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22 Apr 2022 12:32:32
Superb news this morning that Paul Pogba is unlikely to play again this season.
Let's pray to god that the last we see of him at United.
It's been a circus from the minute he walked through the door.

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22 Apr 2022 13:56:51
Without doubt Utd’s worst ever signing considering the fees and wages

I can honestly say that he has not shone in one single game for 90 mins absolutely shocking

Played well for 45 mins at city a few years back

This guy is an absolute legend in his own head

People say he’s a world beater for France but I’ve not seen it. Yes he might look a little better and the World Cup win glosses over a lot. They weren’t great even though they won it

Good riddance and there is only one stupid enough club to give him a bumper pay day PSG

Nobody else would touch him with a barge pole.

22 Apr 2022 14:25:33
Taking his whole 6 years in its totality, pogba has definitely been underwhelming but the whole club has been a mess to be fair to him and its hard to imagine anyone, manager or player being successful in the past decade.

But to say he's not shone in a 90 min game for us and to gloss over the achievement of winning a world cup is ludicrous and he doesn't even make the top 10 when it comes to worst signings for us even post sir alex lol.

I have never really understood the hate and vitriol he gets on these pages, really bizarre.

22 Apr 2022 14:28:12
For me Pogba is the epitome of wasted talent. The lad has everything needed to be a world class modern midfield player. He’s strong, relatively quick, technically gifted and has passing ability and vision.

The problem is that he has never understood that being a great midfielder means doing all the unglamorous things too. Pogba wants to play in a team that does the donkey work for him - the defensive effort, creating space and just getting up and down the pitch. When he was at his best for France he had Kante and Matuidi doing all the hard work. This allowed him to be Hollywood Paul hitting sweet passes and creating. The problem with club football is the midfields can no longer afford passengers. If you look at Liverpool and City, every midfield player is working hard together.

I suspect Pogba will go back to Italy or join PSG where he’ll be allowed play his way. But he’ll never be the player he could have, or win the champions league.

22 Apr 2022 14:40:50
Pogba will not be missed and over the course of his 6years he has not performed to the level we hoped, that he can or that we paid for.
We wanted leadership out of him and this too has been lacking.
To offset that he has come in over a turbulent time with no manager being able to get the best out of him. we have spent a fortune on players yet not on the one area (HM) that could have actually sparked him to be more the player we hoped.
It is best for both sides to park it as a wasted period and wish each other good luck in the future.

22 Apr 2022 16:05:41
I'd argue Maguire is now United's worst signing but Pogba is up there as well. All the ability in the world but shows it for 30 minutes a month and thinks that's enough.

Never shuts up about wanting to leave but never turns up when it's actually needed. Delighted he will be leaving.

22 Apr 2022 18:44:42
The problem with Pogba is that he was bought to lead the team, drive it forward, that was never his strength. He is a luxury player, great when surrounded by world class players who can cover his failings, but never a leader of a team.

22 Apr 2022 18:47:12
I remember seeing Pogba play before he left for Juventus. Even then he seemed to be excessively languid in his style. I agree with Danny, Pogba is a luxury player who will thrive in the center of a great team, but he will never do the work, and he will always be a defensive liability.

Give SAF some credit. I think he recognized this trait in Pogba early on and determined that he had the wrong mentality for the EPL. Of course Woodward knew better.

22 Apr 2022 19:30:51
How anyone can defend pogba
Absolutely epitomises the problems at United where football to most of the players has become an after thought! Where winning doesn’t matter!
Whoever says Maguire is the worst I totally disagree! He’s been poor granted but their worlds apart in how they treat the club . Maguire although has fallen miles short treats the club with respect, would do anything to play and believe it or not in my opinion actually tries and cares! He’s fallen short but not through lack of professionalism!
PP on other hand is an absolute disgrace along with his team!

22 Apr 2022 19:50:45
Good riddance to the Pogcrap. Hopefully no top club wants to sign him and he ends up at Burnley under someone like allerdyce.

22 Apr 2022 22:11:44
Well said chris.

23 Apr 2022 00:25:47
RJmanutd - take a bow son.

"Never shuts up about wanting to leave but never turns up when it's actually needed. Delighted he will be leaving"

This should be Pogba's man utd epitaph.

23 Apr 2022 07:43:16
He came, he saw, he ambled, he dabbed, he moaned, he left. Thanks for the memories Paul.

23 Apr 2022 10:19:23
The biggest of many mistakes, it just seems to take us too long to recognise and rectify them.

23 Apr 2022 15:22:39
Spent almost 50% of his time injured too. Woeful signing, and we have manger him woefully too. Those in charge backed him over Mourinho too which was the biggest farce I’ve seen. Shocking leadership.

23 Apr 2022 15:27:35
The question I can’t see on here is why Pogba was not sold when Mourinho said what he was? Why did Woodward not support the manager then giving us years more pain? Why not sell two years ago and why on Earth has he been played this season when it was clear he was leaving and didn’t care?

Pogback was the marketing ploy and I suspect Woodward was counting click likes on instagram or whatever they do and couldn’t bare to sell him in case the likes dropped.

Rangnick has disappointed me by playing Pogba recently, unless he has been told to play him by Fletcher, who is unhealthily too close on the bench to the Manager.

Pogba is the perfect symbol of Woodwards United, marketing model but no substance, turns up if he feels like it. One of at least six who need to leave in summer.

One last point, when Megbri came on at Liverpool I watched him sprint past our own players, that flags the problem. Pogba was a leader, but not in a good way, he set an example of being laconic, lazy, slow too easily dispossessed. Time for change.



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