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23 Jan 2020 09:13:43
11 points worse off than we were this time last season. 150 million spent. Ole got rid of some of the players most supporters wanted out.
People keep saying no other manager could do better. That's complete bolloxology.
He took over a team that had been 2nd the season before.
Had been in 4 cup finals in 3 seasons winning 3 of them. (We will exclude the community shield. )
Ole is a fraud
The worst manager we have had since the early 70s.
His football is negative
His demeanour is negative
His statements are negative along with his thought process
He is not a good coach
His coaching team are useless
He is useless.
Ive never wanted a manager or coach to leave our club so desperately. He is bringing us back 30 years.
There are 100s of coaches that could have us 10 to 12 pints better off this season with this very squad.
Totally useless football manager. I don't care that he was an ex player that reputation will never diminish.
Get him out of our club now he doesn't fit he isn't good enough and needs to be fired from his job without delay.
Pathetic excuse of a manager. A rabbit I the headlights floundering around like a fish out if water.
Normally when something walks like a duck looks like a duck sounds like a duck and smells like a duck . surprise surprise its usually a duck.
Get rid of the duck lads speciall goal in 99 or not he has to go before he does any more damage.

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23 Jan 2020 11:23:01
I saw some positives last night. We had them on the ropes for a good spell. If we could of nicked a goal or 2 it wouldn't have been so bad. You've got to admire the team selection any tactics at least, we were just unlucky I think. You've hot to remember that it was a tough game against a tough, well drilled team who set up with the low block and clearly didn't play to win like we did.

Just getting it in there before someone else Haha.

23 Jan 2020 11:47:52
Ken, I agree. Ole needs to go. However, a plan needs to be at least formulated before he is removed.

There is a huge difference between hiring someone because they are available and hiring the right person. Pochettino might be the right man, or he might not. Blanc might be the right man, or he might not, Allegri might be the right man, or he might not. Or maybe the right man has a job and is in the middle of achieving something this season. I really like what Marco Rose is doing at Borussia Monchengladbach. I think he will be a top manager. Then there is Julian Nargelsmann at RB Leipzig. Young managers, innovating tactics and leading the way into the next era of football.

Who is the right man, who has the right fit, the right plan and the ability to see it through.

Until the club knows who that is and when they can get them in then what is to be gained from sacking Ole?

If the club needs a temporary manager until the end of the season who does the club turn to? Carrick, McKenna or Phelan? Most people blame them as much as Ole for our current situation on the pitch.

So someone from outside, how long will it take them to settle? How well do they know the club?

Our squad I think is much poorer than we really understand. We are struggling in a poor league. Pogba, Matic and Lingard want to leave. While most won't be too upset by them leaving they will leave a hole that needs to be filled behind them. Just as most weren't to upset to see the back of Fellaini, Lukaku and Herrera (Herrera might be an exception), however, the hole they left behind was not filled.

If Matic and Pogba leave then we have only two experienced midfielders left in the squad. Meaning we would need to sign at least two midfielders probably three.

As a club we have fallen into the trap Arsenal had before us. Owners with little ambition to aim for the top and happy as long as the money keeps coming in. For that to happen the club only needs to be in the UCL. So forth becomes the target. However, when you lower your sights then failure to reach your target looks significantly worse. If you aim to win the league and finish 3rd four or five points off of top spot then its not the end of the world, you competed and fell just a little short. If you aim for 4th and finish 7th four or five points off of 4th spot, but 25 behind the league winners then things start to look cataclysmic.

For this reason I feel thing will get worse before they get better no matter who is manager.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs have been poor this year, all of them will spend at least 100m in the summer. Liverpool and City will do likewise, in fact I wouldn't be surprised to see City spend close to 200m. Wolves and Leicester will also likely spend 60-100m each.

If we are to improve more than these sides we will likely need to outspend them, and spend wisely. We need at least 2 probably 3 midfielders. We need at least 2 forwards, one who plays from the right hand side and a striker who can offer us a different option. We might need a CB and possibly a LB if we can offload Shaw who it is becoming clear will never even come close to reaching his potential. That's at least 5, maybe 7 new players. And if we do that we won't have a great squad, just a good first team with adequate cover. When 50m buys you Fred, 5 players is at least 250m, probably closer to 300m. Can you see that happening?

I expect maybe 3 players in the summer, 4 at most. Will that be enough to close the gap? Probably not. Then where are we?

23 Jan 2020 11:58:55
Second the season before, true. But with Fellaini, Herrera, Lukaku, Valencia, and an onside Pogba (at the time) .

Can you not see the difference between the two Midfields alone. Pogba, Matic and Herrera vs Fred, Matic (in further decline) and Perreira.

I'm not saying Solskjaer is perfect but we can only play one way because of the players we have. What team would you put out against Burnley yesterday?

23 Jan 2020 12:17:38
Ole has to go and go now him being here is making things worse.

23 Jan 2020 12:41:06
“So someone from outside, how long will it take them to settle? How well do they know the club? ”

How well does the club know itself?

For me one of the biggest issues is that it’s purported identity is still rooted in the Fergie era, in fact a very specific period of the Fergie era - mid 90s - 00s. We keep hearing people harking back to the class of 92 and the type of squad/ football we played then. But football has moved on.

A few weeks back Ole was banging on about City not playing proper football. The fact of the matter is that we’re still trying to play 90s style football in 2020 league. We have become fixated on reviving the past rather than building for the future. Ole is the rock bottom of this approach.

The club board needs to be shaken up. Fergie needs to be removed like he should have been after he retired, and talent, skills and expertise have to be sought across coaching, recruitment and the board itself.

In my opinion, we need to give control to someone outside the club because those within have become specialists in mediocrity. We need a wholesale restructuring driven by those from the outside, and only that will start to change things.

23 Jan 2020 12:48:44
How many times, Ole is taking the club downwards below anything Moyes, LvG or Mourinho did. Every day longer is damaging. He has to go and I cannot believe he survives after today, it is untenable. The only thing holding back is the utterly ridiculous sentimental tosh about him as a player. We are a laughing stock, everyone can see the problem but emotion is holding us back.

23 Jan 2020 12:50:27
Okay then Ken, but who gets the job?

Pochettino needs a good structure behind him, he is more of a first team coach than a manager.

Allegri has never managed outside of Italy, hardly speaks the language and plays a defensive style of football that the fans rejected under LvG and Jose.

Blanc hasn't managed a side in 3 years.

So who gets the job?

{Ed047's Note - big Sam? 😉

23 Jan 2020 13:14:30
Spot on Danny. Been saying this for ages - instead of building for the future we are trying to emulate the past. And it will not work, end of.
Maybe the best thing that Ole could buy is not a shiny new player, but a shiny silver DMC DeLorian.

And a flux capacitor.

23 Jan 2020 13:25:29
Danny, I completely agree. We need a DoF with experience of working with a top European side.

City credit to them got a couple of guys from Barcelona and gave them the platform to make the changes they felt the club needed to become a top side like Barcelona.

However, if you are looking at a short term manager coming in for 3-4 months to save the season they need to hit the ground running. Therefore, having some experience of the club will make that easier.

If we bring in a temporary manager who takes a 4-6 weeks to acclimatise to the club then half of his time at the club has been wasted. That could be the difference of that manager achieving top four or not.

23 Jan 2020 13:29:49
Great scott Betty, that just might work!

23 Jan 2020 12:45:19
So, is Solskjaer the rabbit, the fish or the duck? I’m lost.

23 Jan 2020 14:06:38
Ole is not good enough I agree but another manager will come in do well initially and then also fail.

I've heard rumours that Poch has been sounded out about the job but has been told he won't have a director of football plus he won't have control of the transfers. Now if any of that is true if I was him I'd refuse the job if it was offered to me. If that is the way it works then no manager will do well here over a period of time. Ole's coaching though is poor plus his decision making is awful aswell as the small club mentality he gives off in his interviews.

Another question I ask is we put a briefing out about 18 months ago saying we were looking for a director of football. You mean to tell me it takes that long to find someone and counting? As it is Ed Woodward has free reign of the club and he's the Glazers boy. If we employ a director it will be someone who has no experience in the role a former player just to be another puppet they might have the title as director but they won't be one as Ed Woodward is in control and that's how it's going to stay. I'm not convinced there's even funds available for players either. Why are we scratching around for a midfielder on loan? We need a player in permanently. Ole should resign before things turn sour. He looked an absolute beaten man in his interview and as if he was going to cry last night. Really sad to see but better to walk away with his head held high. he's not good enough and none of him and the coaches are we like carrick because he's an ex player but he has no experience and neither does mckenna. We might like them all but doesn't mean it will work.

Stadium emptying and all the players wanting to leave you would have to say this is the most worrying time since Fergie. We might be 5th in the league which is no grand achievement anyway but we are only there because everyone else is rubbish and wolves, spurs will overtake us definitely and maybe even arsenal will aswell if we don't sign anyone. Chelsea are 6 points above us and they've been crap. Massive changes needed and in the next 8 days we need to do it or the season will be our worst in the history of the premier league.

23 Jan 2020 17:40:38
I was desperate for my coach to leave last night ken. I was 10-12 pints better off than i am now that's for sure 😉.



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