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15 Jan 2022 20:15:56
Just shocked, Ralf spoken after the cup game of how DVB came on with 20mins to go to create a three in the middle and then we controlled the game. As the game went on villa were all over us and he did nothing, why didn't he make the same change that he said had worked the week before against the same opposition, just baffling.

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15 Jan 2022 20:52:24
I completely agree. We threw away the game because once again we got over run in midfield and couldn’t retain possession of the football. Bizarre substitutions from Rangnick, he took off one of our best players Elanga (although he may have taken a knock), kept Cavani on when he was obviously tired and Villa were wide open to the counter attack, more pace upfront would have benefited the team and we needed another body in midfield.

It’s hard to look for positives but I think we looked better in the first half with a slight change in formation to more of a 4-1-4-1. We tired in the second half and Rangnick failed to react or influence the game, Villa got what they deserved.

It might just be a blessing in disguise to finish outside the top 4. Lose the likes of Ronaldo, Cavani and Pogba and let someone like Ten Hag build an exciting team around some promising youngsters such as Greenwood, Elanga, Diallo, Rashford, Sancho dare I even say DvB supported by more senior pros such as Varane and Bruno. Sign a DM and move towards a 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1.

Unless we start to dominate the midfield and keep possession of the ball we’ll continue to fail. I thought Rangnick would have addressed this but I’ve seen little evidence so far. Same players making the same mistakes.

15 Jan 2022 21:56:46
This obsession with Donny baffles me, he’s done little or nothing every time he’s played!
Thought we were very good at everything first 30, with ball and without it, we were set up well and bossed it.
Villa got back into it, the thing for me was I wasn’t surprised we buckled! There is zero steel in this team, can’t handle pressure, can’t compose themselves under pressure, midfield lads and everyone else to be fair can’t keep the ball for more than two passes under pressure! Yet again our glaring weaknesses show up and we concede two! Two full backs caught out and the lack of a midfield capable of controlling the game cost us yet again! Felt sorry for Ralph because I think we looked good and set up well and yet again we’re let down by players not good enough.
I think all four full backs we have aren’t good enough, I feel we need a top proven defensive midfielder who sees danger before it happens, also a midfielder who has the bollocks to get on the ball under the biggest pressure and will keep it or use it correctly. We surely must be in the market for these types for god sake!

I’ll finish on a positive note, I did see some good things first thirty minutes, greenwood and elanga especially, good on them!

15 Jan 2022 22:19:59
I think the obsession from most of us with donny is he hasn't been given game time to fimd any rythm. How can u come in one game n then have a couple of minutes next game n expect to look good? i'd like to see him play a few games in a row n judge then. I've seen 3 seasons of fred n he's still cack. He must be sensational in training though! I don't see us buying anyone this window it baffles me more that we haven't shipped anyone out the squads so bloated with overpaid average players.

15 Jan 2022 22:48:30
Different managers have all watched donny on a day to day basis and have not deemed him good enough. Has he ever done much in the limited time he’s had? I agree he’s probably the most technically gifted, but that isn’t enough. I never see any risk in his play to ever stand a chance of playing as a 10, nor do I see the defensive awareness to play deeper.

15 Jan 2022 23:17:14
I just trust the fact that three managers and coaching teams don’t see in him what a lot of people on social media do! From what I’ve seen I don’t see him suited to premier league pave and physicality, Shane but that’s just my gut feeling!
Totally agree with you, our ability to shift players ( and there’s plenty needed to go ) is down to Woodward and the scandalous contracts he’s dished out!
We’ve rewarded failure for years now and it’s left us with this lot! As Keane said the summer could be a blessing because we are clearing out players whose contracts have expired ready for new manager ??.

16 Jan 2022 00:11:24
Why should he get game time to ‘find rhythm’ when he’s crap every time he gets a chance? Why don’t other players get the soon chance to find rhythm? When he plays we never win, so we can give him 5 games to get some rhythm and lose them all, sure that would go down really well.

16 Jan 2022 02:35:50
I don't understand this 3 managers didn't give him a chance. Now do we count Carricks three games too? He is not crap when he plays, he is from average to good usually but it is clear that our system doesn't suit him. He will not target runners, he must be playing in a formation with wingers who play close to him and no number ten. Donny plays total football but we play no football.

16 Jan 2022 06:15:17
Matic legs have gone, he cannot play more than 60 mins.
We would have a better chance of winning if we subbed him and played Jones as DM. He looked shot.
Regarding the Donny thing, some posters calling out we lose when we play him, or he does nothing, can you please tell me what does Fred do?
Fred is positionally awful, going forward he's meh, cannot control a ball.
He doesn't track runners at all.
He's a headless chicken.
Fred over the course of career is a 5/ 10 player.
Donny hasn't played much, but is it really that hard to be better than a fred? I think he'd easily surpass them.
And the thing 2 managers didn't see anything in him is bull, maybe Rangnick for all his amazing conferences is still understanding the squad.
I've personally not been impressed by Rangnick one bit now.
For a lot of the time, he looks like he's ole.

16 Jan 2022 06:17:21
Donny's treatment is disgusting.
Fred was shocking yet he gets picked again and again.
He was culpable for both goals as the midfield failed to track the runners in behind.

Donny has never started back to back games. How the heck can he develop understanding or improve his play.

On another note, I just hope Maguire is not picked for the next game. Varane and Lindelof seem to develop a good partnership.

16 Jan 2022 11:26:36
Donny’s paid a hell of a lot of money. It baffles me that players who can’t get in the side are now rated highly. Fred covers far more ground than donny and I’d say that’s why he’s ahead of him. The same thing happened with Kagawa years ago.

16 Jan 2022 11:54:12
Not sure Greenwood is the future, just looks like a Martial clone to me. All the talent, none of the ability to develop. One trick pony, cut in and shoot from the edge of the box, provides little else.

16 Jan 2022 14:22:30

He’s a striker being played as a right winger, he came through the academy as a striker and now has to learn a new position at the highest level which I think he has done ok at to be honest. He’s a finisher so being on the right cutting inside and shooting is a strong point for him, unfortunately like many others he’s struggled for consistency.

16 Jan 2022 21:00:18
I actually think greenwood is our one and only top top player, the type who could play in a city team because he’s so good and comfortable on the ball, as opposed to majority who look petrified of the ball!

I’m excited to see how he develops, thought he was lively last night, needs a goal like all forwards but I really rate him!

Only thing with him is his laid back, can’t be arsed swagger about him! I just want to see a bit more from him in that sense, want him to look like he cares as much as us ???.



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