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03 Jan 2020 19:25:52
Greetings Ed. Good day.
Do you think that Man United board realised that sacking managers is not the solution, with wrong manager on-board ?


{Ed001's Note - yes, that is a very good way to sum it up. They need to sack this particular manager, but they are desperate not to do so. It is a real problem.}

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03 Jan 2020 23:29:42
if we get beat by wolves and spanked by city i think most fans will turn.

03 Jan 2020 23:13:48
We lack a real leader is the whole club, one that makes strong decisions, gives clarity. Embarrassing situation.

03 Jan 2020 23:58:05
Thanks Ed001.
The supporters see lots of positives and negatives. Do you see any negative other than the negatives that are being daily discussed such as Not turning for a match against top 6, consistently., Failure to make make subs at the right time, players yet to pull more than 4/ 5 passes together, etc.,
What do think about Jesse Lingard as a player and his last year form? Do he still warrant a place ahead of Pierrera?

Sorry for too many questions mate.
Have a great day, Ed.

{Ed001's Note - I think Ole is just so weak it is embarrassing and I hate seeing a manager grim gormlessly at the best of times, but to do it when your team has just been beaten makes me fear for his mental health.

Lingard is not as bad as some United fans like to make it, but he is not good enough to be a starter. He is like a worse version of John O'Shea, a cover player for injuries and should only play when you are missing a few players. He clearly is missing something in the mentality department, as he lacks that drive and fire to win. Lingard works hard, but it is not all out for the cause, it lacks that focus of a winner. I would have to wonder about the way he has been trained over the years as his technique does not seem to have done anything but get worse. To me he is a symptom of the weak squad, he should have been upgraded on by now and been sold on, instead he is still a key part of the squad.

Pereira is another one who should be, at best, a fringe player. He has shown no improvement and no genuine quality to be starting. Even now with a stretched squad you have to question why he is in the team. Why not Garner? Much better player already and he could be gaining experience and growing into the player he should be.}

04 Jan 2020 00:14:31
Ooooo here's hoping! *rubs hands in anticipation* 🙄.

04 Jan 2020 06:36:23
Hi Ed001, hope you're good. Have you heard any more about the training sessions/ coaching? I remember you saying earlier in the season that the players were finding the sessions too relaxed etc. Are the players still behind the manager?

{Ed001's Note - I haven't actually heard since, I will ask, but I would think most of the players are still with him as there have been very few rumblings about disagreements. Only Pogba, but he is trying to force his way out, so that is a different thing.}

04 Jan 2020 09:05:42
No wonder some of our talented youngsters want out ed001.

{Ed001's Note - it doesn't bode well for them. It is difficult though to try and keep them happy when they know there are other teams that can offer them a regular first team place. If you are Garner, Chong or Gomes sat there watching Lingard or Pereira play at the moment, neither seem to be offering anything, and you see Matic lumbering around in midfield and you are not getting a game, do you see a future for yourself?}

04 Jan 2020 10:06:45
I wouldn't if I was in there boots. And I'd be asking to get out the door. Seems to me that's what some are doing.

Even Williams who has played in recent games must scratch his had looking at Shaw getting his games.

{Ed001's Note - I really don't understand why Ole can't see that Shaw is not working out. His performances are concerning if you ask me. Admittedly he is not being helped by having that hopeless lump of wood next to him in defence and Matic in midfield lacks the mobility these days to get across and cover. But Shaw himself is just not doing enough to deserve a place. He offers no threat going forward and is hopeless defensively. Williams looks a genuine threat going forward and is decent defensively. Work with Williams and just explain to Shaw what he needs to do to win his place back. If Shaw isn't willing to do what is needed, then it is time to get rid.}

04 Jan 2020 10:54:25

Hopeless piece of Wood, by that do you mean Maguire.

For me Shaw lack of positional awareness is glaringly obvious. He also looks unfit and struggles to track back. William's has the right attitude and has played very well. The kid is still learning. Its quite concerning that he is leading by example on the pitche, where players like Lingard arent.

Maguire's lackb of mobility and pace has always been a concern to me. His technique isn't particularly great either.

Lindelof is abit hit and miss as well. Perhaps it's a lack. of the right coaching aswell?

{Ed001's Note - yes mate I did mean Maguire. Terrible buy, you have to wonder why the scouts did not see that when I could. They are being paid to know these things but still aren't spotting them - worryingly.

Shaw really does seem to be just genuinely dense. He reminds me of when Moreno was at Liverpool, without the effort and fitness. He just charges forward with no thought and then needs to get his breath back. Williams is already well ahead of him imo.

Maguire has no positional sense either, which would make his lack of mobility, pace and technique less of a problem. Trouble is you see him after you have conceded and he is always in the wrong place and looking around for someone else to blame. Just get yourself in the right place to start with!

Lindelöf was looking a player before, but he seems to be getting worse. That does suggest coaching is an issue, as it is difficult to point to a single player that is looking to have improved.}

04 Jan 2020 13:34:00
Cheers ED001.

Another thing aswell. Maguire has missed some sitters with his head this season aswell.

Imagine what he will be like when he is 30, 31 and has lost some more pace. Its embarrassing watching him struggle so easily.

{Ed001's Note - how did any scout think he was worth a world record fee? This is the problem when you limit them to looking for Brits. There is so little choice.}

04 Jan 2020 16:16:35
Thank you ed, there were plenty better options out there than Maguire yet the club were fixated on him and happy to get rinsed. Leicester must be laughing there backsides off at us.

{Ed001's Note - it was because he was British. }

04 Jan 2020 21:34:28
I still think lindelof is a far better CB and will be okay providing that we update our coach.



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