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21 Dec 2021 22:55:39
Here we are at the end of 2021 so let's review the year from a transfer perspective and actions board have taken.

Starting from finishing 2nd in the league many argue a false position gained by :-
Liverpool major injuries in 2020/ 21
Chelsea change manager Jan 2021, had this been earlier MU would have been third.
Spurs Mourinho need I say any more .
Arsenal in total melt down .

Many people on this site thought even in June 2020 we were covering large cracks . Signs were obvious in Euro final and semi finals in previous seasons.
Individual skill, led by Bruno, was winning games for us.
Ole had reached his limitation but board stuck by him not seeing the cracks that many could see. In addition the coaching staff were inexperienced with no real tactical plan.

Now we look at the transfer actions undertaken or not in some cases.
Varane, Sancho were good buys, still to see there true worth but confident that will come.

Pogba should have been sold last Jan for around £50m writing was on the wall, but C.V. mudded the water. But come Aug he should have gone even on a business perspective. Most likely now will go in summer 2022 free!
Similar Lingard another £30m lost I expect .

Martial has shown now over many seasons he is not a premiership striker with poor attitude and no aggression. Again should have moved him on two seasons back and got possibly £40m for him. He will perform brilliantly in a less standard league like France . Jones I believe club have supported him through some vey bad injuries but time to move him on if possible.

We have held on to Mata, Matic too long they have limited progression of younger players, unlike Arsenal who have progressed youth.
But when you look at the possible transfers that could have happened we could have purchased a top defensive midfield player we desperately need.

Sentiment in July 2021 reared its head again unfortunately and we brought back Ronaldo, I suggest that his presence is holding back Mason Greenwood . In addition Bruno has lost his mantle and so become less effective.

Looking forward Ralph our new manager and our new CEO have a big task in 2022 and major decisions to be undertaken that should have happened previously .

So to summarise what a wasted year, Oversized squad
Some players over paid to output
No tactical plans until Nov 21.
Manager coaching staff out of depth prior to Nov.
Board unable to see cracks .
4th place big challenge .
Suspect trophy less season again .

But financially good especially compared to other teams.
Happy Xmas to you all and hopefully a good new year with Ralph .
The fox.

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22 Dec 2021 08:35:08
Excellent post Fox, I agree with all of that. For a club that prides itself on developing youth we haven’t really delivered in recent years. Reashford got his break due to an injury crisis and Scott and Mason have stepped up but apart from that we have hardly seen any game time for youngsters.

One of the biggest issues for me is Midfield where we continue to look staggeringly short of what is needed. And whilst your Ronaldo view will get you some stick, I agree with you. We have bigger issues and his signing has changed so many things.

22 Dec 2021 09:35:21
Totally agree with everything you say Fox. Spot on.

22 Dec 2021 09:59:35
Bruno really has lost his spark since CR7 returned.

22 Dec 2021 13:09:20
Bruno lost his spark a long time ago, he was poor for the last few months of last season. I'd go as far as to say worried about him.

22 Dec 2021 13:48:44
Now that were getting less penalties his stat line doesn't look as good this season but agree that he's been poor for a long time.

Portugal had problems in the summer trying to fit Ronaldo, Bruno and Jota into one team because keeping possession and controlling the game are not really high priorities for any of those players.

Needs to stop hoofing the ball about as well, that has and never will be playmaking in any sensible team.

22 Dec 2021 13:52:46
Bruno is an interesting one. The only stat he is significantly down in is goals scored. Yet in his first 18 months at the club we received a lot of penalties and he benefitted most from that, largely inflating his numbers.

His key passes per game have dropped from 3.1 to 2.9, not hugely significant, his assists have dropped slightly but then that is to be expected as the team is scoring less goals overall.

Personally I think the biggest difference is teams are wise to him now so he doesn't get quite as much time on the ball.

I saw something was made about the number of times he gave the ball away. Yet in truth his passing accuracy has never gone much beyond 75% which given he on average attempts 70 passes per game means he has always been giving the ball away around 17 times a game from misplaced passes alone. Add a few more for being dispossessed (tackled) and it's clear that he turns over possession all lot. He always has, that's his high risk, high reward style. That's why he topped key pass metrics across Europe's top five leagues over the passed couple of years.

The biggest impact to Bruno's numbers seems to be his teammates being less clinical. No surprise that Bruno's form started to dip while Rashford was out of the side. Without another player drawing the opposition's attention away they have been more able to focus on shutting Bruno down. While Rashford's continued struggles to refind his best form continues to compound the issue.

22 Dec 2021 14:25:57
Bruno needs to improve his decision making. He needs better coaching like the rest of the squad.

22 Dec 2021 14:49:16
Bruno needs to get the basics right first, like passing the ball.

All these impossible passes he tries just hands the ball straight back to the opposition.

This is our main problem, we can't keep the ball, the passing and movement throughout the team is awful.

Absolutely no cutting edge to our play.

23 Dec 2021 16:05:57
Sim, do you realise the contradiction in your post. You complain that Bruno tries the dangerous passes too much and gives the ball away, then complain we have no cutting edge.

Make your mind up do you want the team to make cutting or safe passes?

23 Dec 2021 19:56:54
Shappy, quote all the stats you like but my eyes tell me he used to be great for us and for the last 6 months he’s been poor.



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