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02 Feb 2020 18:44:39
Genuine question. Assuming same Estrada and signings.
If brenden rodgers took over united 18 months ago and ole took over Leicester at the same time do you think Leicester would be 3rd and united where we are?
Personally i think we would be 3rd and Leicester would be about 10th.
Im not championing rodgers its just the started around the same time.

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02 Feb 2020 18:57:41
# assuming same squads.

02 Feb 2020 19:07:43
I think we’d most definitely be sitting in the top 4 Ken. The squad has glaring issues, but it’s not nearly as bad as it is showing under Ole. Chris Wilder has shown what excellent coaching, tactics and a system can do for a squad not exactly littered with star quality. Simply put, Ole is a below average manager and that’s reflecting on the squad.

02 Feb 2020 19:09:04
Think your right Ken. Its no coincidence that the top 3 are the teams with attack minded coaches whos first thought is to win.

03 Feb 2020 01:33:03
Interesting question Shaps.

The Wilder point is a but off. He has had time to shape and mold the squad as he wants. He has a nicely balanced squad of players.

Leicester also have a much better squad. How many Leicester players do people on here want to buy? They lose Maguire and replace him with an excellent players and don't miss a beat. I would still take about half their team if we could.

Utd issues are a complete lack of balance in the squad. Players who don't gel well together. And injuries to key players whilst running with a thin squad.

I'm happy to complete the reboot. Reset the squad and move forward. Sticking plasters were not working.

03 Feb 2020 01:53:46
Ken, we would be in 2nd and God knows where Leicester will be.

03 Feb 2020 06:37:26
The one argument from the Ole fans that annoys me the most is "well any manager would struggle with this squad". A competent manager would have us comfortably in the top 4 at the moment. 11 wins in 33 premier league games is appaling. The fact that our rivals in and around us are also bad is not a positivity for us.

9 games Chelsea dropped points in and we have failed to capitalise once. Watching Bruno multiple times pointing at players on where they should be on the pitch on Saturday was damning. Lingard drifting out wide where we had already had two players, Bruno telling him he should be in the middle. Little details that our manager is obviously overlooking. Our movement going forward, his insistence on 4231, completely devoid of any attacking intent. A decent manager with a plan and a strategy would easily have us higher up the table.

03 Feb 2020 07:18:48
If those around us such as Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea weren't also having a mare we would be sinking like a stone.

03 Feb 2020 07:46:31
We started the week 5th, we're now 7th. We could be 9th after the next round of matches. We are sinking like a stone.

03 Feb 2020 08:23:13
DB how is the Wilder comment off the mark? Yes he knows his squad having coached them for a number of years, but Sheffield Utd are a side who have just got promoted. Player for player how many would you actually take over ours? I bet its no more than a couple. Sheffield Utd are where they are based on sheer determination, attitude and excellent coaching. They are a team moulded in the image of Wilder. You can say our side mirror our manager too - insipid, timid and clueless. At the end of the day, we are only this close to top 4 because as others have mentioned, other sides are having a mare.

03 Feb 2020 10:36:43
Utd's problems are deeper rooted than just the coach, Brendan would be struggling similarily.

03 Feb 2020 10:57:22
Mbd, do you see a style of play from us, fluidity, patterns of play? We still look like strangers on the pitch and the manager has had over a year. Honestly this idea that no manager would improve us is terribly disrespectful to any competent manager out there.

03 Feb 2020 20:04:13
Nonsense mbd.

04 Feb 2020 00:41:10
It's a totally hypothetical question Ken, with no factual answer, so how can anyone's opinions on it be 'nonsense'?



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