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11 Jan 2022 16:42:55
So who's still around from the old faces then?

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11 Jan 2022 17:40:01
What's up pal. you doing OK Mort?

11 Jan 2022 18:05:44
Hey Mort, good to see you back.

11 Jan 2022 18:34:58
Nice to see you back Mort.

11 Jan 2022 18:40:12
Welcome back.

11 Jan 2022 18:47:03
Hi Mort

Yep still around

Welcome back.

11 Jan 2022 18:43:38
Good question Mort.
Ed001, is there any way that you can tell (of the active posters) who has been here longest.

Maybe a job for Ed033?

{Ed033's Note - 5 earliest recognisable usernames still going on here, Caolan_2, GDS, AJH, DodgyBanter, Shappy.

11 Jan 2022 19:19:55
I think Red Man was here before me.

11 Jan 2022 19:14:53
What year did they start Ed?

I was on here before you officially registered your name so will be interesting to know what year they started. I can date my posting back to August 2010 due to something that happened then.

{Ed033's Note - Usernames started on here Feb 2013.

11 Jan 2022 19:41:28
I don't know what year this site founded but i would swear i read this site for almost 15 years. Although i must confess that it took some years to understand the importance of this site.

{Ed001's Note - 2001 the main site started, not sure when we split them into separate club sites though.}

11 Jan 2022 20:18:19
Welcome back Mort.

Pretty certain I've been posting for at least 10 years, reading for even longer though. The eds have done a hell of a job over the years.

11 Jan 2022 21:25:21
Thanks guys

Just thought I'd see who was around.

{Ed014's Note - obvs no IAMKLOOT who was something like rainfishtrumbone before that if memory serves me right.

11 Jan 2022 21:04:57
Cheers Ed. Be interesting to know how long I've been here. I'm sure it was around that time too.

Although I think I had another user name for the first year or so!

{Ed033's Note - angelred first post = 08 Jan 2014.

12 Jan 2022 01:06:32
Hi Mort,

Good to see you mate, hope you’re well. I’m still here trying to be positive but often failing miserably these days ?.

12 Jan 2022 06:19:29
Bruhhhh i been on herre the longesttt!

11 Jan 2022 22:44:49
When was my first post Ed033? I have no idea, but remember IAMKLOOT, Beast, ZEE, Sydney (still appears occasionally) .

I see Ports posted today, not seen for a while :)

Sure there are a few more on that longest serving list today that pre date me.

{Ed033's Note - Feb 2013.

12 Jan 2022 06:55:43
Welcome back Mort, hope you are doing great.

I was an avid visitor for quite a long time before I registered. I guess that would set me back a fair few years.

Can you help me with that Ed033?

Thanks BTW.

{Ed033's Note - i can't help you before you got a username.

12 Jan 2022 09:50:28
Who was that guy who talked in pretentious riddles? Airs and graces - and then disappeared?

12 Jan 2022 10:15:41
Am sure I found this site around the time Tevez and Masherano were seen outside old Trafford. They of course would go on to sign fir West Ham and Liverpool. Long time lurker. Had a few different names as forget logins, new devices etc.

12 Jan 2022 10:43:03
Not sure exactly when I first started posting, but it was long before it split into individual club sites, at a guess I'd say sometime between 2005-2007. I was posting before we won the UCL in 2008.

12 Jan 2022 10:52:19
I always enjoyed reading the posts from the lad who only ever recommended U20 players as the next big thing. I seem to remember him being extremely keen on us signing Mitrovic at one point. Can’t remember his name?!

12 Jan 2022 11:11:49
Cheers Ed. I was on as another username name previous to that so I consider myself an old face too lol.

12 Jan 2022 12:01:13
Patrick, do you mean the raconteur?

There was also ngiak who was a penguin, apparently.

{Ed007's Note - @Ports Was it not Ronnie that used to go on about young players and had a bit of a thing for Tielemans back in the day?}

12 Jan 2022 12:02:53
Ports, Ronnie? I think he's serving time for being too interested in young boys ?.

{Ed077's Note - you might find him watching Young Boys play at the Wankdorf??

12 Jan 2022 13:04:56
Ronnie, yes, worrying!

Ngiak/ gan was hilarious, I assume he's suffered from the melting icecaps and loss of internet signal?!

12 Jan 2022 12:59:59
Ronnie. That’s the one ? straight off Championship Manager to this page! Yeah I think Tielesman was another. I do recall now, him being very Belgium based with his players.

{Ed007's Note - ?

12 Jan 2022 12:59:59
Ronnie. That’s the one ? straight off Championship Manager to this page! Yeah I think Tielesman was another. I do recall now, him being very Belgium based with his players.

12 Jan 2022 14:04:32
I started following in 2010, although I’m a very occasional poster but regular lurker! ?.

12 Jan 2022 16:22:15
AJH Ngiak! Yes that’s him. Everything was in a “different person or tense! ” Weird stuff!



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