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28 Dec 2021 09:08:35
Not sure if the break left us rusty but that performance last night was simply awful.

I’ve never bought into the Maguire is crap narrative but right now, he really is. I’ve always been a big fan of Rashford but he is also struggling terribly. Ronaldo may score important goals but just lately he isn’t contributing.

And my biggest concern is Bruno. He arrived and took the league by storm but for the last 3 months of last season and pretty much all of this season he has been dreadful. We had a brief discussion on the chat last night when I said I would sell him. That was possibly an over reaction but at what point do we drop him and tell him it isn’t good enough? Don’t quote me the stats from last year, I’m not arguing about his initial impact, I’m suggesting currently he is crap and spends a lot of time whining and gesturing.

I know this one isn’t popular but I still think Ronaldo was a mistake. People will post to the important goals he scored but that’s too simplistic. Who is to say we wouldn’t have been ahead in those games if Cavani or Greenwood had played up front. Ronaldo is another one for throwing his arms in the air and continually gesturing. Club legend definitely but not what we needed.

Neville had it right last night, too much whingeing and not enough effort. We’ve changed the Manager and whilst it will take time for new ideas to embed, some players were shocking, unable to pass to a team mate, it was as bad as I’ve seen this year.

Cavani is a beast and an example to everyone else, if only more had his hunger and attitude, surely he has to play as often as possible.

The bigger problem is how many are out of form. The front four were dire last night and we can’t change all four of them. Our Captain is having a nightmare and looks like an accident waiting to happen, and even the thoroughbred that is Varane was all over the place last night.

I have no idea what happens next, perhaps time on the training ground will help, but it’s clear from Ralf’s comments that he isn’t happy. I wonder if the players are waiting for a permanent appointment and subconsciously not really listening?

As you can tell, I’m pretty peed off right now and I don’t think there is a quick fix, we could be in for a long period of rebuilding.

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28 Dec 2021 09:31:17
It will take a while to get things going. The way Ralf wants to play can't be instilled over night.

The standards and quality of football under the previous manager were set so low, they probably assume they'll just continue to play regardless of their performance.

28 Dec 2021 09:36:32
Rangnick has twice now called out the players for a lack of energy and physicality…. why do I get the feeling the players won’t like that and are already rebelling against him? We really need ashamed up and young hungry energetic players brought into the team.

28 Dec 2021 09:44:24
Tim, rangnick is going nowhere fast, so the players need to either shape up or ship out.

Seems like Ralf has been left with a bit of a mess. 3 wasted years tend to do that.

28 Dec 2021 10:16:52
Remember Rashfords first 5 games, the bright spark making things happen chasing everything getting the crowd going - then his next couple of seasons as the next big thing for club and country . seems an age ago now, if he doesn't snap out of it soon he will go the way of a lot of young players-downwards.

28 Dec 2021 10:20:16
re your point about Ronaldo, AJH - I genuinely believe we’d be 6-10 points better off in the league if Cavani had started as many games as CR7 has through the middle - although we’d probably be out of the Champions League! In Europe, Ronaldo still looks incredible, yet I fear he’s now too one-dimensional for the PL.

28 Dec 2021 12:21:07
Good post AJH. I never rated Maguire, i have a "problem" with Ronaldo for about 1.5 year and i think one of my last posts was that i didn't want Ronaldo. All these "effective" players score goals but at what cost? And Ole didn't improve a single player i think.
Ralf has a rebuilding to make. I am fully behind him.

28 Dec 2021 13:02:51
I would, and would always have been (when fit) playing Cavani. His workrate is higher than anyone's in that team and he exemplifies how every player in that team should be contributing. I know that fitting him in to certain formations is a problem, especially without dropping Ronaldo, but he's one of if not the first name on the sheet as far as I'm concerned. I think there was a chance he might even leave in Jan but hopefully not, especially with Martial looking likely to head out to Seville.
With Spurs and Arsenal suddenly looking strong, the scrap for 3-4th is going to be tough and even though he is yet to lose, Rangnick's Utd needs to click pretty soon to stay in it.

{Ed077's Note - Cavani is my favourite player at United right now. He plays with so much desire and has excellent movement.

Its sad that he can't stay fit for any elongated period on a regular basis.

28 Dec 2021 13:04:54
I mean i habe a problem with Rashford for about 1.5 year.

28 Dec 2021 13:12:22
I think we must acknowledge that our current crop of players is not as good as we thought they were. We have several players who are no better than those who play for Newcastle. I also believe that the players are not good enough to be able to effect Rangnick’s style of play. I’m hoping that he is able to bring in 2 to 3 players in January who can not only change our mindset but enable us to control games in a high energy creative manner. I’m sure that Rangnick knows this better than anyone else because he works with the players daily.

28 Dec 2021 13:34:51
Lucky me; I was out for dinner last night so didn't waste 90 minutes of my life watching what sounds like a load of dross.

It amazes me that 10 very highly paid young men can't run around more for just an hour and a half to do what is their job. They should all be given a final written warning for gross negligence and if they do it again, just have their contracts terminated and see you in court.

28 Dec 2021 13:40:08
Im with Sepp, this squad has spent too long playing slow negative football. Their running and sprinting stats towards the lower end of the league. It will take a couple of months under Ralph to get fitness up to the level needed to play his way. There are some players who will not make the cut with him, but for me Rashford is the biggest question. He looks awful, nowhere near the player people make him out to be. I have always considered him over rated, but even i'm surprised how poor he is now.

28 Dec 2021 13:42:17
Jodler the squad is very good. It lacks balance. Too many effective players who play like primadonas for the goal and too little grafters. Every team can only stand one of such (effective) players at most but we have too many. Ronaldo do us no favour too. Ronaldo plays for goals, Rashford plays like Pogba-he care about seeming good rather being good for his team. Greenwood plays for goals and Bruno always tries the high risk pass that will help him have amazing stats.
Too many cherries on the cake but without having the cake! Ots about finding the right balance. And it depends on the current players to change their style to become more of grafters than luxury players or they can go and take some team and hard working players like Haidara etc. I am fully and 100% behind the manager even if the way forward is to oust 2-3 overpaid primadonas and give a chance to youth-at least until he buys the players that suits his style.
Its clearly to be seen that we want players like Kavani who play for the team and not like Ronaldo who play for their personal records and legacy.

28 Dec 2021 14:01:31
I don’t accept that the squad is very good. We have too many who are simply not good enough. As for the whingers - get rid immediately. They sap players’ confidence and undermine team morale. They are just masking their own inadequate performance. Pity other players don’t stand up to them and tell them where to go.

28 Dec 2021 14:03:18
The interesting thing going forward will be how Ragnick views these first few games, whether he persists with certain players in a way that Olly did regardless of game day performance.
With the likes of Donny/ Bailly/ Martial still not getting a look in you have to assume they do not train well considering the clamour from the fans for at least 2 of them and the fact that a change in personal from Olly could have been good.
Does he switch to 4231 so that they are at least more comfortable with the system. With Cavani back and looking like our best striker does he drop Ronaldo. Rashford needs time on the training ground without the worry of match day, look a shadow of the player he was.
Hopefully he goes with Sancho who was a bright spark when he came on, give the young players a run as at least with energy they will do what is asked as the body language of the senior players is currently awful and has been all season.

28 Dec 2021 15:37:13
I think that's an overaction. When players get used (if they want to) to new system and when Ralf improves some players then we will all see that the squad is good, at least better than is seems to be.

Ole left a mess. I would say he didn't improved a single player and left a team that were outrunned from almost everyone. It will take some time and difficult decisions but we will get there.

I am fully behind the project and i have no problems to play youths and write this season off if the primadonas like Ronaldo don't want to run and press.

28 Dec 2021 15:48:02
Any player looking for help with what a proper performance looks like, should look no further than Joelinton against us yesterday.

He was absolutely everywhere and has completely reinvented himself from a hit and miss striker to a beast in midfield. His effort was off the charts and he must surely have won 90% of his personal duels.

As fans we simply cannot accept a lack of effort. I agree completely with the comments about wingers and moaners. Just destroys the teams confidence, which is already shot. a lot of talk about the 4222 formation, but it practically the same as ole's 4231, with rashford and Fernandes swapping roles.

The glaring problem has been, and still is, a total lack of cohesion with the attacking line up. We always look at our best when cavani plays. Everyone else looks better with him in the side and either playing with him, or in the spaces he creates.

Either fernandes drops back to play in the midfield 2 (which he has looked better at recently in games) or we must buy a midfielder in Jan. Perhaps both.

28 Dec 2021 16:14:50
Herrera - too many cherries but no cake! Love it!
I'd say only Ronaldo and Pogba are cherries, but I get the point. No team ethic from any of them.

28 Dec 2021 16:37:13
At least one new midfielder is required. Fernandes is not a good enough passer to merit a place in central midfield. His passing percentage against Newcastle was 73% which is clearly not up to scratch. I have read that his performances have dipped since Ronaldo came. But why? If he feels inferior to other players, he doesn't have the character to play for Manchester United. I hope that Rangnick can improve some of the players. But there are some who are not receptive to change. I feel that he can indeed improve players such as Rashford, Sancho and Greenwood. Ronaldo and Fernandes? I doubt it.

28 Dec 2021 19:28:55
I think Fernandes seems to be the only player trying to play a penetrating pass. So his risk taking is off the scale and damaging the team. Maybe playing deeper and playing passes to simply put people into space we might see his stats improve.

But it doesn't matter right now when rash, Greenwood, ronny, sancho do nothing with the ball when they are in space. The lack of threat when they are given the ball is concerning. Zero end product. Poor movement in the middle from ronny aswell.

Hopefully the nee coaching set up can find a combination that starts to work. There are good players there, but they are not playing well together.

29 Dec 2021 00:04:59
Spenno i think it's more than them. Rashford plays this way because he thinks he is that good. I said over a yeat ago and i stick to what i said: Because he is a hero outside the team he wants to be a hero in the team too and make headlines. Everytime i see him play in the last 2 years he plays like a luxury player always trying to do the unexpected thing to make headlines. The result is to try and dribble 100 players at the same time or shoot from distance and of course he is nowhere near a team player.
I think Bruno fails in the same category. Although hardworking he is not effective enough in pressing-marking so his best position is as a second striker because of his effectiveness. He falls in the same category of "effective players" and the cherry of the cake.
To say it other way. For Ronaldo Rashford Bruno to score goals you have a cost. You have to take care of failed dribbles, failed shoots from distance, lossing the ball etc. On the other hand with Kavani and players like Salah you have no cost, they make the team better and on top of that they score.
So every top team can withstand at most one such player of this category. The others must be like Kavani, Sancho (as we see lately), Haidara etc. They make the cake (team) and then we can have the luxury player too. But we have the luxury players and not the team.

29 Dec 2021 11:06:17
Well I'd rather have zero cherries over 11 hard-working, very good players who fit in a system, whatever it is.
I genuinely think we have literally only a handful of players who tick all the boxes - ability, work ethic, team ethic. DDG, Varane, Cavani, Sancho. They are the only players we have at the top level who put in a shift. Half of them aren't even regular starters. Varane is yet to truly convince but has been injured, and Sancho is only just starting to make an impact but you can clearly see the effort.

29 Dec 2021 14:18:04
I agree mate, that's my point. Players ticking all boxes aren't many. So we will need some players in and hard work so some players maybe change their style if they can (like Bruno) and become key players.

29 Dec 2021 14:19:31
Herreea was the player who falls in this category but People crying for primadonas like Pogba and i get pelters when i say Herrera is our best midfielder in recent years.



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