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13 Apr 2022 20:30:05
Hey Ed077,
What you think about the imminent arrival of Ten Hag.
What can us fans expect from him?
Interested to hear your opinion.

{Ed077's Note - I am both very excited and very nervous about the likely appointment of ETH.

I think he is a good coach with huge upside. But I believe the club needs to provide good supporting structure for him to actually succeed at Man Utd. And we are well known for being a mess of club so that brings a big risk there too.

I expect and hope that neither the club nor the fans demand us to be challenging for top honours right from the word go. We might require to be a little more patient with him, not least because we seem to be in need of a major rebuild and an evolution into becoming a top top European Club.

But ultimately, does the club want to be a European powerhouse or a footballing cashcow?? And should one preclude another??

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14 Apr 2022 08:07:44
I think its the perfect time for a manager to come in, he will have less pressure fhan any other manager post sir alex

These players have shown there true colors, they are snakes and i can't think if a worse set of players in my life time watching us, even the 4 years we went without a title when fergie was manager, we had some poor players but they grafted.

Anyone know an update on the deputy dof?

14 Apr 2022 11:08:20
As I've said for a long time, it could be God himself, walking into that dressing room but if the structure isn't correct and if he hasn't got the authority to do what's necessary, he will not succeed, the way the fans want him to.

There will also have to be patience and time given to him in order to do what is necessary. But I don't hold much hope that he will be given the needful.

I hope I'm wrong.

14 Apr 2022 09:59:27
Ed077, I'd say that is spot on. Ten Hag clearly has the coaching ability and knowledge to make a team better, however, will he get the backing, structure and players needed to get United back to being one of the best sides around?

Hopefully, even if Ten Hag struggles in the beginning, the fans stay on side. None of this, 2 defeats in a row and it's Ten Hag out reactionary nonsense that so many fans seem to exhibit nowadays.

{Ed077's Note - Thanks RJ I guess?

I think it would be naive of everyone to expect ETH, or any other manager for that matter, to be an instant in our current predicament. But then again football fans are known for being a bit naive...

14 Apr 2022 11:56:43
I think you are right with your logic Ed077 and hopefully our fans and board will think along the same lines over the next year. A rebuild will take time and will have a lot of bumps along the way. We currently watch the likes of Liverpool and praise the way they play and are run, if we aspire to be the same we need to watch the process that they went through to get to where they are now and appreciate it is not a quick fix.
8th and two 4th placed finishes in his first 3 seasons shows that building the correct way takes time but imbeds for years to come as following that they have had 2nd, 1st, 3rd and 2nd places as well as european success.
I am looking forward to EtH coming in and i genuinely believe that he will develop our players especially the youth ones stepping up as well as unearthing some gems on the continent.

{Ed077's Note - Man City took time to become a serious Top 4 team after the takeover. Then they worked around a plan/project to bring Guardiola in. Even then Pep couldn't mount a real title challenge in his first season. (You've already used the Klopp-Liverpool example).

We don't have the setup to provide ETH with, (or any other manager) to be expecting to be a instant fix. So I hope the club have faith in him being able to rebuild the football club part of the MUFC and don't have unrealistic expectations from this imminent appointment.

14 Apr 2022 12:18:16
Agree Ed077.
Hopefully the club has learnt the lesson after a decade of failure.
Our club has become a laughing stock.

With Murtough as DoF and Rangnick moving up, we can hope the decision makers try to sort out the structure for the manager to succeed.

{Ed077's Note - agreed. Surely the board have done due diligence into the next appointment, seeing that they didn't rush with an Ole replacement instead opting for RR as an interim.

14 Apr 2022 13:01:39

I'm still surprised that the majority of Utd fans till back RR. I thought that they might have turned on him. Although it is clear to see that the players don't give two hoots.

I for one would be happy for the club to sell quite a few players and start a fresh rebuild with he view that it will take a couple of seasons to get us back up the top and challenging for the league.

{Ed077's Note - are the majority of Utd fans still backing RR? Isn't there a protest being planned for this weekend? I know its not directly aimed at RR but people didn't feel the need to show their contempt for the owners when we were beating Spurs 3-1 or when we finished top of the CL group...

14 Apr 2022 15:50:38
Mad Hatter, I think most fans appreciate that this season is a write off. The players threw the towel in before Ole was sacked.

The reality is that RR will step up into a consultancy role, probably a role his skillset is more suited to if we are honest.

14 Apr 2022 17:37:54
I think it's RR honesty which most fans like. He certainly hasn't held back.

14 Apr 2022 23:02:24
Would have liked to have seen Ralf drop a few players for shocking performances. Give some younger players a chance to show what it means to them. If rumours we have offered Pogba a new contract then everyone involved at the club needs to be flogged.



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