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25 Dec 2021 08:43:38
I've been told from my American buddies that the glazers have an investor who will take a % of the club and invest heavily into our infrastructure.

How true I don't know, but they want far off with the cricket bid.

Myself I do wonder how will they afford all this work with the current debt.

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26 Dec 2021 17:19:50
The current debt is totally manageable so they could quite easily invest as it stands. Not saying your rumour is incorrect, it may be a good thing if it happened.

26 Dec 2021 19:27:40
Apparently the Glazers are going to start by changing all the windows.

27 Dec 2021 08:59:14

“The current debt is totally manageable so they could quite easily invest”

If you do not have knowledge in business borrowing I think you shouldn’t make such sweeping statements. There is a large existing debt on the balance sheet which is being managed, however, a lender may well want higher interest rates and fees to take into account the higher risk than if we had no existing debt, given an increase in gearing.

More loan repayments to be taken out of income at a time when, with the C.V., income may be hit. Quite easily is not correct, but because they hocked the club up in debt with no offset of improving the club, borrowing more, whilst feasible, could be costly and add risk.

It makes me think that Big V may be correct, or they may use naming rights to bring additional funds in. The leveraged buyout was and will impact the club, borrowing more is one example of when.

27 Dec 2021 13:29:54
How would people feel about selling the naming rights to the stadium?

I spent time living in Newcastle and the fans were dead against it when it was proposed and even petitioned parliament.

In the end the new sponsor who as part of their sponsorship had the naming rights decided to stick with St James's Park. Probably as the backlash would have had a greater negative effect than the benefit of renaming the ground.

Its much easier to sell the naming rights of a new stadium than it is to try and force the change of an iconic name on the fans and receive potential backlash.

As such I don't think the selling of a naming rights will be a lucrative as many people first think.

Truth is, if they renamed Old Trafford the Pepsi Max stadium or something similar most fans and probably many pundits would still refer to it as Old Trafford. While the potential backlash from a huge fan base who could boycott the sponsors goods/ services in protest could be another problem.

Would it actually be beneficial for a corporation to spend a lot of money potentially upsetting a lot of people that could end up damaging sales of their own product/ services.

Personally I think if there was much appetite for the renaming of the stadium then we would have seen something happen already.

I mean our players train at the Aon training complex, but who calls it that? Everyone I know refers to it as Carrington.

I'd imagine the club would have considered selling the naming rights to Old Trafford at the same time as they sold them for the training ground. The fact that they didn't and haven't seriously considered it since suggests that they don't really feel its worthwhile.

27 Dec 2021 15:19:42
Why does it suggest that shappy. It suggests no such thing. There is no logic to that at all.

27 Dec 2021 16:25:03
Major capital expenditure will need funding, likely borrowing but would fans be that against the ground being called say Adidas Old Trafford if they could see the money went to make a major improvement?

After all Shappy we have had to put up with it being called “theatre of dreams” instead of Old Trafford for a few years.

28 Dec 2021 22:50:38
Red Man,

Thanks for the lesson, guess you aren’t aware of my job ?.



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