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04 Jan 2022 14:39:45
Has To Ronaldo destroyed the team dynamic?

Maybe that is hyperbole, but there has been a clear downturn in player attitude, mentality and application this season.

While under Ole we struggled for quality at times, and tactically he made many mistakes. The one thing that the players for the most part did always apply themselves. They always tried, as shown by the number of comeback wins we got.

Right up until Ronaldo signed.

That seems to be the turning point, I suppose it's difficult to have a team dynamic when there is one player always put above the rest.

Maybe the solution is for Ronaldo to cut short his homecoming, then maybe the club can look toward the future rather than trying to hold onto the past.

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04 Jan 2022 15:51:29
people blaming ronaldo is a load of crap. go look threw all the posts about when he signed now them posts are fickle.

if it wasnt for ronaldos goals we would be out of the UCL and much lower down.

have we forgot about the shocking defending that has cost us points? we seem to have tinted glasses on the issues this season instead look to blame ronaldo because he was made the reason juve were doing crap yet he's still not there and they are just as crap.

saying its ronaldos fault is the easy way out, have we moved on from pogba because he isn't playing?

04 Jan 2022 16:08:51
The signing did seem to be impromptu, but whilst CR7's pressing and work rate could of course be a whole lot better versus a younger model I think Utd's inability to control games, and constant knack of losing games in the middle of the pitch, points at a lack of top-notch central midfielders. OK, so McTominay got MOM a few games ago, but I think that was more down to a gung-ho battling performance rather than calming things down, keeping possession and spraying pin-point passes about. Worryingly none of the players we are linked with fit this mould, they seem to be the destroyer energetic type.
Players of a certain age who are able to box the midfield are few and far between at this level but Moutinho had us by the short and curlys.

04 Jan 2022 16:22:27
And how many others scored bolger? Its not about how many goals someone scores but how many the team scores because of him. Greenwood is afraid to take chances and plays away of the box and Bruno can't play like second striker as he used to.
Yes Ronaldo is one of the bog problems. A huge problem as was Zlatan.

04 Jan 2022 17:55:31
Herrera in that case people like Bruno and Greenwood need to take a look at themselves in the mirror. They need to be questioned on their attitude. Bruno wants to be the bigger name when he has been utter crap for close to a year now. don't even get me started on Rashford.

Shappy, Ronaldo deserves it. Cavani has been injured for god knows how long, Rashford is useless in the strikers position and we cannot rely on Greenwood all the time. there's always someone who gets the preferential treatment, like it was Rashford and AwB and Shaw and Bruno and so many more under Ole.

04 Jan 2022 18:11:20
Shappy - I think Ronaldo is yet another example of a player that has divided the fan base. For some supporters he can do no wrong, for others he’s well past his best (by his own very high standards) and represents the past not the future. I think it’s fair to say that from an individual point of view he’s scored goals and done ok but he’s unfortunately not made us a better team or had the impact of a Bruno had when he first signed for the Club.

His stature must make him a very difficult person to manage. His reputation dictates he must play every game yet his contribution does not extend beyond scoring goals. We’re a team where our wingers are actually wide forwards. Their principle function under Ole was to cut inside and shoot, not to be creative or service the number 9. Ronaldo needs service or he’s redundant yet beyond Bruno there is no creativity in our side. The team certainly hasn’t changed to service Ronaldo and he’s basically been reduced to feeding off scraps and half chances. It’s understandable that he’s become a frustrated figure and maybe his influence has impacted on the confidence of the likes of Greenwood and Rashford especially. Ronaldo actually looked better when he had Pogba playing from the left who is obviously more creative.

I’m of the opinion that this squad has a group of very talented younger players that just need igniting. I wonder what someone like Ten Hag could do with the likes of Greenwood, Sancho, Rashford, VdB and Bruno etc.

I’d actually like to see a front four of Greenwood, Rashford, Sancho and VdB at No10 with Bruno dropping deeper into the pivot until the midfield issue can be addressed in the summer. Aside from Pogba he’s the only player that can switch the play from midfield or play a through ball which we desperately need. I also think he is more mobile and works much harder than Pogba and could do a good job for the team from a deeper position. Rashford and Sancho need the ball switching wide quicker so they can isolate the full back and run at them. Sancho would also benefit from a player like VdB that can interchange with quick short passes and create space with intelligent movement.

The building blocks are there we just need a manager brave enough to use them. We need to move away from the likes of Mctominay and Matic who generally get selected because of their height and transition to quicker, more agile, technically gifted players that can move with and without the ball.

In terms of this season it would probably benefit the team if we switched to three at the back, put an extra player in midfield and look to service Ronaldo and Cavani with crosses into the box. The problem is Cavani can’t play every week and the other forwards don’t thrive from crosses like Ronaldo. Where that would leave the likes of Rashford, Greenwood and Sancho remains to be seen.

04 Jan 2022 19:59:45
United Addict they can also blame themselves ofcourse. But bringing Ronaldo made them no favour. Do you remember when our front three outscored Liverpool's? Rashford Meison Martial and then Bruno all scored and assisted, goals from everywhere. We can't do this with Ronaldo, nor with Zlatan. No team have moved forward playing for a player and feeding one player.

04 Jan 2022 20:28:18
I posted about Ronaldo as well as a few other players but I’ve been related to the discussions page. For what it’s worth, I think it was a sentimental signing when we had far greater needs in other positions. II also think he has been pants for quite a few games now.

04 Jan 2022 21:17:16
Kind of with Herrera on this.

When Bruno, Rashford, Martial and Greenwood were playing we were actually quite exciting under OGS. He didn’t have a strong enough character to persist
With this. We lacked a Sancho a the time who would have kicked us on.

04 Jan 2022 19:43:24
Let ronaldo leave and olay rashford and greenwood up front see where thst gets us, rashfords movement and running is shocking he is not a. striker, he is lazy

Greenwood isn't ready yet he is young and has bursts he is no haaland or i would argue your case neither are a cf and cavani is always injuried.

04 Jan 2022 21:32:02
There is a reason Pep wouldn't touch (i think) him Eric. Ronaldo has to play at the far post in an attacking duo, he doesn't have the acceleration and the fear factor any more nor he has an excellent hold up play. He is not working very hard, he is not very good in possession. The only positive? If you create chances he will score. But what about creating for Greenwood or Kavani? They would also score. I would say even more.
Ronaldo is not that good that you build a team around him. He is our main problem this year and i really can't see what brings to the team except from moaning if you don't pass the ball to him to score a tap in and continue his "legacy"

04 Jan 2022 21:51:13
The truth is bolger that we have already seen where they can get us. We didn't play good but with their moments (of magic) we were second. We overturned games for fun.
Now we can't have these momentsw of magic because of (less or more) Ronaldo. We have seen how good they can be and mind that outscored Liverpool's front three in 19-20.
I can't believe that some people's love for Ronaldo is so big that can't see that he is damaging our club. Shappy made a similar comment in which i agree: We all have our favourites but we must to do whatever it takes to move forward. One of my favourites for example always was De Gea, if the club with selling him will move forward so be it.

05 Jan 2022 05:19:59
Even if he's pants he's still scored 14 goals in 21 games. That is still an elite return.
You can talk about our front 3 when they outscored Liverpool, what are they doing now?
Martial has asked to leave so you can't rely on them. Greenwood is still playing and Rashford has been so bad I might even put him out of the 20 man squad.
Even Lukaku scored 28 goals his first season, see him now.
The players are struggling simply because they don't know how to control games
And with bruno's goal return so many of those were penalties, which was a fluke and now they don't happen as much anymore and his diminished goal return.
Matic is now an year older and even slower.
AWB has forgotten to defend and is half of what he was.
Shaw's season just started it looks like
Bayern too rely on Lewandowski's individualistic goals to help them more often than not.
Ronaldo does help in winning corners defensiely.
We played much better than this when martial was a CF yet I don't think martial works Hardee than Ronaldo.
Without Pogba our creativity has struggled no doubt, but why hasn't Donny been played is my question then.
There are 5-6 players that need to be benched and only then we might see some improvement.

05 Jan 2022 09:39:10
The simple fact is nobody in our squad gets into city or Liverpool’s. That’s how bad our recruitement has been for the last decade. Tactics and team selection is irrelevant. This is a squad of very average, massively overpriced players that we’ll have a job shifting.

05 Jan 2022 10:16:29
I think Jose said that 3 years ago but the clowns have made it worse.

05 Jan 2022 11:55:00
Rohanarora, The problem isn't the number of goals he is scoring, or even his individual performances.

he's done alright personally.

The problem is how him just being a part of the squad impacts the team.

Last season we were the second highest scoring team in the league, this season if you double our current total of 30 league goals at the halfway point then we'll score 60 goals, 13 less than last season and an amount that would have seen 7 teams outscore us based on last season's league table.

In the first 10 games of the season we averaged 1.9 goals per game (19 goals in 10 games), in the 9 games since then we have scored 11 with a goals per game rate of 1.2.

The longer Ronaldo is here the less goals we score. It is not just how Ronaldo plays, but how he alters the team dynamic.



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