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30 Dec 2021 15:40:03
Shappy, very good post.
Jimjams, what on earth are you on about? Players can't play to a system? All good players should be able to adapt to play to a system. Truth is, we have a lot of lazy players with big egos. They don't like to work hard, but they're going to have to adapt and roll up their sleeves. If they're not prepared to do that, then they are not required here.
You also miss the point, Rangnick has an excellent record at setting clubs out, getting the coaching staff, infrastructure etc. This will not happen in 4 weeks. 3 years is about right. He will oversee this bunch of idiots and will make recommendations to the new manager. Managers like klopp, tuchel speak very highly of him, so maybe they know more than you and me.
Lastly, you accuse Rangnick of not winning anything, so he had no pedigree, may I point out that lvg and mourinho were here for 5 years and we won the Fa Cup league Cup and Europa Cup. And since then, solskjaer won nothing in three years. So, three trophies in 8 years and you're already writing Rangnick off. Patience is important, solskjaer was taking the club backwards. Rangnick has been here for a few matches, interrupted with major C.V. and injury issues, overseeing a change in attitude and style, and you're giving your judgement after few weeks. Do you think your being reasonable?

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30 Dec 2021 16:04:44
Given the players "don't buy into it" jimjams I reckon your last sentence isn't too far off the mark. Or should we get a manager/ coach that 'buys' into the players' laissez-faire attitude? You can't have it both ways.

30 Dec 2021 16:28:50
Jimjams can you stop posting. You’re doing my tits in. He’s been in charge 4 or so weeks, take your crap elsewhere.

He’s here for 6 months for gods sake. The club know they can't make the same mistake as solskjaer so they are going about it the right way for once. Get behind the manager, if there is anyone currently to moan at its the players.

30 Dec 2021 17:26:24
I can only assume jimjamz is just Shappy’s stalker and troll back here again under a different name. Never posting and then coming on to post and talking to Shappy like you’ve been here for years gives that away.

Probably best to just ignore lads.

30 Dec 2021 17:28:36
What FZZ said.

30 Dec 2021 17:30:50
Jimjams, this isn't the Matrix, you can't simply "upload" the new ideas/ philosophy/ style of play into the players and they instantly know Kung Fu, sorry I mean the new managers style obviously.

You have absolutely no idea whether the players have bought into the ideas of RR or not and are simply speculating.

As you said on the posts further down you never bought into RR from the start.

Therefore you are seeing confirmation bias, every time some thing doesn't go perfectly it is evidence that your preconceived bias was correct.

As for your assertion that players only don't give 100% when they don't "buy in" to the plan. To borrow Ken's phrase that is pure bolloxology.

Sometimes they are ill, sometimes they are having troubles off the pitch, sometimes they are struggling with an injury, sometimes they aren't committed to the club and are looking to leave at the end of the season and sometimes they they just get out of bed the wrong side.

There are frankly dozens of completely legitimate reasons why any one player or several of them don't give 100%.

Liverpool played probably the worse I've seen them play the other night against Leicester. That doesn't mean the players don't buy in to Klopp or his ideas. It probably means they ate too much turkey and drank too much wine over Christmas.

30 Dec 2021 17:44:18
So whether we are in the same position in 6 months as now what do you Mr know it all propose we do? i'd love a decent explanation that doesn’t include pipe dreams and under contract managers.

I’ll wait.

30 Dec 2021 18:23:41

We live in a free speech country? You sound like an absolute tool saying stuff like that and just make me think you are who I think you are.

30 Dec 2021 19:27:07
Ooo, you've started something now GDS2 ?
Guess the poster!

{Ed007's Note - It's Shappy's weird creepy stalker back again and they have been blocked - AGAIN! Whether it's jealousy or a secret crush, the mind boggles that grown men actually act like that tbh. Maybe Jimjams wants to pull Shappy's pigtails at play time.}

30 Dec 2021 19:36:10
I think JimJam is a troll.
Who in the world can fix a team instantly considering the training ground was shutdown last week and players affected by CV.

30 Dec 2021 20:07:48
Haha bond, I imagine Shappy has very tuggable pigtails :D.

{Ed007's Note -


30 Dec 2021 20:37:47
Likened to Dave Grohl, greatest honour of my life ?

I do seem to attract them trolls ?.

30 Dec 2021 23:15:24
Jimjams, jackanus, one and the same as I expected, what an absolute embarrassment.



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