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02 Jan 2020 21:14:26
Jesus, we lost a game, didn’t play well, but the wringing of hands and emotional outbursts today have been stunning.

We know we are inconsistent, we know we have ups and downs, we know we need to strengthen. So why, after every loss, do the usual suspects line up to tell us Ole should be sacked, along with hyperbole and stamping of feet?

I’m not sure anyone thinks Ole is the long term answer, but simply changing Manager is unlikely to bring instant success (as we have already seen) . The age of the team and squad is being reduced, overpaid players who aren’t committed are being released (please God Pogba leaves soon) . We are looking to strengthen and if we buy well then hopefully we will continue to progress.

We will win some more, and we will have some poor performances but knees jerking all over the place don’t help. We are 5th, any semblance of consistency will move us into the top 4. We’ve looked strong against the bigger teams which is encouraging, we need to be more clinical and add some quality.

I took a break From here recently due to the obsessive negativity but every time we lose a game it’s out in full force.

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02 Jan 2020 21:39:57
Great post Tony 👍.

02 Jan 2020 21:41:13

So you acknowledge Ole is not the long term answer but we should keep him in place because getting a new manager won’t bring instant success. Flawed logic.

We should have someone in place who knows the direction, can set a direction, can set a pattern of play. I think most know there won’t be instant success but I don’t hold the opinion that meandering in the wrong direction is the right move just for false stability sake.

02 Jan 2020 21:54:21
Red man, you're living in the past. Managers rarely dictate the direction of a club, and they certainly don't when the club is as big as ours.

If a big personality such as Mourinho can't dictate the direction of the club then no manager will.

If you're expecting that to happen then you'll be back on here in 18 months declaring the next manager not good enough and needs sacking.

If we sack Ole now then what? You bemoaned the club not doing their due diligence when hiring Ole yet you expect them to pull a rabbit out the hat and find the perfect candidate right now.

On what basis do you believe that the people who hired Moyes, LvG, Jose and Ole will get the next manager right?

If the club are serious about changing the structure, and are looking to bring in a DoF or technical director to work with a manager then shouldn't that DoF be part of the hiring process as they will have to work directly with the manager.

There are deep issues with the depth and quality of our squad, problems a manager can't fix without significant investment in the transfer window or significant time (3-4 years) developing our young players to fill the void.

I understand people aren't happy with the current results, but what is the answer? All people seem to be suggesting is the same old story of sack the manager.

It hasn't worked, it didn't work when we sacked Moyes, it didn't work when we sacked LvG and it doesn't appear to be working after we sacked Jose.

So just why do you think it will work this time?

02 Jan 2020 22:05:02
Red Man, that’s not what I said, I don’t have an answer. It’s the same people posting the same things after every loss that is wearing. Like it or not, it seems he is here for the season so stamping feet and pouting lips isn’t going to achieve anything.

LVG didn’t work, Jose didn’t work (I know you disagree), the squad is being reshaped and like it or not, there will be a lot of ups and downs.

02 Jan 2020 22:07:24
Ajh you didn't take a break from the negativity when a previous manager needed firing in fact you often stoked it and you were very vocal about your thoughts.
Redman just doing likewise now.
Not one poster that comes on here can moan about repetition they don't like, as all of us you included bang our particular drum at any given time.
I very much include myself in that too AJH.
I don't like watching martial and all i see is the negatives about him so i tent to be negative about him. But at least i'm consistent.
Others were like that about zlatan.
You are about pogba
Redman and others are about ole.
I think its fair to say he has a bee in his bonnet😂
Some had a bee in their bonnet about jose and wete just as vocal and called him worse than a failed cardiff manager .
Others take a break too when they don't like what their reading can't say it ever bothers me.
Ive no problem with any opinion i have being proved wrong over time or indeed changing my opinion over time. If ole gets it right and we start improving and challenging for a league title in 18 months then ill be fist to say i got it wrong until then we can expect calls for his sacking daily.
Im resigned to him seeing out the season but i wouldn't be in favour of that decision unless the club have a clear plan on replacing him in the summer.

02 Jan 2020 22:12:17
Your right, ole will be here till May at least. Results will be up and down and we will be inconsistent. there's nothing we can do as fans so is there any point making ourselves miserable over it? The decisions will be made one way or another and they won't be based on what we think.

{Ed047's Note - I think that’s what makes people the most miserable, the fact they can’t do anything about it mate.

02 Jan 2020 22:14:51

I didn’t ask for Mourinho’s sacking, when nearly everyone else was screaming for his head, including you. So your assertion on me about 18 months time is yet again incorrect.

Sticking with the wrong manager because of an emotional connection is also not going to work. There are several managers, immediately available who offer far better options for the club. Yes there are other areas in the club to fix but get a better qualified manager instead of continuing with the emotional roller coaster.

02 Jan 2020 22:25:44
To eds point, I think that's why so many do come on here to vent, it's our only platform to outwardly voice our discontent. We know we can do nothing and that breeds anger at times which spills out.

{Ed047's Note - that’s us human beings 🤷‍♂️

02 Jan 2020 22:38:05
Shappy, nobody is asking them to pull any rabbits out of their hats. Just get in a proper coach, that's it. Ole is a complete amateur.

You wrote another long post on the discussions bemoaning player choice, having off days etc etc, every excuse for a manager that should be nowhere near this club.

A win rate of something like 30%, 21 games, 7 draws and 6 losses and none of it is his fault going by your posts.

It would've been great if you had put the same faith in Jose, hypocritical stuff yet again from you.

02 Jan 2020 22:40:29
Red man, no one would ever believe you would call for the sacking of Saint Jose.

The man could do no wrong in your eyes. Personally I feel that your bitterness of José's sacking plays a large part in your spitefulness towards Ole.

But just remember, Jose is the failed Chelsea manager (twice), the failed Real Madrid manager and the failed United manager.

02 Jan 2020 22:48:43
I agree NI .
Anybody can give their opinion as often as they like. Just Passover what you don't want to read.
Everyone of us live in a glass house in that regard so can't afford to throw too many stones.

02 Jan 2020 22:54:42
That was what made me laugh earlier, somebody actually posted once again saying I’m the reason why we aren’t very good, because I’m accepting mediocrity, like anything I say or we say on here makes any difference. The hyperbole and I told you so after every defeat is crazy, even one of the Ed’s joins in mocking me whenever I try and suggest that there are positives. 2 defeats in 9 games, 5 points off top 4 and in every cup comp and people are so spoilt they think the season is over.

02 Jan 2020 23:00:14
Shappy your bitterness towards jose is clouding your judgement on ole imo.

02 Jan 2020 23:00:53
Tony, you and Shappy post the same long winded posts arguing the sacking of Ole as much as us fans who think he is out of his depth. None of us a reinventing the wheel with our posts.

The simple fact is, if Ole was doing his job well then we wouldn't be on here every freak pissed off. He is the manager of Manchester United. The list of teams that have beaten us since he took over are criminal. He has a worst record that Moyes who lasted 7 months. We're worse off in the league than when we sacked Jose.

I get all your points. Constant upheaval is never productive. But the reason a part of the fan base come on here constantly and have a Go, is because there are a lot of performances that are unacceptable.

What a competent manager would bring would be consistency. We would have direction. Results would improve, morale would improve. Less focus on the board if on the pitch was better.

Just because the last manager didn't work doesn't mean we should let a poor one keep his job.

02 Jan 2020 23:03:22
He won the league with Chelsea he won the league with madrid and wad the most successful united massager since fergie too shappy.
Was raneri a failure at Leicester because he couldn't repeat his heroics and got fired.
Some of the points you make are nonsensical and totally brought up on complete bias or just completely made up.

02 Jan 2020 23:13:12
What are you on about shappy.

02 Jan 2020 23:30:03
What's the saying? Lunacy is making the same decision time and time again expecting a different result.

You lot keep buying shiny new expensive players (pogba, zlatan Sanchez McGuire) .2nd highest spenders over both 5 and 10 years.

You change manager on average every 18/ 20 months since fergie and nothing changes.

Owners, directors however keep on grinding the money mill.

FSG are the reason LFC are where we are at the moment, Klopp and the squad are all a result of them, mistakes were made early doors but they learnt from them.

02 Jan 2020 23:33:31
the failed one shappy as you say has won more than the failed cardif manager.

03 Jan 2020 00:38:22
Tony, I just don't understand why people want to complain about posters making their views heard. If you don't like a post, don't read it. But to tell us that you're bored of reading posts while you post stuff, is taking the proverbial.
I've always said, everyone has the right to write what they want as often as they want. And I'd you don't like it, then don't read it.

03 Jan 2020 04:25:44
Sacking the manager is not the answer.

Fix the structure of the club. Full stop.

Else the same cycle will continue with a new manager.
Same people will keep whining, moaning with knee jerk reaction after every game.

03 Jan 2020 06:37:09
Shappy tries so hard to defend Ole that he hits out at other managers. Mourinho’s trophies tell a totally different story to Ole’s but it doesn’t fit his narrative and as can be observed when he is on the losing side of an argument Shappy hits out spitefully.

The longer this farce, this emotionally driven support of the manager, who has no credentials, continues the worse the damage.

03 Jan 2020 06:46:03
Ken your bitterness towards shappy is clouding your judgement on Ole imo 😂😂😂.

03 Jan 2020 06:55:29
United had never gone 500 minutes without scoring from open play until. Solskjaer.
United have never gathered under 30 points in the PL era by Boxing Day until. Solskjaer.
United had won their last 4 matches to open a new calendar year until. Solskjaer.
Since getting the job full-time, Ole Gunnar Solskajer's win rate at Manchester United is just 29.5%. (What was Mourinho’s Shappy? )

Another day has gone by where the club showed indecision.

03 Jan 2020 06:56:25
Mumbles, I am ambivalent about Ole and have said several times I don’t think he is the answer. However, he is being given time to reshape the squad, reduce the age, bring through youngsters. I’m not convinced ‘top’ Managers would do that, they would chase instant success with big signings and we have seen that fail continually for the last few years.

People were taking about relegation a few weeks ago, then we beat Spurs and City and people started being positive, a couple of bad games and we’re all doomed.

My wider point is like it or not it looks like we are stuck with it this year so I don’t see the need for continual ‘sack Ole’ posts. That doesn’t mean I think he’s the right guy, it means I’ve accepted it’s not going to change any time soon.

The club needs a lot or restructuring but it would be good for Ole to do a couple of things:

1. Stop being so laid back after defeats and poor performances, show some passion and anger.
2. Stop bigging up Pogba, preferably sell him this window.
3. Demand midfield reinforcements this window.

03 Jan 2020 07:04:45
Shappy it’s very well known your dislike of Jose clouded your view of him whilst he was here. As people have said, he is our most successful manager since fergie. But now it’s not ok to criticise your darling Ole? I seem to remember you got very personally when it came to Jose. I don’t think Red man has said anything that hasn’t been true. You can wish ole to be a success but when someone hasn’t got it, they simply haven’t got it.

03 Jan 2020 07:06:24
lol Rossi.

03 Jan 2020 08:03:19
It says it all when a Scouser comes on the United page and talks more sense than half the United fans.

At this rate the club will need to be rebranded as Manchester Divided.

Also I'm not sure how my post was spiteful? All I did was point out how silly it is to refer to any manager as the failed one, as nearly all managers have been sacked at some point so have at one time been a failure, as no one gets sacked for succeeding.

My defence of Ole over the last couple of months has subtly changed although most people tend to see the name of the poster and then read what they expect to read rather than what is being written.

My original hope was that Ole could learn on the job and develop. Sadly that doesn't appear to be happening, or at least not quickly enough. I'm resigned to the fact that Ole will be sacked and when it does happen his results will make it impossible to argue that it was the wrong decision.

My defence of Ole if you want to call it that over the last couple of months haven't been based around him being good enough, but about the timing and longer term planning that needs to be considered around moving him on.

We have made this mistake several times before in the recent past. If/ when we sack Ole who takes over? What is the longer term plan? What structure will the club have? How will the new manager fit into that?

Most fans argument for sacking Ole right away is entirely based on short term up turn in results.

That short term vision put us in this situation and it won't get us out of it.

Sacking Ole is pointless without a longer term plan/ strategy. We will just be cementing the idea that we are a club in disarray who sack managers the moment things get rocky. I'm sure that will make us a very attractive proposition for top managers.

03 Jan 2020 09:02:11
Shappy time will prove you wrong.



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