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28 Apr 2022 22:05:15
The curious case of Marcus rashford. honestly I'm lost for words at how poor he's become. He literally couldn't make a league 2 side on his form this year.

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28 Apr 2022 22:48:33
Been left on the pitch for nearly 80 mins was a bit of a head scratcher.

Walking around the place. Once I seen him sprint back. So so frustrating.

Mata has done more in his last 2 appearances of the bench then rashford has done all year.

28 Apr 2022 23:14:33
That is what happens when players get paid extravagant money without the need to perform well. The thing that annoys me about Rashford is that he does not even put the effort in. It is so visibly clear that he does not care if the team loses. Some player play bad in games but still can be seen giving their all but rashford seems to be taking everything he has for granted. Either he needs to start realising that he needs to step up and perform or get out of the club.

28 Apr 2022 23:56:11
Was he ever good? He only got his opportunity because of injuries to other youth players that were ahead of him. He’s obviously a very decent man and cares about his community, which is a very likeable and admirable feature for a young man in his position. However, it’s entirely possible on the footballing side he was just lucky and doesn’t have the talent for consistently delivering. I would however be delighted for him to prove me wrong.

29 Apr 2022 00:03:08
I have said on a number of occasions that labelling Mata as stealing a living is rude. Not once has he claimed to be injured. It is not his fault that he does not get picked to accomodate the “chosen ones”. He always comes on and gives his absolute best and in the minutes played puts in more effort that the other 9 outfield players. He hardly ever loses the ball or makes a bad pass and is tactically very clever. Instead we pick lacklustre disinterested players who don’t give a rats ass about the shirt.

I would have played him at CB instead of the fridge (injured my ass! ) . Okay I jest but he would have been positionally correct 100% more of the time!

Hopefully now that we cannot make the top 4 (was never going to happen) RR will play the kids.

29 Apr 2022 06:03:51
Like most other local lads, Rashford was overhyped and worst part was that he believed in his own hype. This was the downfall of the once average player called Rashford. He relies only on his pace, has an empty head so obviously cannot use it. A 37 year old showed more fight and out ran him. A 33 year old who is gone in 3 weeks had more stamina and out ran rashford.

Rashford needs to be given away for free. He is good enough for teams like Newcastle who would defend and then look to counter.

29 Apr 2022 09:16:09
This is no excuse for Rashford, s performance this season, but looking back over his career he has always been coached as an attacking MU player. The idea of tackling back from the front was not part of his training . MU attacking players were being coached by the MU way times have now changed and Marcus does not have tools to deal with this. One other aspect that seems to be missing is aggression and anger when on a football pitch it seems he brings his kind community feelings onto the football field. Some close coaching and arms around shoulders with some direct honest talking is needed by the new manager.

29 Apr 2022 10:36:58
Can't see him leaving though (unless he pushes for it, which seems unlikely) . With RR already suggesting we need a couple of strikers, I reckon we're stuck not only with Rashford but Martial too.

29 Apr 2022 13:35:09
He's an attacking player, and attacking players rely on confidence.

A combination of poor management with his injuries from both himself and the club, have seemingly combined with the disappointment of the Euro's AND the end of his 6 year relationship with his girlfriend. That along with him continually being shunted about from LW to RW to ST means that he has struggled to really get any continuity in any position.

He looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders and he needs a summer break, not just for his physical recovery but for his mental health as well.

Rashford is and has been a very good player for us. Last season (2020/ 21) he scored 19 goals and 9 assists in an injury plagued season. The year before (2019/ 20) he got 18 goals and 7 assists. Year before that 12 goals and 6 assists (2018/ 19), and the year before that 10 goals and 6 assists (2017/ 18).

Showing clear improvement every year with his growing involvement in the side. His development has almost certainly suffered due to the chopping band changing of his manager. EtH will be his 5th manager before he's 25 years old. With each manager asking different things from him and often playing him in different positions.

28 goal involvements last year was a great return in the EPL for a 23 year old (especially considering he had injury issues) .

The year before 25 goal involvements for a 22 year old in the EPL again is very impressive.

For some reason his charity work seems to have upset some people, maybe it went against their political allegiances, maybe it made them feel bad about themselves. But there seems to be a subset of United fans who since he made sure starving kids were fed have been looking to put the boot in at every opportunity.

He's had his first poor season in 5 years, and some of our fans can't wait to jump all over him for it. There have been mitigating circumstances as explained above and maybe after performing well for years along with his charity work maybe just maybe he deserves the benefit of the doubt in a season where absolutely everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong.

I see we had to name 2 keepers and 4 academy players on the bench last night because half the first team cried off. Yet Marcus even in his poor form, and even though the fans have been giving him stick turned up and played. He didn't shirk his responsibilities.

I think after a summer off and starting back with a fresh manager next season we could see him return to his best form. I could easily see him having 25-30 goal involvements next year, maybe more. And I wonder how many of their posters who are currently giving him stick this year will have humility to come on here and applaud him if he does well next season.

29 Apr 2022 14:25:29
Yet again Shappy throws up useless numbers to prove something that isn't there. I broke up with my girlfriend of 6 years and i was the best performer that year. Naked eye can see Rashford isn't the player that he was made out to be.

Shappy you have been saying this every year and i have been saying it every year too. I have been proven right more than you. You sound like what Liverpool fans used to be -next year will be our year.

29 Apr 2022 18:15:15
Rashford is not creative enough to play a system that is geared to supplying a CF.

His best work has come when playing in a counter attack system such as Mourinho and early Ole days when he got the ball in space and could run at players.

He has not developed at all beyond a player that does this.

I could see Rashford playing a high press where we win the ball back and then attack at speed. He could play the Mane role in heavy metal football quite well.

I can't see him being a success in a high press that they relies on buildup and intricate play, he doesn't have the football intelligence for that. I don't see him being a success at City for example.

Now you can blame the coaches here for his lack of development and that would be fair but he must also a share of the blame because he has not developed at all himself, when both these are in play it's no surprise you get stagnation.

Finally I think he's been exposed as a one trick pony as time has gone on so teams know how to play him and what he will do.

He's is 25 now, I think if we don't get shot of him now he will get one season to work with ETH and see if he can fit or he is gone. I don't think he will make it here honestly under ETH, I don't think he has the footballing brain to be a success in this system.

29 Apr 2022 19:43:15
Nicely worded, Oakbark.



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