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11 Jan 2020 20:18:28
Hi eds, iv been on the red wine tonight and fancy a poll. Could we please have a poll to see where this page is at. Ole out Ole stays and undecided. Many thanks ( not bad for 1.5 bottles in 😉)

{Ed033's Note -

Ole Poll

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11 Jan 2020 21:36:00
Enjoyed the Build a Bonfire chant today, do a poll on who wants to help build the bonfire.

11 Jan 2020 21:49:49
We did only just beat the bottom side in the league. Let’s not get carried away and think suddenly everything is all rosie. Entertaining win, but all the previous issues are still there.

11 Jan 2020 21:52:04
39% for him to stay? I'm amazed. Do you mean until the end of the season or otherwise?

11 Jan 2020 21:46:28
Thanks ed033.

11 Jan 2020 22:14:42
Park, most of the previous issues will be here for a long time regardless of who is manager.

We will still have the same owners, with the same vision and intentions, the same board, with the same motivations and ideology, the same squad, with the same weaknesses both mental and talent wise, and the same lack of depth.

If you think sacking one man would fix even 10% of the issues with our club then you haven't been paying attention.

11 Jan 2020 23:12:39
Coudnt care less who we beat, we won so I'll enjoy it.

12 Jan 2020 00:43:57
Perhaps there are a good amount of people who want him to stay but are scared to voice their opinion on here because they are scared they will be shot down immediately by the usually culprits?

12 Jan 2020 00:24:59
lets see how we go in the next few games. very quickly we can be out of another two cups. so neither start bragging yet.

12 Jan 2020 00:59:38
Exactly deano.
A win is a win. We have had too many bad weeks so you have to enjoy the good ones.
Being critical is fine when its appropriate but i believe you have to have balance and today there was little to be critical about.
The only way that people will change their minds is if the inconsistent performances individually and collectively stop.
Ole has a lot of good will even still because 99.9% of supporters want him to succeed but he just has not been able to get a run together since his 1st 10 games or since he was appointed permanently.
Thats not eds fault or the boards.

12 Jan 2020 03:42:55
That is true shappy. I’m not naive to think that sacking the manager will magically fix all the issues. I am very aware that there are deep rooted issues which are likely to remain until the day the glazers and Woodward go. But I did enjoy today and it was a great win.

12 Jan 2020 09:09:44
Ole has made many mistakes which I put down to naivety ken, the stick that is used to constantly beat him ( failed Cardiff manager/ molde) should also be taken in the positive, he has never had a job lie this and so is learning on a game to game basis .

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to voice it however they please, yet the thing I don't understand is the reluctance to see the strides we are making and the good things the manager has done, look at rashford, he looks like a completely different player, martial is turning into a proper centre forward, Greenwood given the chance to thrive, the emergence of William's, the devastating counter attacking.

We are having some very tough moments which the manager has to take responsibility for, on the other hand the fact we are still in every competition and close to top 4 with the squad we have deserves some praise imo.

12 Jan 2020 09:37:31
Deano, the strides we are making? 😂

Take those Ole tinted glasses off.

12 Jan 2020 10:06:28
His biggest fault for me (not including the fact he is out of his depth) is that I am yet to hear him genuinely speak without using every cleche from the '90's book of football cheche's' I look forward to the day when he gets fed up putting on the happy, fake, media face and we really hear what he has to say.

12 Jan 2020 10:25:03
No angel, I will not, it's what I'm seeing.

I'm not going to tow the party line of slagging a manager because its vogue at the moment, i'm nowhere near as worried as the knee jerkers on here.

12 Jan 2020 10:28:37

I think you just proved Deano’s point, he literally explained what he meant by that but anyone who dares say it gets told they are wearing red tinted glasses and ridiculed. Hence why people aren’t bothering on here anymore.

12 Jan 2020 10:37:09
And good on you for sticking to that line. I'm just not seeing the 'great strides' we are making.

It's not a case of being vogue, or towing the party line or however you want to put it. It's just the reality that the man is clearly very much out of his depth (his record as manager of the club speaks for itself) his past achievements also should be taken into account as a manager in the premier League too.

You call it knee jerk? I call it clarity amongst a lot of supporters on here that have been very firm with their opinions since Oles appointment. That coupled with the knowledge of certain eds who are very well placed to ascertain such an opinion that OGS is an amateur coach, I don't think it's knee jerk at all. The man is unfortunately a poor poor manager that would get nowhere near a job like Man United only for the fact he was a very good player at the club, dare I say a club legend.

12 Jan 2020 10:55:17
He is the 5th best manager in the country atm, with only lampard (who is also having a decent season) having less experience and a vastly better squad .

The squad we have and the injuries we have sustained I feel he is working miracles tbh.

Any team in europe could easily get blown away by city the way we did last week, not that many sides could do to them what we did a few weeks previous.

If you can't see it, you can't see it I'm not here to try and change your views it's not my business what you choose to believe, but I have that same right and don't expect to be patronised for them.

Have a good day angel 👍.

12 Jan 2020 11:14:28
Very touchy deano, particularly on a forum. Nobody was trying to patronise you so just relax with that kind of talk. It was only a joke, I've no problem with anyone that thinks OGS is the way forward, I just don't see it at all.

GDS, everyone is very touchy, I was Jose in but I wouldn't shy away from making my opinion known despite what anyone thought on a forum. There's really no need to be afraid or to take anything to heart.

Football is a good game but by God to people get really upset and wound up by it 😂

Have a nice day too Deano 👍.

12 Jan 2020 11:15:07
5th best manager in the country? Sorry Deano that’s such a simplistic way of viewing things. That’s like saying every squad in the league is of equal quality and it’s a level playing field, which it is clearly not. I’d have the like of Hassenhuttl and Ancelotti as better managers than Ole. Wilder and Nuno too. Fair enough you’re seeing the strides, I personally don’t see them as pronounced. There are glimpses, and yesterday was enjoyable, but we’ve been woefully inconsistent. Until we show we are capable of putting more than 2 wins together in the league, it will be a consistent highs and lows.

12 Jan 2020 12:00:32
Roon, what a manager says in public, is for public consumption. I'd wager what gets said behind closed doors is quite different. There's always been an underlying steeliness about Ole, even as a player.

12 Jan 2020 12:06:07
Interesting debate I can see all points of view, it's hard to argue results overall disappointing there are better managers available and that can be end of arguement to some
We sit 5th at the momment if you take pogba and mctom out of the equation as they are injured where do people see our squad in terms of ability putting the manager to one side for a momment, with the midfield that's left I think a case could be made there's more than 4 squads better, the fact spurs and arsenal have had poor seasons duznt make ole a good manager but it makes him a fortunate one .
We have city and liverpool coming and let's be honest we will be up against it, they have better managers for sure but let's be honest they have better teams aswell.
I hope ole is given a quality midfielder who can create to redress the imbalance he faces against many teams in midfield . If given this then no more leeway results can't stay win one lose one and he would have until may to show he can put a run together to challenge top 4, if not make the change.

12 Jan 2020 14:04:14
There's an interesting correlation between those who were staunchly behind Jose Mourinho and those who have never backed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The ones who could see no wrong in Jose regardless of what he did, can see no good in Ole regardless of what he does.

It almost feels like they have a general dislike/ hatred of Ole because he replaced the love of their lives Jose Mourinho.

12 Jan 2020 12:52:21
Personally, I see more positives than negatives.
The squad is being ripped and the culture is being reset.

Few more quality players will improve the consistency.
Injury has exposed the squad depth pretty badly.

12 Jan 2020 14:25:00
It works the other way as well Shappy. Your hate for Jose is replaced with your love for Ole.

12 Jan 2020 14:36:44
Noucamp, that's fair enough, but he leaves himself looking so foolish with cleche after cleche. (They all do it, but he never stops! ) It is no wonder he is a target for sneering fans from the media/ other clubs. I think if he could show more of who he actually is, then his standing may increase.

12 Jan 2020 15:00:40
I'm not touchy or wound up angel, I'm bored.

I'm bored of reading the same thing win, lose or draw, i'm bored of the fact that we won 4-0 yesterday but instead of celebrating a good win, you get to see more miserable doom and gloom, ed 002 is fantastic on here, he has given us more truth than all the press combined, but the biggest truth he has given is that there are elements of our fanbase that are toxic.

12 Jan 2020 15:13:23
And vice versa shappy.
If jose had been a success and was still here and we were winning with style or at least competing everybody would have been delighted. Or nearly everybody anyway.
If ole does likewise everybody will be delighted.
I don't see that happening under ole personally, i supported him until nov this year.
Id be very happy to change my opinion but nothing i have seen since then has given me reason to.
I see supported jose up until 6 weeks before his departure until it became obvious to me that he could not succeed. But i called for him to resign when the window closed in August because he had obviously lost the support of his superiors.
I don't think jose was the love of anybodys life on here but some supported him longer than others.
Its just the same with ole. Some are storing him longer than others Its about a 50 / 50 split.
The list is endless on simialar debates and situations.
Rooney. everybody loved him at his peak. But he lost the support of some sooner than others as he came towards the end of his career at United. But he will be remembered fondly buy all as a player.
You see the same with pogba and many others shaw is another even rashford split opinions over the last 18 months.
There is lots of 'finger pointing' being done by 'finger pointers'.
I quite enjoy that banter because for every ying there is a yang.
Most on here post on emotion. Emotions change in football in the blink of an eye.
There are posters who enjoy 'getting at' other poster or getting little digs in, there are poster's who patently are permanently at polar opinions.
I quite enjoy calling out the hypocrisy of some because everybody in here lives in a glass house and is thrusting stonesthrowing stones.
You can't slag purple off for wanting ole out when you did the same for a previous manger with a better record.
But you can't slag purple off for supporting ole when you supported a patently failing previous manger either.
But it happens on here everyday and will be happening on here everyday in 2, 5, and 10 years time about one topic or another because that's football😂
Some people will just try to wind a particular other poster up. I know a few who obviously get great craic out of that when they are wrong they will give out about people being 'i told you so'poster but are the first to be in with an i told you so when they are right. I find all that hilarious.
Very few if any have not got uptight on here from time to time.
For nearly everyone its just banter.
You could set your clock by some posters that when a particular thing happens they will post about it if it supports a previous opinion just to get a rise out of someone.
I love throwing a bit of bait out to get a discussion going if anybody gets to het up or can't read opinions and banter so much that they don't enjoy it or need to take a break then take a break but rest assured there will be always someone to bust your balls when your reappear😂.

12 Jan 2020 15:48:45

Spiteful childish nonsense, a “general dislike/ hatred of Ole because he replaced the love of their lives Jose Mourinho. ”

I for one have no dislike or hatred of Ole, loved his goals as a player and for the 3000th time he is a legend of a player. My one and only point about Ole is that he is not up to being our manager.

As to Mourinho, as Ken explained I stayed with him to the end because of his experience and history in winning things, the fact he won two trophies and the previous season got us to 2nd plus had a far better record than the present incumbent. I said on here he should have walked the day after the transfer window shut and the board hadn’t supported him.

The problem Shappy has is that his long essays are not persuading others that he is right, hence the drivel.

12 Jan 2020 15:51:03
I find it all a bit sad I'm not sure some have a life outside the site .
I don't bother with it now for no other reason I don't find it particularly interesting, first time in a few week and it's just the same moans and groans.
Ken I think your post above sums you up perfectly and shows how you personally feel. You obviously take the site very seriously, it shines through. I did myself for a time but you have missed one point of view .
Some posters don't really pay that much attention to what's wrote on here any more and take it all with a pinch of salt.

I think you do make one very good point, the modern man united fan only supports a winning team or a player who is playing well. Loyalty and supporting your team for many has been replaced by glory hunting.

12 Jan 2020 17:23:54
Yep jred sites been better recently.
Im the exact opposite actially i love the craic and the banter of pointing out the hypocrites like yourself i don't take it seriously at all.
You are loyal to the mangers and players you like. But not to the ones u you don't. Just like everybody else. You deride jose only because you think you are the special one. The superior one. Of course your not because you are the exact same as everyone else. But you prefer to sing when your winning bitch moan or disappear when its not going your way.
Not been about for couple of weeks we win and out you come with your nonsense. I won a bet with another poster yesterday by getting it right on how quicklyy you would reappear. Perfect timing 😂😂😂 your predictability is as sure as the teams inconsistency.
Not posted for a while and the most positive thing you could come up with was delighted for rash because of the stick some gave him on here (even though you say yourself above posters don't take notice of what's said on here)

{Ed047's Note - he clearly doesn’t know you at all ken. 🤦‍♂️

12 Jan 2020 18:34:10
Spot on Ken.

12 Jan 2020 18:36:44
I am genuinely pleased the lad is doing well .
As for the rest your one of the hypocrites yourself .
The site obviously means a lot to you but your reading far to much in to in terms of myself .
I've got to the point I find all a bit sad .
Loads of hard work goes into it and the Ed's do a great job, but it's getting to a point where it's just people hiding behind a key board calling people names .
The special one, the superior one 😂😂😂. Listen to yourself it's a website that random people post on.

12 Jan 2020 22:06:45
Listen to you calling out what sort of person i am. You have never met me several have, you know the ones who are not armchair supporters go out and have a game for fun to meet other posters you are the ultimate keyboard warrior and judge of people who you never met. Mr hypocrite. At every turn jred your Ponting fingers. All talk no action. All mouth no trousers. I think we all know the type😂😂😂 as ed047 says you don't know me at all. Judge and jury from your own little keyboard. Such a silly Billy😂.

13 Jan 2020 05:32:16
But your constantly doing the same with me and other posters, your are the ultimate hypocrite 😂.
All talk no action,? Dear me ken its a website that random people post on you don't know me angry better than I know you.
It's getting a bit sad, as I have said above the site obviously means a lot to you and that's great.
But honestly not everyone takes it as serious as you . There is a big world out there away from the keyboard pal.



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