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20 Apr 2022 08:10:12
I expect Maguire to stand down as captain after the last game of the season to focus on regaining some kind of form. That then leaves the question of who should be the next captain, the trouble is we have no leaders, Bruno is not a leader, Ronaldo even if he stays shouldn't be given the armband for one year, Varane is never on the pitch and maybe a bit too quiet and then there is everyone else. Is Erik going to bring someone new in and make them captain or will he just have to go with the only option left, DDG and I'm never a fan of goalies as captains.

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20 Apr 2022 08:56:41
Get Rice or Rudiger and make him captain.
We are lacking severely in leadership.

20 Apr 2022 09:06:12
In terms of effort and leadership McTominay is probably the best bet of a bad bunch.

Talks well, trains hard, always gives 100%.

However, he probably isn't good enough long term to be first choice.

20 Apr 2022 09:06:47
Also I'd hope Maguire retires upon coming to the conclusion that he just isn't a footballer.

20 Apr 2022 09:53:52
I agree with Shappy, Mctominay as the first ever ambassadorial captain.

Speaks to the press, leads the teams out and does the coin toss but then gets subbed in the first minute of every game so he doesn't actually have to play.

Now we have 5 subs being introduced again, it could work in my opinion.

20 Apr 2022 11:11:21
Maguire said pre game he can’t have been that bad as he has been picked by all his managers. That tells me he is a delusional idiot.

20 Apr 2022 11:18:07
Based on what RR is saying and what I expect of EtH I would expect the players that they look to bring in to have more of that leadership mentality. Whether they are deemed as captains or not it will hopefully raise the number of players that will hold the others accountable.
I would be okay with De Gea for a year if EtH wants to retain him, I would also be happy with McTominy being a second in command (does not mean he has to play but will be demanding in training, open to do interviews etc. ) .
Evolution of the team will hopefully mean that we unearth a true captain but unless they have done this previously at another club may be a bit much to come straight in and be made captain with so many issues.

20 Apr 2022 10:10:14
I wouldn't want McTominay running a tuck shop. I feel the captain needs to be the first name on the sheet every game. I know it's not always the case that the captain starts but for me it needs to be someone more inspiring.
'6, 7, 8 maybe 10 players' needed, from the horse's mouth.

20 Apr 2022 13:06:34
Spenno, who in our squad is a better option as captain and why?

20 Apr 2022 13:35:39
There is no-one in the squad at present. I am hoping someone of suitable character/ quality will be signed who can take up that position. I imagine it will stay as Maguire or be a new signing.

20 Apr 2022 17:52:41
Spenno, I wouldn't advocate McTominay as a future captain. Just saying that out of the players at the club he is the best of a bad bunch.

But that's like saying Chlamydia is the best STI to catch. Which yeah, probably, but you'd still rather not catch any.

Personally I think EtH needs to bring in a new captain with him. Someone untainted by association with the current squad. Someone who hasn't been a part of the squad politics over the past 5 years.

{Ed025's Note - I’m with you shappy..

20 Apr 2022 18:05:16
I would pay whatever it took to get Rice and make him Captain, he needs to be the start of the rebuild.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely mate..

20 Apr 2022 21:47:49
Out of principal we shouldn’t have a captain
Fred the Red should do the toss.

20 Apr 2022 21:52:26
‘Apparently’ (hate being sucked in by tabloid nonsense but there you go) our budget if we don’t make CL will be £20m. That might get us one of Rice’s boots.
He’s obviously the one that checks every single box. Midfielder, top quality, captain material. But it’s going to blow the entire budget, and arguably West Ham will be in a better place than us come season end. Would love to see him at Utd but can we really put all our transfer eggs in one basket? His fee buys us 3-4 of these hungier, young up and coming players we keep hearing about.

20 Apr 2022 22:36:09
I am no expert but with so many players in different leagues not just UK but worldwide why can't Utd find players of a good standard but with the potential to be outstanding without spending megabucks. When we will see the next Vidic or Irwin? Just by the law of averages with so many thousands of players there has to be such talent out there.

I do think that most Utd fans would be prepared to wait and not win anything for a few more years if they could see new players with real potential and desire to win being drafted in to the team along with a manager who looks like he has a plan.

Even if we spent £150m on Rice and £50m on a top centre back we would still need to spend loads more to get a top rated attacking midfielder and striker. I can't believe the Glazers will bankroll say £300m on new players with a manager who is unproven at this level. They have to show some caution in case Ten Haag doesn't work out.

One of the main things any new manager will have to do is to make the players realise that they can no longer coast through games. If that means Ten Haag comes and feels it better to introduce a few low key signings and give more of our youth a chance then let's back him.

21 Apr 2022 00:02:35
So coming here in peace. Reading through the the comments. I can honestly say your best bet is to start from scratch. The current method of buying big name players hasn’t done anything except make it harder and harder for any manager to come in and motivate the players. The culture at the club seems to have gone, for the players it’s more about image. They seem to care more for their brand than that of the clubs. Like one of the posters said, even during our years in the wilderness we still tried. We may not have been winning trophies but by god we would do all we could to try and stop you. We are lucky in all fairness for our club only came out of the wilderness due to Klopp. He has changed everything at the club.
DeGea and Rashford are the two players you need to keep although I feel Rashord has given up sadly. He’s a true gentleman, you need his type around to build again, to keep the youngsters on the right path.
In all fairness I want to be competing for trophies with your lot, not the plastics who we are currently up against. Losing against you guys means something. It makes you angry and wanting to meet again and fight like hell to turn the result around. Playing against them is a bore really. You want to beat them for they’re essentially a bunch of prats not because of an actual rivalry.
Have faith in the rebuild. Let it happen correctly and look at the improvements on and off the pitch. One last thing, SAF needs to step back. Nothing against him but I feel his interference has been a major part of your problem. It’s like you ask one parent to do something knowing the other will say no. He’s been undermining the operations I’d say, not intentionally but how does a club legend like him have someone say no to him.
Peace out.

21 Apr 2022 01:42:35
Bergenred things go in cycles. We couldn't always stay on top just as your current team won't. I think we have more than just two players worth keeping but we undoubtedly need better recruitment. I look forward to seeing Utd beating Liverpool hopefully soon.

21 Apr 2022 01:52:53
Spot on Bergen.

Whoever comes in, they need to weed out the weak minded ones and bring in some characters who have energy for days as well as some composure and creativity with the ball.

Several bad apples and end of life players out. Bring in young and hungry players either from our youth, stollen from others or some carefully targeted players at the right age point.

You are right, buying a declan rice and papering over te cracks will not work.

Press the reset button.



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