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04 Jan 2022 11:21:48
Club is rotten to the core. Far too many chancers at the club and overpaid tosspots. I can't see us challenging until a lot of the dross are shown the door. They believe their own hype and it seems to be the same culprits over and over.

And I'm starting to lean to the opinion that bringing Ronnie back was a mistake too.

Hard not to react to that defeat like this but I fear for our top 4 chances massively now. Yesterday was a great chance to close the gap with a game in hand on top 4. Absolute bottlers.

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04 Jan 2022 13:27:19
Agreed, I was buzzing when he signed but huge mistake! You defend from the front, he doesn’t! A good team could carry him we cannot . Our better players over the last 18 months have gone into their shells, partly because their mentally weak as p. !

04 Jan 2022 13:47:17
We are not providing service to our strikers.
The midfield is shockingly poor. McTominay gave the ball away twice as much as all Wolves midfielders combined.

The sloppiness on the ball and body language of certain players are just poor.

04 Jan 2022 14:14:55
TRD - they can't provide the service if there's no movement.
Ronaldo, Cavani, Sancho, and Rashford (when he came on) were all shocking and looked like they had zero interest in the game.
There was no movement, no running off the ball, no running in to channels.

The only player who looked to try and make something happen was Greenwood and the manager hauled him off which i couldn't understand.

There's no quick fix for this, like Red Whiskey said the club is full of overpaid toss pots who could not care less and you can see that in there body language and the way they play.

We have become a laughing stock, it's quite shocking to see just how much we have fallen since Fergie retired.

04 Jan 2022 14:58:07
blame the player who without his goals would be out of the UCL and further down thew table

site makes me laugh sometimes. what strikers defend from the front his job is to score goals, shame we give him 0 service.

04 Jan 2022 15:23:41
Sim, our midfield don't have quality to pass forward.
In the last 2 matches Ronaldo made number of runs but the midfield didn't have the quality to pull off the pass.

McT couldn't even pass sideways. Just shocking lethargy.

04 Jan 2022 15:29:47
Bolger, you like many United fans have a blind spot where Ronaldo is concern.

It is possible for someone to be a great player AND the reason for a team struggling.

Since Ronaldo rejoined the club every single player to a man, bar DDG, has seen at least a 10% drop in application and at least a 20% drop in performance levels.

It's like they don't think they have to work as hard, or that they think Ronaldo will carry them, or maybe they feel they can't play their natural game and have to play for Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is one of my favourite ever players, but the guy is selfish to the teams detriment at times.

The problem with a big personality like Ronaldo in a team full of players who cannot match his mentality is it is easy for the rest of the team to be swallowed up by him.

Maybe our players are playing thinking too much about Ronaldo, maybe they are trying to play for him, or maybe they are trying too hard to prove their own worth in the team alongside him.

Either way his presence in the side has caused a team wide drop in performance levels. He has altered the team dynamic and we are a poorer side for it.

I'm not blaming Ronaldo for that, he is who he is and he isn't likely to change. I'm sure he never intended to have a negative impact.

However, the reality is if we didn't sign him and bought a midfielder instead then the team would have a better balance and everyone would likely be playing 20% better at least. As a result the team would be performing better and would have likely have got through the UCL group at least as well as they did, maybe better. While they would also likely be 5-8 points better off in the league.

04 Jan 2022 15:45:05
Bolger you miss my point. Yes he has been crucial in getting goals but perhaps he has upset the harmony. Rashford isn't getting the game time he wants neither is Greenwood. Who's to say they weren't able to get those goals if they were playing? I assume the idea was a front three of rashford cavani and sancho with Greenwood covering across those three. But now with Ronaldo it means less game time for someone.

04 Jan 2022 16:25:35
Shappy that is nonsense mate., the fact the team levels drop because a winner like ronaldo who demands 110 has come in to help the team win somthing, but its his fault the other can't pass a ball forward, or sprint 20 yards to defend a shot.

a tell you what if ronaldo went to city or to liverpool in the summer do you think they would have dropped there levels? not played the ball forward? stopped being able to do 5 yard passes or move and run,

give me a break mate.

red whiskey you say the idea was a front 3 of cavani rashford and sancho with greenwood rotating now that means 1 misses out because of ronaldo, yet cavani is always injured, rashford is poor and wouldn't be missed if he left.

greenwood has played more than enough but has been average everytime he plays just like sancho.

we needed a striker regardless of ronaldo coming or not.

its laughable ronaldo is the reason we are where we are yet he is the reason we are not further up.

if anyone is to blame its the defence that went over 20 matches without keepeing a clean sheet.

04 Jan 2022 17:19:12
Bolger there's a bit of brown on your nose mate.

{Ed014's Note - it’s no secret that Ronaldo had his agent sound out City as he wanted the move there.

City weren’t interested, Pep decided to do without a striker rather than lumber himself with Ronaldo, I’d put money on it Klopp wouldn’t have touched him either.

He’d kill the way they play and clearly wouldn’t suit them at all.

United crazily decided it was a good idea instead of building on what you had, albeit it’s still a long way short in terms of quality.

Just seems like taking a another huge step backwards simply to please a fan base and sell a lot of merch!

04 Jan 2022 19:18:57
We will never know if Ronaldo fit Oles system because we never really had a clear understanding of it! In truth he does not suit what RR wants to play given his philosophy.

That being said the problem isn't Ronaldo it goes far deeper, this team needs dismantling, there are some players RR can work with and who will do well in this system the rest no.

The list of players I would keep;

McTominey (Squad player)

Then there is a bunch of the kids who I would see if they could develop in this system but that's it for me.

I live Bruno but truthfully I don't think he fits RR gegenpress system in the Midfield amd so should go.

{Ed0666's Note - Bruno is a mediocre footballer whose had a purple patch.

04 Jan 2022 19:59:00
Shaws a crying mess get rid
Greenwood is billy big bolloks doesn't want to get his head down send him to u23
Rashford omg say no more.

this why fans shouldn't give opinions because they are clueless, mctominay? Come on this is supposed to be elite level. Some of these opinions on here give me a bigger breakdown than the teams performance.

04 Jan 2022 19:57:21
Ed0666, his "purple patch" lasted over 3 years across two clubs. That's one hell of a purple patch.

Lingard's lasted about 6 months both when he had a spell at United under Jose, and at West Ham.

Bruno is a good player, but like all players he needs a certain set up in order to play his best.

Even over the past 12 months when his level has dropped, he is still in the top ten in Europe for shot creating actions.

Personally I think he is burnt out and needs a break. He has carried United for 2 years, played for his country at the Euro's. He played 73 matches in 2021, more than any other player in Europe.

Can he adapt to RR's style? I think he could. He was our top pressing player when he joined, he always looks to play forward quickly, and he shoots on sight.

{Ed0666's Note - BoJo would be the top scorer in Portugal. For me Fernandes is mediocre and put him in City’s or Chelsea’s team and I don’t think he’d be a standout player. He might have a few great games but so did Ross Barkley. Can he adapt to RR’s style? From what I can gather Ragnick doesn't have a style.

04 Jan 2022 20:02:52
Bolger, you're making me agree with RedWhiskey.

Take Ronaldo down from the pedestal, or as RedWhiskey puts it stop brown nosing him.

Football isn't as simple as plug in a top class player and you make the team better.

A player of Ronaldo's stature and reputation will invariably upset the balance and team dynamic.

I'm not sure what you're suggestion would be. Ronaldo will be here for another 18 months at most. Are you suggesting we buy another 10 players plus tot build the team around a player who turns 37 in a few weeks time?

Ronaldo is not the answer, and he never will be. He has upset the apple cart and in truth when you have 10 players put off by 1 then you replace the 1 player and not the 10.

04 Jan 2022 18:31:59
100% agree with you 014. I more than anyone was happy to see him come back but it was always about commercial value and not footballing reasons.

{Ed014's Note - I think it was hard for any United fan not to want him back, thinking of the Ronaldo that left and not the one he is now.

04 Jan 2022 23:01:15
Ronaldo season was summed up against Villarreal and Atlanta
Both games he walked around as team struggled, he offered no runs no threat, then bang last minute a great header and a scruffy finish in the other and walks off to all the headlines! Perfect example of papering over the cracks! The midfield isn’t great I agree but I’ve seen so many times this season where they get their head up to play forward and not one of the wide men or Ronaldo in particular show any interest in running or moving so they pass sideways or back! Thanks for the memories but get him out the side and let’s build a team ….

04 Jan 2022 22:58:34
Ed066 what a load of tosh ???.

{Ed0666's Note - I respect your musings mate



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