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19 Apr 2022 22:20:45
So many players being awful all game, but Rangnick has been a failed experiment to me.

I'm not a football guru but playing a back 5 with one of the fullbacks as AWB with 0 attacking threat is stupid.
Maguire and Rashford how they keep on starting again and again and again is beyond me.
Why are these players not thrown under the bus?
There's a game on twitter where people play Maguire mistake bingo to decide at what minute Maguire is making a mistake.
How does bruno stay for 60 mins? He does nothing all game.
It's favouritism at play here the same that was under Ole.
Don't care who starts instead but Maguire needs to be sent away from the club to dubai alongwith Cavani and Pogba.

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19 Apr 2022 22:36:48
Agree with your sentiment about RR. Was never a fan and said as much when he was appointed. I stand to be corrected, and I hope I am, but he just looks totally lost and they are going to put him in a position of relative power.

We are worse now than under Ole!

Utterly embarrassing.

19 Apr 2022 22:43:05
What did you expect rangnick to do? These players have repeatedly shown they don't really care, they see him as there for 6 months so why pay any attention to him? There are so many of them out of contract i don't remember pogba limping before his number came up for sub?

I hope they take note of what rangnick has to say about the structure of this club and about these players because there are very few who he would report good things about, an 18 year old came on and put up more of a fight than any of them!

19 Apr 2022 22:54:14
So it's the players fault but you blame Ragnick for their faults. He puts them in a shape tells them how to play, it's not his fault that they don't follow the plan. Watch what he says about the first goal, we were never supposed to be that high up the pitch. These are the players he has inherited, as Roy Keane said, they will keep throwing managers under the bus, and once again they're doing the same. Ragnick sees exactly what's going on, he gets zero blame for the shambles we are right now.

19 Apr 2022 23:25:37
I like Ralf but he's not a manager. He will be an asset going forward in whatever role rebuilding, hopefully but he's not a good manager.

19 Apr 2022 23:30:09
4 players in the match day squad are out of contract in the summer, 3 of those played today. They’re not going to bust a gut for the team. What hope do the committed players have when you’re playing against that opposition with several players MIA. You need 11 players, all committed. RR has no options, other than throwing in kids who’d get slaughtered in the prem, destroy their confidence. The board must take responsibility for the disharmony at the club, recruiting Sancho and Varane, both on much bigger wages than the other players in the squad, both of which don’t deserve what we’re paying them. Maguire, our captain on £200k a week…we bring in Varane, a CB on £350k a week. That’s some serious undermining. Sancho, £350k a week for doing it in the German league…I’d be questioning the club if I was one of our attackers having helped the team to second in the English league.

19 Apr 2022 23:45:22
No manager in the world could succeed with these players. Unfair to blame Rangnick. They are just not good enough both ability wise and attitude wise.

20 Apr 2022 00:52:00
I really don’t think it’s Rangnick’s fault at all. He may not be a top manager but he is a manager nonetheless.

His predecessor was please-all bottom kissing positivity merchant who had nothing to offer other than good vibes and nostalgia about the 90’s. The fella literally wouldn’t park in the managers space because it was reserved for ‘The Boss’ and then dragged an elderly and unwell Sir Alex out of the stands to do his team talks for him. The reason players like Pogba and Shaw appeared to be happier and ‘better’ under him was because he didn’t demand anything of them, he didn’t coach them, he didn’t set expectations or tell them what to do. All he could offer was showering them with affection and telling them to just be happy and express themselves and that would be enough.

Shockingly, you need a bit more than that to compete at the top level of football, and when he was inevitably sacked under a cloud of negativity and with absolute anarchy reigning on the pitch, the players checked out before United could even get a manager in. Despite throwing their toys out of them pram because the last guy was too mean, they then threw their toys out the pram because the new guy wasn’t mean enough. Everything was always someone elses fault and they didn’t really know what they wanted, probably because they didn’t didn’t care about winning at all. Everything on the pitch was broken, but the players talked about it as if it was a problem they had no input in, which is clearly the perspective they still hold judging by Bruno’s interview tonight. They say they’re not good enough and they’re sorry, but at the same time it’s not really anything to do with them and they can’t wait to jump ship, because they ‘deserve’ better and it’s everyone else at United that is causing the toxicity, not themselves as individuals.

Then Rangnick comes into this mess, they’ve all checked out, half of them want to leave, the other half just want a paycheck or want someone else to sort out their mess for them, and he has to try and get them playing. I think you can tell from the leaks and from the way he talks about them (he just about stops short of telling the world he effing hates them) that they’re absolutely not bothered about anything going on at the club and have no interest in turning it around. If Guardiola or Klopp came in and tried to demand higher standards from them, it’d be the exact same result.

They don’t like winning, they don’t like engaging with what it takes to win, they don’t like competition at the top end of football, they don’t like being criticised. It’s no secret that the culture at United is rancid from top to bottom, but never before, at any club ever, have i been aware of a dressing room this toxic. It has completely infected every corner of the squad and Ralf Rangnick can’t do anything about that. I appreciate the tactics may appear a little frustrating from the outside looking in but you really can’t appreciate how complex the layers of awfulness are in situations this tricky. Last season our fans were going mental at Klopp for some of the decisions he made, but when the manager has absolutely nothing to work with at a base level, it’s difficult to appreciate why he makes the decisions he does when you’re not spending your every waking moment in a nightmarish hellscape with many moving parts and nothing can possibly go right.

The fact is, they won’t do anything he asks of them. He may not be the greatest motivator in the world, and i always believe the buck stops with the manager, but even the greatest managers in the world wouldn’t be able to work with these players. These players wouldn’t buy into anything a top manager asks of them; it would simply be too much for them to handle. They are an anomaly in football, in that they seem to be a group of professional footballers that actually hate playing the game itself.

20 Apr 2022 01:30:49
Thank you for writing everything that I've thought about these losers so clearly and precise. Ragnick has tactics but these losers don't want to run, pressing and counterpressing takes a lot of guts and you have to run your legs off, which one of these players is willing to do that? They're not willing to work hard, play as a unit. They don't give a damn because they know if they play a few good matches they will get their contract renewal. I was so embarrassed for our team today, we all know Liverpool is a good team, they built up to it, but the fact that they don't at least try their hardest is the worst thing possible. I feel so bad with Ragnick, going from coaching professional German players who understand they have to follow a plan to these clowns, must be real tough.

20 Apr 2022 07:08:36
Ralf has one job, identify who needs to be got rid of and who should be kept so when Erik comes in he doesn't have to waste time assessing them, just a simple clear out your locker, your gone.



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