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20 Jan 2022 02:05:46
If ronny is substituted now ralf has to sit and stroke him and make him feel better? Guy needs to give his head a wobble. 2 -0 up, away to Brentford in a midweek game. What is this guy expecting. His job was done, he played a great chest pass to set utd away for the 2nd goal. What a tragic display of disrespect t to ralf and his team mates, i would drop him for next game.

Better team and shape today, kept a better width and looked more like utd, although we still lack confidence.

Fernandes looking great, running the show again, full of assists. I like him in a midfield 3 and also when we switch him to a false 9 I think he looks great there.

DDG continues saving everyone's blushes. Only goals and points and determination will bring this confidence e and swagger back.

We have a long way to go, but we are now pointing somewhat in the general direction.

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20 Jan 2022 05:13:21
I like that Ronaldo was angry about being subbed off. It shows passion, which is more than can be said for the actions of most of the team. As for the change itself though, we must be the only team in the world who look more defensively frail as the result of switching to a back five. HM’s passing accuracy was something ridiculous like 36% and a big part of what made the last 10 minutes or so so nervy. Last week at Villa (not to mention the Spurs vs Leicester game tonight) shows how quickly a two goal lead can be wiped out and, had Brentford got a second goal, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see them scramble in a third. We need a defensive midfielder and to persist with the VL RL CB partnership if we’re to have any hope of securing a top four finish. Also, anyone who still thinks we should sell De Gea needs to get their head looked at!

{Ed014's Note - it doesn’t show passion, just shows what an arrogant twonk he is. Perhaps he should channel that anger into working for the team when the lazy tit is on the pitch.

They guy is an anchor, just weighing you down!

20 Jan 2022 05:46:51
I look at it differently dodgy.
Ronaldo was always someone who never liked getting subbed off.
During 40+ goal season as well I remember when he started Carling cup games while most of our team got a rest.
I see it positively that he actually wanted to stay on and score a goal. Strikers should be greedy to score and shouldn't be happy if they don't score a goal.
Brentford were going to open up even more after we scored and it could've been a great opportunity for ronaldo to get a goal.
Rangnick and Ronaldo had a chat as well, which was good to see.
You have to remember he's one of the greatest player to ever play. These antics were always part of Ronaldo.

20 Jan 2022 06:01:41
Thats the sort of passion we need.
Ronaldo never hides. After we scored the 2nd goal, Ronny had the players in a hurdle for a stern talk.

Also well done to Rangnick for showing balls and changing system mid game.
He said he didn't want to make the mistake he did against Villa.

20 Jan 2022 07:03:52
Other than the chest pass he was anonymous last night, he contributed nothing else.

20 Jan 2022 08:11:53
AJH- last night he dragged the centre backs all over the place, as shown for the first two goals. I think first half he came far to deep, but second he created space for elanga and the ball to Bruno was perfect.

I don’t mind him being angry coming off, he wants to score goals. I guarantee in the next training session he will be there leading by example as usual.

20 Jan 2022 08:55:02
I was not a fan of bringing him back and I think it was the wrong decision but for anybody that thinks he is lazy or is not a team player they are very very wrong imo.

I don't like the petulance and it was unnecessary but that's been there for 20 years.
It's a cultural and personalty trait he has.
I have to laugh at the lack tolerance some people die to some players who don't exactly confirm to the stiff upper lip British stereotype. I've seen more petulance on these pages from poster's who cry about ronaldos petulance.
I suppose we are all not as perfect as some posters think they are themselves.

20 Jan 2022 09:15:48
100’s of players have sulked and been moody when subbed before, 100’s will do after this. It’s Ronaldo so more focus on him and a few stories to write. Rangnick didn’t need to chat with him on the bench and could have waited til after the game but some mangers will do that all the time and the tv and media won’t pick it up or will miss it. It’s a nothing story and incident.

20 Jan 2022 09:24:32
Correct ports.
But it does give the tabloids and a few idiots something to make a mountain from out of a molehill.

20 Jan 2022 09:27:06
Did it make Ronaldo look silly? Yes.

Is it newsworthy? No.

As Ken says dozens of players sulk when subbed. Some see it as passion, others as arrogance.

I tend to feel that it shows a lack of respect for your teammates. It's a team game and not about the individual, while I think it's normal to be disappointed with being subbed off, would you expect the same reaction from every player who is on the subs bench when the team sheet is announced? I'm sure they are disappointed as well.

Ronaldo like many other footballers has a tendency to sulk when things don't go his way, it doesn't make him a better or worse player. Just someone who can't handle disappointment very well.

I liked the way Rangnick dealt with it, a tendency to nip things in the bud then move on and forget about it.

20 Jan 2022 10:07:34
Silly behaviour. Lots of players do it, but Ronny's always been one for the petulant flounces. It's all for show and social media. Look at me, look how much I care. And younger fans and gullible adults lap it up.

20 Jan 2022 10:49:02
Ronny is 37 in a couple of weeks, someone needs to sit him down and explain there's no way he's going to play every minute of every game, especially with younger legs on the bench to bring on, and then tell him to drop his hissy fits for the cameras and show some respect to his manager and team mates, and if he does'nt like that there's always PSG .

20 Jan 2022 10:49:41
Nou he was doing it in 2003 when there was next to no social media ? it’s a nothing story.

20 Jan 2022 11:07:55
Act like you want when you come off and be as disappointed as possible when you’ve performed well and are influencing game! Ronaldo elanga and greenwood could of had no complaints if they didn’t come out for second half!
Another bang average performance by cr7!

20 Jan 2022 11:12:17
RR was completely correct to take Ronaldo off.
He did absolutely nothing apart from that chest pass.
He lost the ball two / three times and was completely out of the game.
I never seen him once chase down a defender when Brentford carried the ball out from the back.
The team look better equipped when he's not on the pitch. They also look a more galvanised and a more determined unit.
As great as Ronaldo was / is he just doesn't suit us.
He's to selfish and lazy.

20 Jan 2022 11:14:41
In 2003 he was a teenager, now he's in his late thirties and has kids who would'nt carry on like he does sometimes.

20 Jan 2022 12:05:20
Agreed Caolan. Ronaldo is just that type of person.

Not sure how Nou has that kind of insight. All fo social media so the youngers lap it up ?

He could just be. peed off?

20 Jan 2022 12:50:06
Don't forget, gullible adults, Angel ?.

20 Jan 2022 13:02:35
I don't agree with peoples assessment that he didn't influence the game last night. If you watch that 1st goal, he drops to receive the ball from Fred and the 2 CB's both go towards him because they don't want him to get the ball in those areas. This allowed the space in behind for Elanga to run into and Fred saw the run and delivered. But that run is not on if Ronaldo doesn't make his movement which attracts 2 defenders. The 2nd goal we know what his influence was. So he was involved in the 2 goals that meant Brentford had to attack a bit more and which meant they were open to being caught out for a 3rd. I'd say that he had more influence on the game then people are giving him credit for, or is he only influential when he is scoring goals and doing 100 step overs?

When Ronaldo is on the pitch he is a focus for other teams, and when United players start to use him to exploit space for others as well as playing through him then we will score more and more goals. For me, Ronaldo just needs to accept that the game is quicker now, players are fitter and he, despite being in good shape may not be the right player on the pitch in certain games and certain situations. But he wants to play every minute and score as many goals as he can, which isn't a bad thing considering some players appear happy to be on the bench or not involved at all but are enjoying their wages.

20 Jan 2022 13:44:45
Ronaldo has no problem to be substituted. Its the package that is the problem. He hadn't problem at Juventus when he "run the show". He didn't even want to play in some games to be Sharp for the next one or for Champions League-he was the leader, scored goals and coach took him off to protect his best player. That was fine then.
The problem now is that we treat him like everyone else and yesterday he was annoyed because he thought he could score a couple when they were open. System doesn't suit too because he always wants someone else to do the dirty job and then he finds space and score. Its all about Ronaldo and not the team.

20 Jan 2022 15:21:50
Wish I was as lazy and as useless as some posters seem to think Ronaldo is!
Ralf made that substitution to prove a point cos his lack of substitution against villa cost us points.
Ralf as devalued McGuire, Shaw, Binsaka, with stupid talk that’s real brains!
He p. ed of Martial.
Told us last week the DVB was sensational and changed game for the 20 mins he was on, then don’t play him again!
Says Sancho fantastic in training…. don’t play him
Says Fred is got big future at club!

You think this is going down well at United, only players that like him is Dalot and Telles.

21 Jan 2022 01:40:39
Bolloxolgy is what that is RM.



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