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02 Feb 2020 12:57:50
It's sad to see some are turning on AWB, Maguire and couple of the others. Ken pointed out below, that a lot of the players are going backwards. AWB didn't suddenly turn into a rubbish fullback. James showed great form at the beginning of the season.
However, one common denominator is that Solskjaer and the two clowns sat next to him, have suddenly decided that playing not to lose is the main objective, and that in turn has had a negative effect on the whole team.
Get them all out of the club now, and appoint anyone, even Shappy can do a better job, and
I mean no disrespect to Shappy. But the current management team is completely and utterly clueless.
They offer no passion, no tactical knowhow. We do have some good players, but this management team is not even getting 10% out of them.
Lastly, Solskjaer comes on week in week out to tell us how well we've played. Its insulting every fan's intelligence. When you see Klopp, Pep shouting instructions and urging their teams forward, then you look at our lot in the dugout, is it any wonder we're in the position we're in?

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02 Feb 2020 13:22:53
TotallY agree AAA, Ole talks a negative game, saying things like we have to stay in the game, he sets up scared of the opposition, even at home. Negativity from the coaches obviously spreads to the players and affects confidence. Oles obsession with counter attack football no matter how the other team set up means we always have more men behind the ball than in attack. Its easy to defend against players when it is 2 or 3 on one because defenders don't have to deal with runners. I hold back from criticizing any player because it must be frustrating to play under these tactics. I could go on and on about Ole's incompetence but it just frustrates me. Until he is gone I expect nothing from this team.

02 Feb 2020 13:37:33
AAA - I haven't seen many posters criticising either Maguire or AWB other than giving an honest opinion on the roles they've been given in the team.

The truth is if Ole wants our full backs to provide width and attacking impetus similar to Liverpool or even Poch a few years ago at Spurs then AWB unfortunately at this moment in time lacks quality in attacking areas. Most will agree he's excellent in 1v1 situations but struggles going forward; however we knew this when we signed him.

The boy is still very young and raw but despite having some excellent attributes if he wants to be considered as one of the best full backs in the league then he must improve his attacking output.

We face a similar problem with Maguire, whilst he's excellent on the ball and in the air he lacks pace and agility. If we want to play a high line then unfortunately he'll be exposed on occasions.

Whilst I think both are very good players I'm just not convinced the way they are being asked to play best suits their attributes.

02 Feb 2020 13:56:44
Good post AAA.

02 Feb 2020 15:29:40
Dlib, AWB did attack at Palace, yet there seems to be a reason he's not going forward. In order for him to attack we have to keep possession, but unfortunately, solskjaer's tactics do not allow for that to happen. We have some very good players, but the management staff are not getting the most of them. In the words of Eric Morecambe "we're playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order". That sums up our current plight.

02 Feb 2020 16:16:19
DLIB if you watched AWB last season, you could have seen he really wasn't good going forward, AAA he did not go forward much, I am not a big ole fan but to claim he was used in any form as an attacking outlet is just plain false, iirc most questioned his attacking ability when the signing was announced.

DLIB If ole wants his fb's to attack he needs to buy/ coach them better, he can't expect awb to put in great crosses, that's not his strength right now and if he wanted an attacking fb, may be he should have bought someone who was better in that department.

02 Feb 2020 17:24:30
I don't think he's as bad as people are making out. He seems to be the only one willing to try to get a goal.

02 Feb 2020 17:43:30
CSM - That's exactly my point mate. AWB is a very good full back but attacking isn't one of his strengths. Whilst in some regards he is a very good addition to the side if Ole wants our width and attacking impetus to come from the full backs which I believe he does then maybe the Club should have targeted a different kind of full back. Having said that at only 21 maybe Ole thought that his attacking instincts could be worked on and improved.

It's a similar position with Maguire. We were led to believe that Ole wanted his team to press from the front, be more dynamic and hold a higher defensively line. Unfortunately Maguire, although a very good player, doesn't quite have the pace or agility to play in a high defensive line and can sometimes be badly exposed when left isolated against fast and skilful forwards.

It curious to me that although both are very good players neither perhaps fit the profile of player required to implement Ole's preferred style of play.

I like the look of Fernandes but if he's going to play in the sane team with the likes of Mata and Pereira who all want to occupy the same space then sadly he'll be just another expensive mistake.

18 months on and nearly £200m invested in new players I still see no discernible style of play or system that is designed to get the best out of the players at his disposal.

1 win in 4 and without a goal in 270 minutes of premier league football is not indicative of a Team improving or heading in the right direction.

02 Feb 2020 18:38:26
Good post dlib mate. Veey good post. Awb is a top defender great 1v1 and in recovary tackles. In fact there is nobody better imo.
He was better for palace last season going forward he made runs with intent and did not turn inside consistenly. But as CSM said his delivery was poor and final ball was often a let down. That can be coached. It should be improving but it appears he is not allowed over lap and make attaching runs or take up streaking positions and make runs to break the lines. He did a lot mite of that at palace and with the correct coaching and under a coach with attacking intent he will imorove that side of his game.
Maguire needs a more stable partner imo. He has done ok. But again can do better.
Williams must be 1st choice for me on the other side ahead of Shaw i can actually see Williams breaking into the england squad if he plays weekly.
Mctom Williams pogba will be back soon so we should see some energy return to the team .
Im a big martial critic. Just don't like anything about him on the pitch. I recognise he has a lot of talent with a football but he is a bit fur coat no knickers for me.
Ighalo will provide some energy and experience up front at least. I'm sure he will be giving it his all and i'd rather see that and i'm sure those in midfield will appreciate a willing runner.
Dalot can make an impact.
Once we have a decent coaching team with a positive approach looking to improve players we will be fine.

03 Feb 2020 02:02:01
In that case, bearing in mind Solskjaer wants to play with attacking full backs, and if AWB is rubbish at going forward, then why did Solskjaer buy him?

03 Feb 2020 13:00:00
I thought in Saturdays game AWB made a few decent runs and got to the line but unfortunately his crossing isn't the greatest at the moment and does need working on. He very nearly created the winner when Dalot headed wide.



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