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17 Dec 2021 08:09:32
Should the league cancel fixtures until the new year?
I'm interested in peoples opinions particularly UK residents.
Is it not in the public interest to minimise close contacts in large numbers?

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17 Dec 2021 09:32:53
Me and the other 4 members of my family are all at home with the new variant, we're in a position where none of us are old or vulnerable so we're lucky, I'm unvaccinated, my wife is double jabbed and our symptoms are the same, it's like a mild cold, you wouldn't know my kids had it, they have snotty noses.
Now this is just my opinion but without telling us I think they are waiting to see how many hospitalisations this causes as the signs from South Africa and here so far look positive from that point of view, surely if it is mild we can't keep cancelling and shutting everything down and I'm hoping this is what they are waiting to see, with the amount of cases surely they would of brought more restrictions in by now?
Anyway just my opinion, like Ken would like to hear others opinions.

17 Dec 2021 09:54:33
I think they should, whether they will remains to be seen. There's a lot of money riding on the EPL, Espinoza the Christmas fixture list where they tend to get peak viewing figures.

Maybe they could close stadiums so as to allow the continuation of games and get the large TV viewing figures. That way they are limiting large groups of people gathering and the potential bad publicity that would come from that.

Personally I think given the number of players who are catching it. The potential for unfair advantages/ disadvantages caused by either some teams playing their games and others not and fixture pile up. Or teams being forced to field teams half full with academy players.

It brings the sporting integrity of the competition into question.

Best to just cancel all games until the new year then run the season an extra couple of weeks later into the summer. There is no international football next summer to worry about, so there really is no reason not to just have a break now and have the season run two weeks later.

17 Dec 2021 11:05:06
I think more resrictions will kick in soon. I've had 3 jabs and would expect to get a heavy cold/ flu symptoms judging by reports if i get the C.V. But when you read Utd only had 7 fist team players available then it seems inevitable they may have to close it down til January.

Each individual has their own views which I respect -one of my sisters hasn't had the vax at all - but I say just go on and get your 3 shots, if for no other reason than you could clog up the hospitals and folks waiting on Cancer treatment / diagnosis are terribly affected by that.

17 Dec 2021 11:50:59
I think it will have to close. Too many players are testing positive and the Government is getting itself in a mess over restrictions. They don’t want a lockdown as that might mean more furlough payments and a hit to the economy, but the variant is spreading so fast it might hit the vulnerable. It will also mean a lot of unvaccinated people will end up in hospital putting immense pressure on the NHS. The majority of people in hospital have not been vaccinated and due to the significant number who have refused to be jabbed, that could cripple the NHS given the rapid spread.

Me, my wife and kids are are triple or double vacced, and we are not particularly worried about catching it, but we have some elderly parents coming for Christmas and the worry is that we pass it on and it causes serious harm or even death.

17 Dec 2021 12:54:11
Yeah AjH I lost my mum last year and could not get in to be with her in hospital due to C.V.
That's the issue the fear of passing it in to more vulnerable is the what sobbed is all to be careful.
Good look with your Christmas plans. Enjoy.

17 Dec 2021 12:07:01
I'm pretty sure things will be getting worse in the coming weeks before they improve. I can't believe that the hospitality sector is still in full swing, and xmas/ NYE parties are still being booked. Omicron is rife.
As for the footy schedule, we coped last season with the chaotic replanning, although admittedly the end of the season was extended. If it gets too nuts again I guess that's what they'll do?
Could be some benefits - Spurs for example can sneak into the top four with the extra 'break' by winning their three games in hand. Also the January window - say Utd for example bought in a player who really makes an impact and we go on a run - we'll have more games with those. Ok, clutching at straws there.

17 Dec 2021 19:12:15
No, games should continue but fans should no longer be at matches.

18 Dec 2021 09:51:19
Unfortunately the severity of the Omicron variant compared to vax protection won't been known till the first week of January at the earliest in the UK.

On the plus side reports in South Africa, where this orginated say that they haven't seen a rise in hospitalizations, and their vax rate is only at 31%. If our vax rate is at 71% I wouldn't expect to see a sudden deluge of hospital visits from Omicron.

18 Dec 2021 09:59:35
Honestly I would as it’s in the interest of player, staff and fan safety. Also their families. Currently only 2 of the 6/ 7 games are going ahead on Saturday so why not clean the slate have the 9/ 10 day break and go again. Let’s face it the only reason it won’t happen is because the tv companies will push for games, they’ve paid and advertised games over the holiday period and will want their monies worth. Half of the teams are already missing 1/ 2 games and surely it would be easier to arrange 2/ 3 rounds for everyone than the logistical nightmare of some teams being up to date. That’s just me, I’m sure there’s others who have a different view.



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