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27 Apr 2022 14:27:00
RR stating that we've only got 14 fit first teamers available, I wonder how many are actual injuries and how many have just bottled it. If it's the latter let them go on holidays and change the locks before they get back. Absolute lack of pride, commitment and guts shown by most. Pathetic.

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27 Apr 2022 15:10:49
Cavani has played more for Uruguay this year than he has for United, absolutely stealing a living.

27 Apr 2022 17:13:30
I admire cavani for taking the stance he has. Ole and the club jerked him around and he is doing the snr in return.
Begged him to stay then cast him aside when big Ron was signed.
He was asked to fight for his place I'm sure he would have had no issue with that if it was a fair fight. But it wasn't ronaldo is pretty much guaranteed to play when fit so cavaini wasted one of his last years at a place where he was not going to get a fair chance.
I'm glad he is leaving but I'm also pleased he treated the club the way they treated him.
You can say what you like any him but he has honoured his contract.

27 Apr 2022 18:51:44
Totally agree was thinking the same wonder how many would have been injured had we the FA cup final coming up, semi final champions league and point clear in premiership. Very few injuries were seen when we successfully won treble, unfortunately too many are not made of the same metal .

27 Apr 2022 21:09:27
I sympathise with Cavani. He wanted to move back to South America to finish his career closer to his family. On the back of C.V. and restricted travel it made even more sense to be closer to family.

The club however, convinced him to stay.

Then they go and sign Ronaldo, take Cavani's shirt number off of him and shunt him to the side.

Wasting a precious year of his career as his career reaches its twilight. Forcing him to sit on the bench half a world away from his family. And for what?

I fully understand why he's probably upset and why he's probably calling it in. However, while I understand why he might feel the way he does, it doesn't alter the fact that it is unprofessional and a poor show.

27 Apr 2022 21:16:27
Taking £200000 a week and not contributing? He is stealing a living. Shameful. He is supposed to be a professional.

27 Apr 2022 22:35:58
He is bitter no doubt about it. But often in life you reape what you sew. If any employer doesn't treat their staff well they don't get full effort. He is fulfilling his obligations to the minimum. If he is injured he won't play through any pain or take any risk imo his employer has not earned his loyalty or his respect. Its generally hairband if you've lied to people and favoured others when it suits you.
Would you risk serious injury in the last few weeks of your contract that could cost you millions for an employer that has not treated you well and fairly.
Lots of people wouldn't.

28 Apr 2022 09:25:48
To put all of it into perspective, Ronaldo lost a child last week, the greatest pain anyone could feel and yet he has the drive and commitment to be back in training after a few days and played on Saturday. God knows the anguish in his heart which will no doubt affect his body and yet he still shows up and gives his all. That’s why he’s the GOAT and these others are just stealing a living.

28 Apr 2022 09:41:37
It certainly does seem odd the injury list is so long and one wonders how many of these players would suddenly be available if we had more glamorous fixtures coming up. I wonder if Maguire is just being taken out of the spotlight. I'm not defending his performances, far from it, but the pressure on him is immense and I'm not sure he's a player that thrives on it like others do.

28 Apr 2022 11:23:56
Ken, I 100% agree that from everything I can see from the outside looking in the club is terribly run with many poor decisions.

Cavani certainly appears to have been treated poorly. But has he been treated any more poorly than Pogba being refused an exit for 3 years, forcibly having the one year extension activated against his will. Or the club refusing to speak directly to his chosen representative because that representative refuses to bow to the club and does what he thinks is in the best interest of his client.

Or Donny, signed and never given a fair crack of the whip.

The club treats most of the players pretty poorly. Would you excuse the other players from downing tools?

I doubt we will see many if any of the players out of contract in the summer play again. Maybe Mata.

For them there is nothing left to play for and they are an injury away from potentially scuppering a lucrative move. Makes no sense to risk that for little to no possible reward.

28 Apr 2022 12:28:44
Cavani, Pogba and all other players - every single one of them signed a contract without a gun to their head.

We have to able to differentiate between understanding why someone may do something - and thinking it's ok to do that.

28 Apr 2022 12:56:16
Doubt I'd have many complaints about playing for any club I wasn't overly excited by if I was earning 500k a week and being treated like a god everywhere I stepped, driving around in sports cars and visiting lavish restaurants every night, then kicking a ball around with my mates all day. Sounds like a hard life!

28 Apr 2022 13:36:32
Wanted to finish his career in South America, he's 35, Tevez went back there and played til he was 38, pretty sure Cavani can still play 3 or 4 seasons there.

What's the crack with players handing in transfer requests now? Never seems to happen. Players may state they want to leave but why don't they hand in requests anymore? All these players who we have ''held hostage'' don't seem capable of handing in a request? Is this something that doesn't happen anymore or is it because they will lose out on loyalty bonuses or whatever? And if that is the case, that shows the type of person you are dealing with, fantastic wage, being treated awfully but won't submit a transfer request because they'll lose out on a bonus but let's all feel sorry for them still.

Genuinely intrigued as to why this no longer seems to be a thing.

28 Apr 2022 15:53:49
Would you give up a couple of millions Ports?

28 Apr 2022 16:16:58
If I was already a multi millionaire and desperate to move home where I could continue to earn fantastic money? If it meant not being a “hostage”, I’d say it’s worth it.

Ultimately the point is he has choices, he is in a fortunate position he gets to go home and get his family over, it’s one year of living a good life with the only expectation is you are ready to play when called on and he’ll still get to go home and finish his career in South America.

We all know the club handle things badly, but let’s not get on this notion that all these players are being badly treated.

28 Apr 2022 16:18:49
The idea of a "loyalty" bonus makes me chuckle. Bought loyalty isn't loyalty at all. It's moronic, whoever came up with the term is an asshat.

28 Apr 2022 17:46:35
Football goesincircles .
They are all fulfilling their contractual obligations. But to the minimum.

28 Apr 2022 17:51:40
Agree with that Ports, I also thought players have ability to submit transfer request. If they don't do that, then stop moaning and get on with it.

Maybe contracts don't include that clause anymore, but it does seem like players push to leave these days without any formal request.

28 Apr 2022 21:36:05
There is a reason for that dodgy.



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