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19 Jan 2020 23:10:45
Totally disagree with the comments regarding Fernandes. Time to stop being held to ransom by deluded and greedy selling clubs.

Sports have to raise £40m, that's a matter of fact. They're in desperate financial trouble and abusing UTDs interest and current position.

Very glad we haven't caved and expect us to walk away if the stand off continues. Its were drawn into negotiations by sporting at around £50m plus add ons then started taking the piss.

Sick of seeing them flagged off no matter what approach they take.

As for the fans on here. I would want you to be fans of mine. None of you have any trust or loyalty. No patience or empathy. You slagged them off when there was no long term plan. Now they're getting lambasted for having one, by Ed's as well as posters. Try being positive and supportive of people with plans and see what results they get before you share your 'expert's opinions.

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19 Jan 2020 23:31:01
I agree you can't have it both ways, if you were complaining about the club paying preposterous money for players then this change of tact to not be held to ransom is fair enough.

The things that worries me more is that the club leaked last summer that they didn't want bruno fernandes because he gave the ball away too much.

What has changed in six months? Has he completely changed his game? I doubt that. Are we more comfortable having players who give the ball away a lot? I doubt. It just signals more random decision making from the club.

19 Jan 2020 23:33:20
That's interesting post Cheshire but completely laughable and without base or fact. So, as ed02 mentioned, the club asked for a certain price, we've gone in with a lower price. So that's business, they know we want him, we know we need him, and eventually we'll all settle on a price that's acceptable. That's business.
What long term plan did we have when Fergie retired? What plan do we have now to improve OT, Carrington, or genuinely improve the playing staff. What plan have we got to appoint a Dof, when it's been blatantly obvious that we've needed one for years.
What plan did we have when we destroyed our pay structure by offering Mr Sanchez £500k a week? Or spending silly money on Pogba, di Maria, when their hearts were clearly not at United.
What plan did we have when we allowed City to buy Aguero and Silva while we sat there doing nothing and fergie telling us "there's no value in the market".
Do me a favour, if people can't see what's been going on for the past 10 years, then we might as well give up.

19 Jan 2020 23:37:04
tell us o mighty one what plan do you see. seven years down the line and we are still no better . probably worse. so sporting should bow down because we are supposedly a bigger ciub and loose there best player. get real it is not fifa or whatever game you play on your ps4.

19 Jan 2020 23:58:06
Other clubs manage to get deals across the line without overspending. Additionally they seem to target attainable players which they can get across the line.

Uniteds new transfer policy is target plan A and if he isn't available so there is no value in the market. It's a ridiculous transfer policy as the club have got rid of fellaini, sanchez, Lukaku and Herrera without replacing them.

Numerous times the board has sold Solsjkaer down the river (I'm not his biggest fan btw but think he's been given a rough ride with this board) . They said they eouldnt get rid of Lukaku without a replacement, then there was no value in the market. They said they wouldn't sell ashley young as that would make the squad weaker and they want to get stronger. Both went, no replacements in.

Our forward line consists of rashford, martial, james and greenwood. One injury and they have no rotation. We knew that at the start of the year and did nothing about it.

Dont try justify board actions as supporting the club, they have been inept and left the squad in a mess. The club hasn't had a right winger in three seasons, the DOF promised 2 years ago is still yet to arrive and now in the last 3 transfer windows the club has brought in 3 players whilst getting rid of young, smalling, fellaini, Herrera and Sanchezjust off the top of my head.

20 Jan 2020 00:08:00
Oh man give it a rest, who are we just to turn up and demand a player for less than what the clubs value. Get real.

Put the money on the wood or shut up, all this posturing is embarrassing. The up to date time table of events has to stop.

Business needs to be done behind closed doors quietly, then the same scenarios don't keep getting played out over and over.

20 Jan 2020 00:29:43
as regards sporting taking the piss. if you looked on the rumours page ed02 tells you what is going on.

20 Jan 2020 08:55:30
I must admitt there's something about the Fernandes negotiations I don't understand.

If we paid £80mill for Maguire, £45 mill for AWB and £50 Mill for Fred, why o why is the club bulking at paying £60-£70 mill for Fernandes if he's exactly what we need?

For a 25 year old, top quality midfielder that sounds like a reasonable price. If Utd value him at just £40-£50 Mill then he can't be that good so why are we interested?

I imagine utd would want £75 mill + for Pogba and he's rubbish so what's the problem for paying the going rate for his replacement who would hopefully be an upgrade?



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