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17 Apr 2022 06:49:53
Surely one post in appreciation of Ronaldo. No? 60th career hat trick, another 20 goal season. Pop on here and all you get is how poor Maguire is how poor this and that is.

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17 Apr 2022 07:36:06
21 goals in all competitions for a 37 year old. Imagine if he had signed for City he would have scored a lot more.

Both Ronaldo and DDG have saved Utd throughout the season.

17 Apr 2022 10:18:54
Listen to the twits and they will tell you those guys are the problem.
Brain dead half of our supporters.

17 Apr 2022 10:43:58
I agree, a great performance from Ronaldo, incredible, plus a VERY good display from Elanga and DDG.

But it is hard not to say anything about the lack of midfield cover for the defence, it is shocking, just hope Pogba has played his last game.

17 Apr 2022 12:03:56
Cavani coasting around, Rashford in terrible form, Greenwood suspended.
Imagine where we would be without Ronaldo.

17 Apr 2022 12:23:52
I don’t buy any of the nonsense about ten Hag not wanting CR7. We need another option sure, but it will be more whether CR7 wants us for one final hurrah.

17 Apr 2022 13:07:30
I said many times that criticising Ronaldo is complete idiocy. The guy is the only reason why United are still in contention for 4th spot. The press and some of our fans want him to fail. Even the idiots who commentate are deluded.
I'm sure ETH will love Ronaldo in our team.
Ronaldo is not the problem, but the other idiots, pogba, rashford, cavani, lingard etc are. So, let's get off Ronaldo's back and embrace the genius that he is.

17 Apr 2022 13:15:14
Ronaldo is for sure not the long term or medium term answer.
If we are not in cl league he will be on his toes I'd imagine.
A lot depends on guys family and what he wants to do.

17 Apr 2022 14:46:56
In the hope he sees it, is it UA?

Ronaldo is not short of any plaudits, we all know that, he is a phenom. Not sure why you're bothered about some nice words on him, on this forum.

17 Apr 2022 15:45:47
Angelred, So ridiculing Maguire, Lindelof here in the hope they are going to see it eh? Why are you so bothered to post about them here? Yes Ronaldo is a phenom and he is still bothering to put in performances for a club that he probably cares about unlike a few local lads who are busier in their CSR or hitting women. Mind you he is 37 and plying his trade in the premier league. Varane has been a bigger disappointment for me than Maguire but nobody ever criticizes him.

17 Apr 2022 17:39:27

Ronaldo is not the problem, but not is he the solution either. I was there at his debut for us, marvelled at what I saw and thought (rightly) we had just witnessed a superstar. Even when those around were saying one trick pony I felt he would be No1 and so it turned out. He is the GOAT

That said, he is the cherry on top of the cake yet we had no middle or icing. His genius is there even at 37, yet it means we have to play a different style of football to accommodate him. Long term into next season that will hamstring us, especially if we want to move forward.

17 Apr 2022 17:47:24
I do concede that if we are rebuilding and resetting, having a 37 year old up front isn’t necessarily the right way forward…. but he is the least of the club’s worries.

The back 4 belongs in a circus, and that midfield is a disgrace. Thankfully, Pogba will be off, Matic has done the right thing ad announced he’s off, man child Lingard can go and play at being a professional m footballer elsewhere, Mata off too so means we finally have to address the issue and build it back up.

Maguire plays well for England in a wells filled and confused side. Our midfield provides less protection than a hot knife through butter. He’s always exposed, has no pace, and is dragged everywhere. We must be quite easy to play against.

17 Apr 2022 19:20:16
That should read well drilled and coached side.

18 Apr 2022 00:00:45
Write him a letter UA lol.

I've no idea what you are going on about re Maguire and Lindelof. I was just replying to your point about Ronaldo.

18 Apr 2022 05:12:33
Grow up UA. People are allowed to post what they want about who they want. Providing the eds allow it. If people want to criticise some rubbishbags over applauding a hat trick let them. That's they're prerogative. And the general consensus is that that hat trick papered over the cracks because we were a shambles.

And as for varane a bigger disappointment than Maguire? Give your head a wobble.

18 Apr 2022 11:45:40
Your name suggests that you are down a few bottles of whiskey. Ironic isn't it? You telling me to grow up and telling me people are allowed to post whatever they want. Why do you have a problem with what i posted? Yeah you are right Varane has been a massive upgrade and a star whenever je has played. How many games is that? 2, 4, 6? Yeah he has been injured most of the time.

18 Apr 2022 12:43:50
Why do you have a problem that nobody posted about Ronaldo?

18 Apr 2022 15:20:25
Ronaldo isolated as a player isn't a problem, he's a top player. While his ability to press might be limited, in the right set up it isn't an issue.

If there is a problem with Ronaldo it is him as a superstar. His presence demands to ball even if he isn't in the best position. While the predictable pass to Ronaldo is every bit as obvious to the team we are playing as it is to us watching.

Ronaldo limits the number of chances we have as a team, makes our attacks more predictable, and probably adversely impacts our other attacking players who have all seen the number of chances they get per game drop along with the number of goals they are scoring in part because of that.

Forward players are mostly confidence players, them getting less chances and scoring less goals over a prolonged period of time will impact their confidence which in turn probably further reduces the number of goals they score.

Ronaldo in isolation is a great player, without a shadow of a doubt. But he can imbalance a team and his impact does coincide with the total loss of form of EVERY single other attacking player at the club.

As for DDG, he's a top class shot stopper, probably the best in the world. Yet if fans want to see a move to a more offensive and dominant style of play, with a high line and playing out from the back then DDG will need to show skills that he hasn't yet shown in over 10 years at Old Trafford.

DDG is a better shot stopper than Simon, he's a better shot stopper than Robert Sanchez, yet he is behind both of them for his national side due to his limitations and the way the Spanish national side want to play. For a short period of time Brentford's Raya (along with his own poor form) was keeping him out of the national side altogether, making him fourth choice for his national side.

I don't think anyone is saying either Ronaldo or DDG are bad players, just that they might not fit into the long term plan of the next manager depending on how he wants to play.

18 Apr 2022 17:20:22
I'd be happy to applaud him but I don't like him.
He's long enough in the game to be more humble and not smash phones belonging to kids.

18 Apr 2022 19:14:10
If you manage him right next season, pick his games and get another young striker in to learn from him then you could have a very productive season. Imagine someone like Nunez soaking up ronaldo’s knowledge.

Having winners at the club is never a bad thing. Would ronaldo be willing to adopt a bit more of a supporting role? I’m not sure. But when you look at his record this season, it’s actually very good. Interesting to see what Ten Hag thinks.



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