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29 Apr 2022 12:02:13
If the Austrian National team adopt RR's methods and start playing in the style he wants what exactly will that tell us about our players. In 5/ 6 months there's been no semblance of his style imprinted on our team, if it starts showing with Austria early on then it will highlight the issues within our playing squad even more clearly. Interesting to watch and see how he gets on.

{Ed0666's Note - or they could be utterly useless like his United side are at the moment. Has anyone stopped to think he might be a crap manager who can’t win football matches?

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29 Apr 2022 12:18:57
Thats what I’m saying Ed, it will be interesting to see what happens either way.

{Ed0666's Note - I think his best work is done administering and not on the pitch. I would have no qualms about him taking a technical role with you guys but coaching no way mate.

29 Apr 2022 12:34:01
It's bizarre how a side managed by someone renowned for being utterly dedicated to an uber pressing style hasn't shown that for one split second since he was appointed. We keep being told that these are very good players, yet you'd have no clue what style this side is currently attempting to adopt. There are vastly inferior players in teams across Europe who put them to shame and manage to use this system. Why is it so rampant across the entire squad? I could understand it if it were a couple of players.

29 Apr 2022 12:55:56
He isn't a coach, he is a technical administrator, knows all the theory but possibly can't pass it on -or maybe the players just dotn want to know.

Problem is he has committed the biggest sin as a leader . if he expects the team to do anything in the last 3 games (imagine if we were in 4th place today, or in with a good chance of 4th) when he himself has been talking to another team so his mind isn't 100% on the job then he isn't as clever as he is supposed to be. Poor managemnet.

29 Apr 2022 13:18:33
i don't think pep or klopp could get this team winning, the majority lack any drive they don't want to win .

he might not be a great manager but let's be honest the players stopped playing when they got ole the sack and then when he come in he wanted to adopt to a 4 2 2 2 and try and press but the players didn't want to work.

we have seen in the games since a small few will work and try but the rest or just passengers.

agreed he is better behind the scenes, but i'm glad he's been interim he can give his assessment of the pretenders to the board on who he thinks needs to be gone although its clear every week who needs to go.

29 Apr 2022 13:18:50
. And the players are rubbish!

29 Apr 2022 13:25:12
Nice one Ralfy . on his Austrian appointment "im looking forward to working with a group of young players hungry for success " take that Utd prima donnas.

29 Apr 2022 13:29:15
Ten Hag was speaking to Utd, one assumes continues to and Ajax are still top. Great multi-tasker at least.

29 Apr 2022 14:05:23
Think that’s the key thing. Our players other than one or two aren’t hungry for success. They’ve either already won it all or see their huge pay packets and public status as success. Hard to get anything out of a group that don’t really want to put the work in.

30 Apr 2022 07:19:52
Poor management because he’s sorting his own future out? Get lost boy! Every true United fan should forget about results to certain degree and appreciate what RR has been saying and how he has been holding people to account for years of mismanagement! For the first time in god knows how long us fans have a voice who says what we feel and he’s sitting at the top table! We got three more weeks of Ralph rattling cages! Good on him.

30 Apr 2022 11:21:00
Sorry Chris1 but every true United fan what .? Your reply typifies how far the clubs fans are accepting mediocre - what if it comes to light RR spoke to or had a meeting with Austrian F. A on the day we were hammered by Liverpool, or any of the other teams where we've looked like we can't be arsed. If the manager has one eye on other work and can't say call me in 4 weeks from now i'm 100% focused on UTD getting top 4 but instead wants to line up his next paying gig then if you are happy with that good for you, i'm not.

And again, if RR thinks he has much credibility with an unmotivated team when they see he isn't focused on the job himself then he isn't much of a leader.

30 Apr 2022 16:31:31
RR has to wear some of the crap that is happening now in the dressing room. He should have been able to weed out the rot, separate it and get the team fighting together. Writing secret reports is all okay, in the long run maybe showing some players true colours will be worth it. But continuing to play Pogba, Lingard, McGuire when out of form, Rashford when he clearly didn't try. The list goes on and on.

Would have far more respect for the guy if he dropped a few of these players and brought up kids. Who would listen to his instructions and try their hearts out.

Nothing worse that complaining about players not following your instructions but not doing anything about it. Sub them after 10 mins. All 3 subs at half time. Drop from mat h day squad. Drop from training group. DO SOMETHING to show you are not toothless.



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