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08 Jan 2020 09:27:09
Sometimes i feel its unfair to judge a player just because he was bought for a certain price, We have been criticizing Maguire a lot and yesterday we saw what he brings to the table.

He is not the best defender but definitely the best "WE" have right now. He has also been playing at Left side of the defense which is not his natural position, he has also been responsible for a few goals but he must be given time. He also needs a better partner besides him, Lindelof is average at its best. If we want to reach the top again then average won't help.

Williams should be starting every game when available, there is no shortage of talent there just experience. I am really starting to feel that Romero needs to get a few games ahead of DDG, his distribution is appalling.

I would still give ole another transfer window to fix things, we have been throwing an occasional fight with the players we have at our helm and can do better with better players in certain positions.


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08 Jan 2020 09:53:24
Maguire's best position is on the left hand side. That's where he played for Hull, Leicester and England.

He probably is our best defender, but that doesn't make him a great one.

He is very good in the air, and good at bring the ball out/ playing bout from the back.

However, he lacks pace and positional sense. Either of them by themselves isn't a problem. A defender who lacks pace but has good positional sense won't be caught out too often (Vidic) . While a player with poor positional sense but who is quick can quickly recover ground (Ferdinand) .

However a player with poor positional sense AND with no recovery pace will be exposed.

Harry needs a strong leader beside him to talk him through a game and make sure he is always in the right position. Then his lack of pace won't be a problem.

I can understand why many people feel Maguire hasn't lived up to his billing/ price tag. I said at the time there are better players available for half the price.

08 Jan 2020 10:13:32
Maguire should never have been bought. What a waste of money!

08 Jan 2020 10:39:09
when was Jose was in for him we were getting him for 50m which would have been apt.
We don't have a transfer startegy of our own
When lvg left we signed Herrera, a Target of Moyes, and we baulked at paying a few millions more in the summer and spent the season without a midfield.

08 Jan 2020 10:59:49
the defense gets no help from the midfield.

teams just walk through us.

08 Jan 2020 11:01:57
Maguire is our best CB at the moment.

08 Jan 2020 11:35:33
When are we going to start having a serious conversation about how bad Victor Lindelof is?

08 Jan 2020 11:40:37
Rio Ferdinand had poor positional sense? Is that the same Rio Ferdinand who talked everyone of his CB partners through the game and told them where they needed to be? Arguably one of the best centre backs in English football.

Ludicrous comment.

08 Jan 2020 12:08:59
DLIB, Victor can't head, can run and he is not the ball playing CB we craved for years. Smalling would have done better instead of that Clown.

08 Jan 2020 12:11:41
TDK it is strange world we live in today, no person who has actually achieved something is safe. Rio had poor positional sense, klopp was lucky to survive the first 18 months at liverpool, lingard is just like park. The nuggets of wisdom from ole supporters just don't stop.

08 Jan 2020 12:41:28
Herrera should never have been allowed to leave the club. What I would do to have him back in that midfield three.

Technically not the best CM but gave 100% and did a job.

08 Jan 2020 12:52:01
Hold on CSM, don't tarnish all Ole supporters with those gems!

08 Jan 2020 13:17:21
Rio Ferdinand was a supreme ball playing centre back. But for large parts of his career it was his recovery pace that got him out of jail.

If his positioning was so good he wouldn't have needed that recovery pace in the first place. His positioning did improve towards the back end of his career.

But he never had to talk Sol Campbell, John Terry or Nemanja Vidic through a game. He shouted a lot but often after a mistake had been made, whereas if he was that good at positioning himself or talking his teammates through a game then those mistakes wouldn't have happened in the first place.

There seems to be this idea that past great players were perfect and never made mistakes or had class to their game. That's ludicrous.

08 Jan 2020 15:50:25
Please don't mention Rio Ferdiand on the same page as Victor Lindleoff. Lindleoff is absolutley awful.

In his fisrt season he was very bad and only got slightly better afte that but not much. I've listened to some on here praise him and kept my mouth shut because it seemed everyone thought he was great. He's not!

I mean a centre half who can't head it!? He's can't move his feet to clesr the ball hence the crap cleareance (Arsenal) own goal (everton) and embarassing effort last night after miss placing a 5 yard header.

All the great players had bad days and got caught out but let's not pretend Victor is on of those please!

08 Jan 2020 18:05:50
Rio ferdinand did not have poor positional sense that's wrong. He was a top class centre back in every sense.
His partnership with vidic was excellent because they complimented each other well.
1 a great ball winner the other a lovely footballer that covered vidic when he went to attack a ball. Rio played that role so well because of his excellent positional sense.

08 Jan 2020 18:16:21
Rio didn't have excellent positional sense. He had a good pair of ears and listened to what VDS was saying to him.

There was a time when people argued Wes Brown should start ahead of Rio due to the mistakes he made and the space he left behind him.

Rio became a top top centre back, but to argue he was perfect and had no flaws in his game is looking back with fanciful rose tinted glasses.

08 Jan 2020 18:24:52
How is Maguire even captain?

He doesn't talk.
He doesn't organise

He's not and will never be a leader.

He's decent I air and on ball but that's it.

Dunk is faster and has better positional sense. He's just as good in the air and on the ball.

Lindeloff worst game by far against city.

We don't have a good enough CB to challenge.

We definitely need 2x Cbs.

08 Jan 2020 18:52:49
Who argued he was perfect shappy?
He positional sense was excellent. Read saf books read comments from all his previous partners who believe it or not know so much more than you and your ability to argue your crap smells like roses.
Of course he improved with experience i think you will find that's the case with 99.9% of cb's
Honestly i think you suffer from the written form of verbal diahreagh. 😂.

08 Jan 2020 19:06:10
No one is saying he never made a mistake or had a bad game but that doesn't mean he had poor positional sense. And it also doesn't mean it because he had pace. Rio poor positional sense but Vidic good positional sense? Give me some of what your smoking mate.

And also there seems to be this idea that past great players make good managers, even when they clearly have no idea how to change a formation or tactic during a game but some would rather write a pointless 400 word essay on why we should all blindly support him because they don't want to man up and say I'm wrong.

08 Jan 2020 19:34:11
Rio was world class. There’s no debate in my book. A prime Ferdinand walks into any side imo.

{Ed025's Note - im with you caolan..

08 Jan 2020 20:49:50
He’d probably still make the side Ed.

{Ed025's Note - he would be your best player caolan.. :)

08 Jan 2020 23:16:53
Maguire prefers to play on the left side and has made as many errors as Lindelof. I understand that he may need time but he's come from the premier league so shouldn't need loads of time to adapt. He's very good in the air and good at nipping in when the ball is coming through but seems suspect at tackling and when players are running at him.



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