, to do so. Maybe he is appalled at what he sees and is highlighting this so that everyone can see it, including the new man coming in the summer ??.

07 May 2022 23:35:07
Might as well be on here during the game, couldn't do worse.



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