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03 Feb 2020 22:17:37
Question to all posters and all Eds:

Will Pogba play for Utd again?

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04 Feb 2020 01:07:34
I think he will.

04 Feb 2020 06:24:44
The euros are coming up so he will declare himself fit ends of feb mid march.
Id do a bastian and send him to train with under 23s till end of season regardless.

04 Feb 2020 09:52:01
As ken says I think he will call it in until he needs to get fit and sharp for the Euro's.

His latest "set back" will have him out for all of February. I expect him to start again sometime in March, play 6-8 games to get back fit and sharp ready for the Euro's.

Personally I wouldn't play him again. He has taken the piss all season, thrown a tantrum and will only play for the club if it benefits him in playing for his country. Sod that. If it was me he wouldn't get another game for the first team or the reserves, I wouldn't involve him in training matches with the first team, and would probably send him somewhere away from the first team to train.

Then if he gets selected for the France team having played 4 or 5 games in the past year then that's on them. But he certainly won't be match fit or match sharp for them.

04 Feb 2020 10:48:03
id play the life out of him. Let him get fit for the euros and make as much money out of him as possible by selling him when his stock is at its highest.

04 Feb 2020 11:02:02
I'm presuming we all believe he's had a fictitious injury and phantom surgery on a complaint that didn't exist then?

The sad truth is we need Pogba back fit and playing well asap. He could make all the difference in the latter stages of the Europa League which is realistically the only way we'll get Champions League football next season.

04 Feb 2020 11:06:43
Ps - I'm clutching at straws admittedly.

04 Feb 2020 15:24:25
Should have been sold and replaced the summer passed. I don't care how talented he is or thinks he is.

04 Feb 2020 16:27:45
DLIB, I have no doubt that Pogba has had an actual injury. Like you said you don't have surgery for no reason.

But tell me this now, had he been on the books at Liverpool this season, where they might break records and go far in the UCL again, do you imagine Pogba might have made a few more appearances for them than he's managed for us? Because I do.

He doesn't want to be here, all he wants is to play for France this summer and move to Spain. He isn't busting a gut to get back fit. And to be honest I can understand his point of view. He has wanted to leave for two years, truth be told he never really wanted to return, he just saw us as a stepping stone to Spain. But twice the club have denied him his dream move. First they blocked a move to Barcelona two years ago, then to Real Madrid last year. Both sides have likely moved on and won't return for him. Leaving a return to Juventus or a move to PSG as the only viable options.

If I was playing for a club that wasn't Manchester United and that club denied me moves to iconic club's like Barcelona and Real Madrid I would be a bit upset myself.

Pogba might not be coverings himself in glory at the moment, but the club are aware of how he acts. He jumped ship at Le Harve to move to us, he then jumped ship to join Juventus when his contract was up. The club knew that he had to be handled a certain way. So this is on the club.

That said Pogba's value will no increase by him playing. Club's know who he is and what he can do. So the club can't really do anything about that. What they can do is take a strong stance, not let Pogba play them like fools and show the rest of the squad that if they don't play ball then neither will the club.

Do you really think Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich or any other too side would allow their players to get away with it?

04 Feb 2020 19:56:20
Shappy - Pogba gets paid handsomely to represent Utd. He signed a long term contract with the Club and will no doubt have understood the implications of doing so. Players under contract can't just demand to leave, it just doesn't work like that.

Last summer Pogba had had two seasons left on his contact with the option of a further year. Pogba is a World Cup winner. He is one of the world's most iconic, famous and marketable athlete's in sport not just football therefore Utd were well in their rights to ask for a substantial fee especially considering Barcelona payed over £140m for Courtinho not that long ago.

Yes Pogba wanted to leave last summer but he wasn't in a great position to make such demands considering his contractual situation at the time. This will obviously change as his contract runs down and Utd will have a decision to make moving forward.

Whilst I don't necessarily advocate keeping players against their wishes each case must be considered on its own merits. considering Pogba's contractual situation, the rebuild of the squad and Pogba's standing as a world famous athlete I think Utd were entitled to expect Pogba to be professional and represent the Club with honestly and integrity if his valuation wasn't met.

I believe the player is injured, he's had corrective surgery; had he been fit however I firmly believe we would have seen a much better and more consistent Utd.

He's unfortunately not become the player we all hoped and he'll possibly be sold in the summer but a fit Pogba still improves our team. Suggestions that we should dramatically drop our valuation and just let him walk away into the sunset is misguided in my opinion. If someone wants to take him in the summer then they will have to "show us the money" so to speak.

If Pogba wants to ride out his contract for another two years he'll only be damaging his own career and reputation. Surely a compromise can be reached but I don't think there is any chance Pogba will leave Utd for less than we paid for him this summer at least. Let's see what happens.

{Ed002's Note - Actually they can demand to leave and that is how transfers happen - think Bruno Fernandes. You have a very naive view of the matter I am afraid. The club has no interest in compromising and will lose out on the likes of Saul and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic because of this stupidity - as they did with the likes of Donny van de Beek and Giovani Lo Celso.}

04 Feb 2020 20:23:09
What an odd stance by the decision makers at the club.

04 Feb 2020 20:20:47
Ed002 - sorry but I'm anything but naive, of course players can demand to leave but if they are under contract there is no guarantee they will get what they want. Not immediately anyway.

Had Utd (or any other Club) not met Sporting's valuation for Fernandes he'd still be at the Club despite his demands just like in the summer window.

Utd will need to compromise or risk being stuck with a disgruntled player for another season where he will enter the last year of his contact.

If Utd choose to do that it neither helps the Club or the player and I'm sure common sense will prevail in the end.

{Ed002's Note - Manchester United have plenty of players looking to leave in the summer.}

04 Feb 2020 20:29:00
Ed002 - Just out of interest what valuation would you place on Pogba?

{Ed002's Note - I have no interest in playing any silly little games with you.}

04 Feb 2020 20:51:20
Ed002 - Fair enough. It wasn't a game I was genuinely interested to hear your opinion anyway enjoy the rest of your evening.

04 Feb 2020 21:35:35

Are you seriously suggesting Pogba is tight in his actions?

He has a contract and is paid a ton of money, ergo he should do his job to the best of his abilites, if he doesn't want to, he should buy himself out of his contract and do one, regardless of what his dream is.

He is a disgrace and there is no excuse for his behaviour, unprofessional and childish, not even that good, he has hosted himself on his petard and believes his own hype.

Stick hi. With the under 10s as that is about his level of. intellect and professionalism.

04 Feb 2020 21:44:22
Read like a head teacher that ed002.

04 Feb 2020 21:44:24
Ed002 is martial one of those players looking to leave in the summer? 🙏🙏.

{Ed002's Note - No.}

04 Feb 2020 21:56:46
"Ed002's Note - Manchester United have plenty of players looking to leave in the summer"

That's fantastic news. Thanks Ed002, you've made my day.

05 Feb 2020 10:54:11
Jonny Blaze, I'm not saying Pogba is right to act the way he has. Just that I can understand his disappointment, and why he might be acting out.

Pogba is a professional footballer and as such he should be expected to act professionally.

That said, since the age of 14 he has had people pouring honey in his ear. Telling him how great he is, how great a footballer he will be. At the age of 16 Manchester United along with many other top clubs were interested in him. He choose to go to United. He then left to go to Juventus, was a multiple title winner and played alongside players like Pirlo. He then became Manchester United's record signing and was hailed as the guy who would get United back on track. All the while he has been growing his social media, clothing lines, and other off field activities. Everyone telling him he is great and always being the centre of attention and getting what he wants.

Then he has a move to Barcelona denied him, he fell out with the manager who dropped him for an academy product. He then turned the dressing room against that manager leading to that manager getting sacked. He was then denied a dream move to Real Madrid to work with his idol Zinedine Zidane.

He has always got his way and has always been the centre of attention.

So although I don't agree with him acting the way he does. I fully understand why he might feel hard done by and unhappy.

My point is the club made a mistake by not understanding him as a person. They made the mistake in bringing him in, and they compounded it by handling him the way they have.

Sir Alex used to not only scout the players ability but their personality and their family support network. He wanted to make sure the club signed the right sort of people. Klopp and Liverpool have a similar approach and they make sure the players they sign will fit the kind of personalities they have at the club.

When Ole talks about a "cultural reset" this is what he means. Our club have brought in players with the wrong personality. Focusing on talent or marketing value.

Harry Maguire might not be the best CB in the world. But his hard working, positive attitude is well documented. For that reason I believe he was chosen over more talented candidates.



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