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01 May 2022 20:08:56
Forget all the doom and gloom guys, I jist can't wait to see Erik Ten Hag come and work with guys such as Garnacho, Elanga, Rashford (he will come back on form), Sancho. I think he will turn them all into world beaters along with various others in our youth, we just got to give him time and buy few players in the next few windows for him to develop a team to challenge.

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02 May 2022 03:00:19
I doubt about Rashford. For a player to come back to form, he must put an effort first. Rashford right now is the laziest player in the world with no effort put in. He simply looks like someone who is there to simply collect the paycheck.

02 May 2022 09:47:31
Looking forward to seeing what EtH can do here. Rashford looks completely done, but we can’t let every player leave. I’d like to see if he can be rejuvenated again.

02 May 2022 09:51:27
Rashford has previously never been a player who lacks for effort. He has taken pain killing injections to make it on to the pitch and play for the club. He was also one of only 12 outfield players who made themselves available for the game against Chelsea where so many others cried off.

There is a chance that physically he is short half a yard and is struggling. Yet personally I think the issue is mental and emotional fatigue. Mentally and emotionally he has had a very draining 12 months. He looks desperately like a player who just needs a break. To walk away from all football commitments for 3-4 weeks at least and gain some fresh perspective and get his own head in order.

I think once he's had a break, and comes back to a streamlined squad, hopefully with some/ all of the troublemakers removed. With a few new enthusiastic faces added, and with a new manager with new ideas. Hopefully he'll take to that and return to his best form.

With a manager who is actually a world class coach who can help him develop and improve.

Maybe we can see the best of Rashford.

02 May 2022 10:39:40
Totally Shappy. Unless he’s done and wants out, we invest time, patience and proper coaching into the likes of Rashford. Otherwise why bother hiring a proper coach in the first place.

02 May 2022 12:40:27
Utter nonsense Shappy
Rashford said after his shoulder surgery he was feeling the best he has ever felt
Face facts he’s useless and was overhyped as I always stated about him
He walks around like a baby
Hometown boy who supposedly supports the club, don’t make me laugh. He had probably never been to a game before he joined the academy.

02 May 2022 13:25:29
Dont waste your sense on Shappy, Blackpool red. He will know no ends in order to defend that useless "done it all" Rashford. Rashford has had a break twice in the last 2 years and still looks tired to him. All you need to see is Ronaldo's effort at 37 years old and see the difference in commitment. Rashford has a worse attitude than Martial.

02 May 2022 14:02:26
Blackpool, Surely you've learned to take what players say in public at media events with a pinch of salt.

If physically he still didn't feel right he wouldn't be publicly declaring it.

Like I said, physically he might be fine. I think he is mentally and emotionally drained. He's had a lot of ups and down over the past 12-18 months, probably more downs than ups to be honest.

Was he overhyped as a youngster? Almost certainly, I can't remember many United players breaking in to the first team being slated then becoming great a great player a few years down the line. Every player is overhyped at this club.

That said he's actually done much better than many give him credit for. last season he managed 28 goal contributions for the club (goals and assists) in a injury disrupted campaign. The year before he managed 25 goal contributions.

For a player who was 22 and 23 in those seasons playing in a team that was average at best while suffering injury disruptions that is an excellent return.

For context Mo Salah is considered one of, if not the, best player in the league, his form over the last three seasons has been truly world class playing in a side that has (begrudgingly) been one of the best two sides in the world over that period.

In the 18/ 19 season he managed 37 goal contributions.

In the 19/ 20 season he managed 35 goal contributions.

In the 20/ 21 season he managed 34 goal contributions.

That's the bench mark for a player at their peak (27-30) playing in an elite team.

When we consider that last season Rashford's 28 goal contributions was 6 off of Salah's 34 then we can agree that Rashford actually had a good season individually. That is before we add the context that Salah took all of Liverpool's penalties that season while Bruno took all of United's which could easily have made up the addition 6 goals from Salah if Rashford took them instead. While Salah was playing at his peak for a top side, while Rashford is several years away from his peak while playing for an average United side.

Now I'm not saying Rashford is anywhere near as good as Salah, he isn't and if he can reach Salah's level we'll have one hell of a player.

However, what I'm saying is Rashford when on form and fully fit he can be a very good player for us with potential to put in world class performances.

Your final point about whether or not he went to any games as a child before joining the academy seems a churlish one.

He grew up with a single mother with his older brother having to work part time jobs to keep food on the table and a roof over his head. That makes it seem unlikely the family had the spare disposable income to take young Marcus to Old Trafford to watch a game of football.

It was that tough upbringing that made him so determined to make sure similar disadvantaged kids wouldn't starve during lockdown.

For those of us who have never suffered hunger as a child, who had presents under the Christmas tree, family holidays and new cloths to wear it might seem very far removed from us. Yet Marcus didn't grow up with those things.

I think it's a bit rich to doubt his support for the club he has represented since he was 7 years old. a club who he has had painkilling injections and been strapped up and sent out to play for while injured. Especially compared to others who have called in sick because it was cold and wet and they didn't fancy it.

02 May 2022 14:35:54
All I hear Shappy are pathetic excuses
He’s paid a kings ransom to play football
I can forgive any player for playing bad if I see effort

The cup game against Aston Villa is probably the worst I have ever seen on a personal level from any player playing for Utd

Zero effort couldn’t of give a toss

He has and never will be a top player
You can throw stats around all you like

Cash in now because wherever he goes it will be just the same just like that other useless tosser Martial.

02 May 2022 19:39:28
Rashford is the new Danny welbeck. He'll be sold, play a few decent games and everyone will rave about him, but a year later, he'll show his true colours and disappear, just like Danny welbeck did.
Only difference is that Danny actually gave 100% every time he played, he just wasn't good enough.

02 May 2022 19:54:28
Rashford is worth a year under ETH.

03 May 2022 11:42:19
I have lost patience with Rashford and completely agreed with Blackpool Red.
Rashford's effort against Aston Villa was a total disgrace.
He strolled around all game looking like he couldn't give a sh*t.
I can take a player having a bad game but when you put 1% effort in week after week that just isn't acceptable.
I would sell Rashford in a heart beat if a reasonable offer cam in.
I am sick to death of these pathetic players whinging about this and that.
I can't wait to see the back of most of them.

{Ed014's Note - that’s one thing I like about Arteta, he’s getting shot of bad apples such as Aubamayang, Ozil and Guendouzi.

A reset we much needed in efforts to rebuild and bring a different mentality to the club that had been missing for years.



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