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04 Jan 2022 08:19:08
Luke Shaws post match interview really tells its own story of the squad. its the same speech made at least 9 times under the 3rd consecutive manager by my reckoning which must sound alarm bells for RR and any future manager

. basically "we weren't up for it, we didn't play as a team, we couldn't get started today, no intensity no energy "

Mata, Maguire, McTominay and Matic have all made the same speech virtually word for word several times each in recent seasons.

Absolutely frightening if these players are the future of the club.

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04 Jan 2022 08:51:24
I think a few players need to be sold. Get rid of those who don't try etc. The players have far too much of a say. They clearly aren't trying. One positive was Jones last night. After such a long time out, he played well, played with more desire than most of the team.

04 Jan 2022 08:54:05
RR needs to get rid of anyone with the wrong attitude. Needs to be given to power and trust to do so.

04 Jan 2022 09:27:15
No one epitomises it more than nice guy Rashford. We all know what a strikers job is and we all know what Rashfords capable of producing and he gets a lot of love from the fans . Ole got stick (quite rightly and plenty from me) for not been able to coach or have any tactical nous.

Now in comes a new manager and Rashford still isn't running, still isn't tracking back, still can't make a 5mtr pass and still looks half arsed . so who exactly is to blame if not the player himself. and he is just one of 5-6 we can all name for being exactly the same.

04 Jan 2022 09:41:08
players like shaw are the reason the team is so poor.

no work rate, no one running, putting in a shift. then waffle garbage in interviews, they can't even pass a ball 5 yards its embarasing

both full backs are woefull wan bissaka and shaw should be sold, shaw has had 1 good season in about 8 years then has the balls to talk S in his interview. wan bissaka offers 0 going forward, i have never seen a poorer full back, all he has is a tackle, he is poor in possession, poor positional play and he wonders why he doesn't make the england team.

bruno is starting to annoy me, throwing his hands up when we conceded, why don't you sprint back and put a shift in and they might not have got the shot away.

RR and who ever follows has a massive job, the players are lazy.

agree with jones thought he was great, did his job clearing the cross, just a shame the players infront who were to lazy to close the ball down quick enough.

like you don't know players like moutiniho and neves will look to shoot from the edge of the box, just basics we don't do.

cant stand watching us atm.

theres more passion in sunday league.

04 Jan 2022 09:18:40
The thing with player attitudes is that how they act individually and in a group can be very different.

It takes a strong personality to not conform to the group mentality.

If there are key members of the group who struggle to bring the right mentality to every game and every training session then they can impact the rest of the group.

Most players are followers, few are leaders. If we get rid of those players who bring the collective attitude in the group down and replace them with a few who have an infectious personality and work rate then they will drag most of the rest of the players with them.

We have seen this before with Cantona. How in that case just one player came in and raised the standards and expectations of those around him. Same with Keane. I'm not saying we need a bully in the dressing room who scares everyone into line. We just need a few more players who always demand the most from themselves AND their teammates.

I don't think every player needs to be chucked out, just those who being the attitude of the others down. Whoever they turn out to be.

Attitude and mentality can be changed, but it isn't a quick process. Ralf has brought in a sports psychologist to address that, but it will take months to see any real impact.

Ralf needs to be given the ability to move on any and every player without the right attitude, regardless of whether that player is Ronaldo, Bruno, DDG, Rashford or anyone.

Being a good player isn't enough for a top side, you need great players with great attitudes and strong mentalities.

04 Jan 2022 09:20:05
I slated jones before the game so I’ll hold my hands up and say well done to him. However the fact he was our best player is a worry in itself lol.

04 Jan 2022 10:23:02
Jones - on paper - is still our best defender -
Him and Varane would be handy.

Just a shame Jones is made out of paper.

04 Jan 2022 10:39:17
shappy its the basics of doing your job, we shouldn't need a few players to come in and show these lazy B what working hard should be.

it a joke tho that this is what's prob needed because we are so lazy its unreal. you can have all the quality in the world but it mean naff all if the work rate isn't there.

but i am all for getting rid of these jokers for people that actually want to work, regardless of who leaves.

04 Jan 2022 10:53:39
Agree with a lot of that Shappy (Happy New year to you) but I also think after 15 minutes last night Wolves players would have thought wow Neves and Moutinho are really on it tonight, our wing backs are looking good and we look a threat - I can't imagine many United players thought the same about our team.

Wolves played with a confidence in each other, they don't necessarily have a leader or a dominant personality really but they have a belief that if they all get stuck in and give 100% in their roles they can get rewards.

Total opposite to our lot.

04 Jan 2022 12:10:19
Bolger, it's simple group dynamics. If you go into a workplace that is lazy, where people don't do their job properly and there are no consequences for a lack of effort then soon enough you'll find yourself not working as hard.

You don't need a wholesale clear out, just move on those who are instigating the malaise and bring in role models who drag the rest up with them.

04 Jan 2022 12:18:45
Who is Shaw referring to then do we think here? Who are the bad apples?

04 Jan 2022 13:13:36
Hes one of them eric, he plays like a sunday league player, head down and punting balls into the box with no real target. Whines like a spoilt little girl as well.

04 Jan 2022 13:32:39
The absolute cheek of Shaw, who does he think is! He epitomises our attitude! Half arsed attitude! That photo doing the rounds today of the body language on way out of tunnel for kick off is one of worst most depressing things I’ve ever seen, disgrace the lot of them! Cowards!



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