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02 May 2022 12:13:54
Tonight is the perfect way to send a message to the players, club and owners. Rather than hang about for 'the lap of honour' the stadium should be emptied before the end of the game. Will it happen? Doubtful but it would send a clear message of how unhappy we all are.

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02 May 2022 12:37:14
Won’t happen I’m afraid
Don’t get me wrong there will be a lot of empty seats but too many tourists at Old Trafford who simply haven’t got a clue
What is wrong with these idiots who wear half and half scarves
When I was a kid, going to Old Trafford was the best thing in the world better than Xmas and holidays but not anymore and hasn’t been for a long time.

02 May 2022 14:37:26
When I was a kid they didn't even have record players. We used to play all the records on the sewing machine.

Seriously though, it hasn't been the same since the stadiums became all seater. Oh for the thrill of being carried away by a collapsing Stretford End crowd and being squashed against the barriers.

02 May 2022 20:41:15
73rd min clear out apparently.

02 May 2022 22:07:24
Grim walk outs and late entry's will never make a difference, they still have to pay for a ticket. Singing we want glazers out for the entire pre match and game would get more attention.

02 May 2022 23:16:38
Walk outs will never work - and the anti-Glazer movement tonight looks weak and disorganised.

03 May 2022 00:37:02
Tonight the team played as a team with endeavour and passion. Maybe just maybe if they had played like that the whole season Utd would already be in a guaranteed champions league place. That's not down to the Glazers. That's down to highly paid people not having worked as hard as they should for large parts of this season.

03 May 2022 10:14:33
A much improved performance. Frustrating as a CL spot has been there for the taking for a while. Too little too late.

03 May 2022 11:36:29
It's not going to affect the owners in any way.
The fans had already bought there tickets, been in the souvenir shop and bought a pie and a pint.
Protests, walking ins / outs will do nothing to the Glazers.

03 May 2022 12:31:48
I'm not sure what there is to protest the owners right now.

They bought the club and placed us in debt 17 years ago.

It's like your wife openly sleeping with another man, getting pregnant by that man. Then you bring up the kid knowing it's another man's then just short of their 18th birthday when the kid is being a typical teenagers you start kicking off about it.

Fans kicking off now aren't kicking off because of the debt or how the Glazers bought the club. They are kicking off because the football is sh1t. They are kicking off because we aren't winning anything.

Yet the Glazers have made 1.4bn available for transfers over the past 10 years. They have allowed the club to have the biggest wage bill in the league and the 4th largest wage bill in European football.

Yeah they've taken money out, 99% of owners want a return on their investment. That's just business.

Yet they could have restricted the wage bill and taken out an extra 50m a year for themselves. They could have only made 700m available over the past 10 years and taken another 700m out for themselves.

Yet they didn't, they gave the club the finances required to challenge and win titles. Every team that finishes above us this season has spent less than us on their team and wages.

The fact is the club is in this mess because how poorly we have been ran. Which for the most part the Glazers (who know nothing about football) have avoided getting involved in the running of the club.

You can say they hired the wrong people, and that's certainly true.

Yet we are seeing seemingly big changes behind the scenes. Woodward has gone, Judge is going, Bout and Lawlor have left.

Murtaugh and Fletcher have roles at the club, Rangnick has been drafted in as a consultant. We are looking at people like Paul Mitchell etc.

Those changes which the fans are protesting for are happening already. Regardless of the protests.

Give them chance to happen and settle and then once they have started to reap rewards assess them to see whether they are good enough.

03 May 2022 16:10:22
No thanks Shappy i want the Glazers out of my club for ever.
Absolute parasites!

03 May 2022 18:09:39
So Sim what have you been doing for the last 17 years to get them out?

Bought a green and gold scarf? Walked in late or out early? Stood outside the ground a couple of times protesting them?

How much money have you given them in that time? Season tickets, TV subscriptions, new shirts, bought the kids anything with a United badge on it?

Giving them thousands while complaining about the money they are taking out is a little hypocritical isn't it?

They are owners, pretty much all owners will take money out, its called a return on investment. Of course as a fan there are things I wish they did/ do differently.

How they bought the club while unsavoury to someone like me is a completely legitimate way to do business and is done all over the world every day like that.

For me the two things they have done wrong is:

1. Lack of investment in infrastructure. A lack of investment in the future of the club, not improving the stadium and training facilities, no investment in the local area. That I think is poor.

2. Misplaced trust in who is running the club and seemingly no accountability for failure to those people.

If they hired the right people (best in class) to run the club, then they could have had a competitive team for half the 1.4bn they have spent on players, along with a lower wage bill. That money saved could have been used to improve the stadium and training facilities and invest in the local area and still have change which could have gone out in extra dividends and you wouldn't have heard a single peep from the fans about it.

Those fans sitting in an improved stadium, with top players on the pitch challenging and winning titles would have kept the fans very happy.

People talk about dividends being taken out of the club as if that didn't happen before the Glazer take over. Ever since the club first became a PLC dividends have gone out of the club every year. Even before that dividends came out.

Also be careful what you wish for, there is a saying "better the devil you know". No one is going to spend 4, 5, 6 or 8bn or whatever it will cost to buy us and not want anything in return. We could be bought by asset strippers, or a shady individual who wants to clean up their image, or at least mask it. Or we could be bought by a group of individuals who take higher dividends than is currently taken out the club.



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