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23 Apr 2022 14:55:05
Most disappointing player of the season for me has to be Bruno. One could put it down to him being bereft of confidence, but missing another penalty and then having his pocket picked for Arsenal's 3rd pretty much sums it up.

That said, we had our chances today but, once again, at every critical point we failed to capitalize, and every close decision went against us. We hit the woodwork twice, 2 penalty claims, 1 against us (which may not have been given if there had not been an offside review), Ronaldo's offside goal by. a matter of inches. And then of course we gave away a ridiculous goal in the first few minutes.

If I'm TDH today's performance gives me something to work with. A new season, a return of confidence, the departure of the dead wood, and a few new eager technically gifted younger players, and we could be competing for top 4 next season. Liverpool and City may be streets ahead, but there's no other team we need to fear.

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23 Apr 2022 16:07:37
Bruno has been out of form for 12 months, burnt out already?

23 Apr 2022 16:59:38
Out of form and a very very unlikeable character. You can mouth off for 90 minutes if you are doing the business, if not shut up and concentrate on your game.

When you get home have a flick through the stats and you will see you are hardly a force in the PL at the moment.

23 Apr 2022 17:17:07
I've had enough and I'd like to see some younger players given a go.

I have no interest in watching Lingard, Matic, Mata, Rashford or Maguire start games. I'm getting sick of Bruno as well.

There has to be a mental or coaching problem as the longer players stay at United the worse they actually get.

I want to see Fernandez Garnacho, Hannibal, Shoretire atleast coming off the bench regularly.

Most of the players that are brought on are just milking United for money and have no motivation or interest.

I just hope Rangnick is holding players back till the Chelsea game.

After that I'll give a vacation to most of the squad and play the fringe or younger players for a quick audition before the next season.

23 Apr 2022 17:36:47
No doubt Bruno is in poor form, and the uncertainty and the lack of penalties he gets has reduced his overall number of goals.

Yet in the EPL this season he has 9 goals and 6 assists. That makes him the 12th best player in the league for goal contributions this season currently.

He got 8 goals and 7 assists in the league in his first season. 18 goals and 12 assists in his second.

For a player out of form playing in a team in woeful form that isn't awful.

Also we have to remember that his great season last season included 9 penalty goals in the league playing in a team that was built around him.

Last season he had 9 non penalty league goals this season he has 8.

You see the same things said about Rashford at the moment. Many even extending his poor form back TWO years. Which a quick look at last season's stats just doesn't stand up. Last season (2020/ 21) Rashford scored 19 goals and got 9 assists. That is a career high goal contribution in a single season. With his previous best being the season before (2019/ 20) where he got 18 goals and 7 assists.

So how can he have been in poor form for 2 years when just last season he recorded career beats in goals and assists?

He's been in poor form for one season, this season.

Bruno and Rashford are two of our best players when fit and in form. No doubt they will be key players next season for EtH.

The truth is everyone bar DDG has been rubbish this season. Yet even while DDG is playing well he has still conceded 51 league goals, with only Newcastle in 9th as a top half club to have conceded more (55) and they were in fear of relegation a couple of months ago.
Only 6 sides in the league have conceded more goals than us (Newcastle, Southampton, Leeds, Everton, Watford and Norwich) . Burnley who might be relegated have only conceded 45, 6 goals less than ourselves.

All players have been pretty awful and all should come in for criticism. Yet all start next season with a clean slate. The season now is a write off, our worst season in my living memory. Let's just draw a line under it and focus on next season.

23 Apr 2022 17:51:04
Brunos issues has never been numbers, its his inability to keep the ball.

In some games he's has less than 50% pssing accuracy, that's basically like playing for the other team.

People can make excuses about him taking risks which means we have to accept him giving the ball away but it doesn't work like that.

The worlds top playmakers take calculated risks and take most of their risks in the final third so the defence isn't exposed but Bruno doesn't seem to be capable of that.

23 Apr 2022 18:07:13
Everything seemed to go against us today. These players are pretty weak mentally and you see it in games like this. The game was there for them, teams of the past would convert this game with sheer will power alone. But this team just accepts that It is not our day and rolls over and has it's tummy tickled.

I thought the pen decisions were very strange, I counted 4 possible pens for us, 1 for them. Every one of those 5 was a bit soft. We got 1 each each I guess, but the other 3 could all easily have been given.

Hit the woodwork twice (good save Ramsey for the second) . Missed pen.

How is RR concentrating on this season, and coaching? The back 4 continues to look like they are playing under 7s.

How is RR bring on Rash, Lingard and Mata. He has clearly gone into a new phase of trashing the players in interviews and no longer cares about results. Is he trying to prove that these players are no good? Please just bring some young hungry players on to inject some energy and spirit!

Starting with a back 5 against pool, then recent sub decisions are making RR look silly. He is losing credibility.

23 Apr 2022 19:26:19
Bruno would be the least of my worries. It's what surrounds him is the real issue.

Lack of quality and lack of men around him.

23 Apr 2022 20:13:33
He seems to have been infected with Loseritis. Pogba was ground zero for the C.V. but it has now infected every corner of the squad. Anybody who enters that United dressing room quickly turns into a whining, shirking, arrogant loser with no sense of accountability.

18 months ago Bruno appeared to be proper captain material, he had a winning mentality and very high standards, as well as making the players around him play better. Fast forward to the present and it couldn’t be further from the truth, he behaves the exact same way as all the other United players.

Even worse was against Liverpool, when he spent 80 minutes doing this until Hannibal came on, at which point he made the calculated decision to also have a go at kicking a few of our players, as if that would make up for the 80 minutes of moaning and rolling around that preceded it. Then he had the audacity to give a post match interview where he apologised for being rubbish and declared the performance ‘not good enough’, while never really seeming to grasp that he was a huge part of it.

That’s the thing with this United squad, it’s always someone else’s problem. I truly believe that Bruno, Pogba, Maguire et al really do think that it’s actually all the other players in the squad that are the problem, and that they, the shining beacon of hope, would be dragging this team to glory if only they weren’t constantly let down by their teammates and management. That probably explains why so many of them want to leave: they think that THEY deserve better.

I don’t even know where United start with this rebuild. Loseritis seems to be everywhere and infects everybody who comes into contact with this United squad. The only two exceptions seem to be De Gea and McTominay, both of whom may not even be good enough for what Ten Hag wants to do.

The aforementioned Fernandes has just been handed a bumper new contract, but i’m not sure how he fits into Ten Hag’s plans or even the plans of another top team; not many top teams play with a number 10 anymore, never mind one that spends all his time either on the floor or stationary with his hands in the air.

Where do they seriously go from here?



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