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12 Jan 2022 20:24:23
Just reading Scholes's comments in MEN. He's questioning whether the players are really good enough. That's reasonable. But I fail to see why he can't get his head around the appointment of Rangnick as interim manager. Ole had to go. Someone had to step into the breech for the rest of this season.

To throw any permanent manager into the cauldron at this point in time would be the first step in a continuation of the same failed process we have been enduring since SAF retired.

What we needed was an acknowledgment that the SAF era is well and truly over. The romantic visions of the class of 92, the appointment of Ole, re-signing of Ronaldo etc are not going to cut it. SAF's influence needs to be curtailed.

The appointment of Rangnick may not be successful in the long term, but some dramatic shift was 100% required. Let's see who the club hires for next season. The board have done the right thing in not rushing into a permanent decision.

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12 Jan 2022 20:56:36
Scholes does my head in, got plenty to say now about Ralph and his appointment and how we need this and that, but was more than happy to sit still and say nothing when his mate Ole was struggling!

12 Jan 2022 23:52:02
I'm not sure what people were expecting from RR.
The lunatics have been running the asylum the day the board backed the players over the manager. Jose should have resigned the day the window closed at the beginning of his final season.
Ole flattered to decieve and pandered to the players for 3 years. Each of his signings getting worse the longer they played for us. No standards so many bad habits formed.
A season with it any fans to answer to. No accountability.
RR has to try and get us to limp over 4th spot. It's a tough ask imo in the circumstances. But very possible.
He won't be coach next year. I'm pleased about that but I'm also pleased he will take up a consultancy role where his skill set is better suited nowadays.
I think poch will be our coach and I think he can provide the new manager bounce we all crave. I think we will improve as the weeks go by under RR but it's bit going to be pretty too often.
He will weed out a few and the place will be in better order for poch or whomever it is. RR'S future consultancy will now come from a position of real strength as he will have hands on experience and have seen the good the bad and the ugly 1st hand.

13 Jan 2022 09:44:02
Remember the good old days when Scholes played football and never did any publicity or interviews . good times!

13 Jan 2022 10:28:10
it’s interesting how the Class of ‘92 have moved on.

Whilst he was a great footballer' Scholes comes across as quite simple in his thinking. Not sure he’s a particularly good pundit and it’s his name that gets him the gig.

Giggs clearly has a very inflated view of himself but then we heard about his ‘liaisons’ and he’s about to get a bit of a shock when he gets to court. I remember we talked about him managing United but I think he’s in real trouble.

Neville failed spectacularly as a Manager but hands out advice on prime time TV. Initially it was refreshing but he has so much to say about every subject. Sometimes Gary, less is more.

Beckham had a stellar career but the leak of his emails hasn’t helped his image. Having said that, he’s generally done very well and stayed out of trouble. Whatever the rumours, he’s seen as a decent family man.

Butt was going about his business quietly but then also found himself on the wrong side of the law.

Fair play to Phil Neville, trying to forge a career as a coach.

Whilst not the Class of ‘92, Keane has found a new career and I think Micah Richards has been very good for him. Richards has teased out his softer side and we have sen his sense of humour, he also tells it exactly as it is.

It must be tough when you have been a superstar footballer and suddenly those incredibly highs have gone.

13 Jan 2022 10:44:01
Ken, I tend to agree that the club will look to Pochettino next. Whoever it is will need to be a "project" manager prepared to put 3-5 years into the club as the rebuild will easily take 2-3 years to move on the players who aren't right for the club and bring in/ develop the players we need to take us forward.

They need to be able to develop young players, play good football and move the club forward.

I could see RR staying on for up to another season if the club's first choice isn't available this summer. Obviously pending on how the next few months go.

I think we will improve under RR, but it will be slow and there will be many ups and downs.

His style of play is pretty much the opposite of what this squad is used to. There is little chance of being able to get them physically fit enough this season to implement that style successfully across an entire 90 minutes. I remember when Klopp first took over Liverpool part the way through a season. October or November I think it was. But he didn't have a pre-season to get the squad fit enough for a high pressing style. As such Liverpool during his first season played well up until around 60 minutes, but ran out of steam later on in matches. Often losing leads or getting pegged back in the final 15 minutes of games.

So I'd expect something fairly similar with us once the players have fully grasped and embraced the concepts.

The other issue is we have been set up to play in a very individualistic off the cuff manner. While several players have enjoyed that style it has had a tendency to leave us very open defensively. Where as what RR will be trying to implement is a very team focused way of playing, you hunt in packs, work together, move together, working for eachother. Some will adapt to this others simply won't. The problem with pressing is that it is an all or nothing style of play. If some players attempt to press and others don't, or do it badly then holes open up right through the middle of your team totally exposing the defence. Here we can see another parallel with Liverpool early in the Klopp years. One of their main weaknesses in Klopp's first season or two was that you could break right through the centre of them. The signings of Fabinho and VvD making a huge difference to their side in stopping teams breaking on them.
For us the issue is that we have no true holding midfielder, both McTominay and Fred love to press but are often out of position when we lose the ball meaning the centre of the pitch is open and easy to play through. In that respect we need a CDM.
This is compounded by having slow CB's in Maguire and Lindelof who have a real weakness for players running at them with pace. Varane can deal with it, but injuries are limiting his impact. While he is always partnered with someone who struggles with pace, so they get targeted instead.

These will be issues that will stick with us all season unless the personnel in the team changes to better suited players.

Like you say, the real benefit of RR comes from his consultancy role, in knowing how to run a team behind the scenes. I just hope that what he says is really listened to and acted upon. My concern is that he says one thing, but the same idiots at the club just ignore what he says and carry on making the same mistakes.

The rumours are the Richard Arnold doesn't want a hands on approach in terms of the football side of the club. While RR was pushed for by John Murtaugh, so you would think/ hope he would really listen to RR and take what he says on board. So there is at least hope for a brighter future. Which is all we can really ask for.

13 Jan 2022 10:59:09
I get that it's not easy for players when they retire and the punditry is a handy, fairly well paid gig, unfortunately it's led to a situation where every five minutes there's some ex United player from the Fergie era on TV, social media, radio, print giving their opinion, criticizing the latest manager etc (unless he's a United old boy ) . something Fergie would'nt have had to anything like the same level when he was struggling in his early years at the club.

But i guess that's the modern world.

13 Jan 2022 11:06:25
Tony, when it comes to commentators it's been refreshing to see a shift for the old guard of former Liverpool players who were often just bitter at United and couldn't offer impartial commentary.

That said while plenty of former United players have gone into commentary there are few worth listening to sadly.

Neville and Carragher were good for a while. Although Carragher spitting a kids, along with Gary liking the sound of his voice a little too much has left me feeling they have become stale. Also it doesn't help that they try to do this tactical approach while neither of them have ever been a successful coach. So when they are berating successful managers for "obvious tactical errors" it doesn't come across as authentic.

Hargreaves, Scholes and Owen are just whiney babies, which is a real shame especially in the case of Scholes as he was a real hero of mine growing up. Just three Victor Meldrew rip offs.

Rio and Evra are enthusiastic and entertaining, while generally just stick to what they know. Talking about how it might be or should be in the dressing room and not trying to teach successful managers how to suck eggs.

I think Keane works really well with Micah Richards, they bounce off eachother well and Micah brings out Keane's humour which moves him away from grumpy old man territory. They are probably my favourite to watch currently.

13 Jan 2022 12:34:37
I love Micah, I think he is honest and also pretty credible.

Carrahpgher does my head in, his voice doesn’t help but he talks balls too.

I find most of the pundits to be pretty poor, Evra patronising Alex Jones was a particular low.

I also like Ally McCoist, he’s entertaining and often says what I’m thinking,

13 Jan 2022 14:11:11
Tony, must have missed that Evra/ Jones one.

McCoist is always good value, or as my old boss used to call him McMoist as his wife used to have a huge crush on him ?

I like Micah as he doesn't take himself too seriously and appreciates it's just his opinion.

Too many pundits think their opinion is fact. Like you can't win anything with kids etc.

To be honest there are a few YouTubers whose thoughts, opinions and analysis of matches is ten times better than most paid ex-player pundits.



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