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20 Apr 2022 00:52:51
I have been a big critic of the Glazers. The LBO gutted the club in the early days when rebuilding should have been taking place. But we have spent enough money in the last five or six years to still be competitive at the top level. Of course, the Glazers bear ultimate responsibility but they have been let down very badly by EW, a man who has presided over the destruction of the MUFC as a footballing entity, an arrogant amateur who believed that the club's revenues would be secure notwithstanding performances on the field. They must surely be well aware of the snow job that must have been done on them. the club is now worth less than it was when Woodward took over, and if TH and RR can't turn the shipman around we could be headed for an iceberg.

Today's game just reinforces the extent of our decline. Liverpool were clinical. They hardly needed to step out of second gear. Yes, like all teams they go through lulls and make mistakes, but overall they work tirelessly, know exactly where their team mates are, and have the skills to both control the ball and ping passes around accurately and with the correct weight. They are a great team built on a structure that analyzes player qualities according to the team's needs. We, on the other hand, clearly have had no effective scouting, no analytics, no psychological evaluation and remediation, inferior coaching, all of which has left a demoralized set of players who perform well below their price tags.

I am somewhat hopeful in the longer term that the hiring of RR and TH signifies a change of approach, and a long overdue recognition of the need to take action to stem the toxic and repellant atmosphere created by EW. And in this respect I think the fans have been remarkably non toxic, to have endured 10 years of utter incompetence and still filled the stadium on a weekly basis.

With a significant rebuild to take place, and very little coming in through transfers out, it will be interesting to see what our immediate goals are on the field. Off it I cannot see the Glazers coughing up £200m for the proposed stadium improvements in the near future. They're going to need all of that and more for players if they don't want to become a permanent mid table team or worse.

{Ed0666's Note - the glazers didn’t misappropriate the transfer kitty. Someone must have sanctioned transfer mistake after transfer mistake. The fans love to label the Glazers as the Villains but their is a plethora of bad actors in this production from top to bottom and for everyone sakes TH needs to rip up the current rancid blueprint and start again no matter how long it takes!

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20 Apr 2022 04:24:58
For all that we can blame the Glazers, we can't blame them for the fact that our players can't even play simple 5 yard passes many times during the game and throw their arms up in frustration every single move. I really want to believe that these are professionals and surely even if they want to leave, they don't want their future employers to think they can't play football. It's mind boggling to see how far we have fallen even further this season.

20 Apr 2022 06:50:11
It's incredible when you consider how, man for man, this team is significantly more talented than the last United squad to bag the title.

20 Apr 2022 08:11:28
RR really?
12/ 13 de gea was in goal so no change, defence we had evra, ferdinand, vidic and rafael/ valencia as major minutes on the pitch, mid., carrick, kagawa along with games from giggs and scholes, upfront we had rooney rvp. Ok we weren't perfect but nonetheless talented, but most of all the team was full of winners;not the p**s poor shower that have donned the jersey this season.

20 Apr 2022 08:25:11
The Glazers are the owners, they bear the ultimate responsibility. The neglect while in charge has seen the dysfunctionality grow below them, more interested in income generated than ensuring a proper footballing structure is in place.

For too long Fergie was there to bail them out, as soon as he left the cracks were exposed and the decline has been evident. The departure of Ed Woodward was only part of the issue, their are still people in place from that time who should no longer be at the club, our Head of Corporate Development amongst them.

Last April Murtogh said, "The scouting team work closely with Ole to produce options for consideration based on the type of profile which Ole feels that the team needs. Ole has a veto, because as a club we will not sign a player that a manager doesn't want, " sound familiar? But in between that there is the Technical Team who crunch numbers and decide if the transfer target is a Manchester United player, and can remove targets deemed not of United "DNA", a "computer says no" mentality. Clearly there is an issue there based on what we are seeing on the pitch.

When EtH rocks up and gives his list of potential signings, will the Technical team have as much say, or is it time to tell them to stand back and let Erik make the recruitment decisions. Erik's biggest issue will probably be that most of this current team will unfortunately still be here next season, simply because we are asking to much for them, or their current contract means they are happy to bench warm and collect a wage than play football, which brings us back to our Head of Corporate Development.

All that is left to say is good luck Erik, thankfully you have no hair left to tear out.

20 Apr 2022 08:41:34
Genuinely interested to hear why you think that RR? If memory serves you still had Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra in defence. Carrick and an (ageing) Scholes and Giggs in midfield then Rooney and Van Persie up top.

20 Apr 2022 08:49:42
Shawthing, they weren’t let down by Ed Woodward, they kept him in charge. The same way I always blamed those above ole, as he was doing his best.

It all comes from the top down.

20 Apr 2022 09:25:29
Come to think of it the defence was certainly better in addition to having Rooney and RVP in top form, but they had two 40 year olds in midfield and Kagawa who didn't really produce regularly.

20 Apr 2022 10:04:29
Am I going mad here? We CAN and SHOULD blame the Glazers. They are the ones who installed Woodward and other non qualified persons who were making terrible footballing decisions for years.
And now Woodward has gone, they're still making the same mistakes.
Until they realise the error of their ways and change the footballing structure to include knowledgeable footballing people, we will continue in the state we're in.

20 Apr 2022 07:21:38
Ed, I have wondered who has been making the transfer decisions, and thought maybe SAF was to blame. Surely there was a structure in place for evaluating potential targets! However, without divulging sources, I have been told that the responsibility for making bad transfer choices lies squarely on the shoulders of Woodward, who, for some reason, believed being an accountant qualified him as an expert at running a football club.

I fail to understand why the Glazers did not get rid of him sooner, but hope that the end of his reign was but the first step in a successful rebuilding process. It's hard to see how it won't take at least 3-5 years. The top players are not going to want to come to us until they see a program they can feel confident will showcase their talents. And without regular ECL qualification revenues are not going to move ahead, and debt levels are not going to decline, making top transfers targets even more difficult to recruit. TH has a might challenge on his hands.

{Ed0666's Note - I honestly don’t think the situation is as dire as all the drama queens are making out it to be as. 2-3 decent transfer windows/get rid of your dross and you’ll be challenging again.



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