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02 Jan 2020 19:27:45
Defending Ole is not logical, because his record, the only relevant record, is that of a failed Cardiff manager. The only time it worked with us was a few games as a temp when there was no pressure. His permanent record, the only relevant record is shocking. People defend him because of who he is, or because we can't sack another manager or look at his record as a temp, not because he knows what he is doing. All wrong.

It is day 2 of another transfer window and we are now going to allow the failed relegated Cardiff manager to define the future of our once great club. If he chooses the players, we are letting a failed inexperienced manager set the direction. If the transfer committee choose, then they will either be doing it based on what Ole looks for or a sterile choice they think the club needs that could work with Ole. If we spend too much and have to sack Solskjaer later in the season the coffers are empty based on the direction set by a failed manager. Which player is going to want to come to play for a failed Cardiff manager? Even Haaland wasn't convinced.

It seems the club can't bring themselves to make a firm decision. Obscurity is calling and it appears the club are too bothered about being even handed with Solskjaer. I call on United to stop dithering, make the decision now, end this over emotional sentimental experiment before more damage is done.

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02 Jan 2020 19:53:47
Good post Red Man. Felt like last night was a new low, really was terrible viewing. I could write a lot about the lack of a tactical plan, team identity or direction, but I'm sure it's already been said.

But did anyone else see Ole smiling in the interview after the game? Even Van Persie picked up on it. This is a man whos one qualification for the job was his love and understanding of the club, and he smiles after watching that performance?

It just made me remember the times we'd have lost under fergie, where he'd have conducted the interview with full red face, give short answers and blame everything from the pitch to the referee.

And you just knew the players were getting the hairdryer. How can Ole instill any fear into a dressing room? He commands about as much respect as Mr Blobby.

02 Jan 2020 20:13:50
I remember the interview SAF did after WINNING a Scottish cup and he wasn’t satisfied. I saw another comment from Ole about this season just setting up for next season, I am sure supporters don’t agree with giving up in December. I wonder how sponsors feel about that attitude. It is untenable.

02 Jan 2020 20:22:11
Rinse repeat. rinse repeat. rinse repeat . ad nauseam.
You might be right but “the failed Cardiff manager” again and again and again blah blah. Mate I might even agree with you but. failed Cardiff manager purlease . again . yawnzzzzz.

02 Jan 2020 20:45:32
There are a lot of assumptions being made here:

1. We're going to buy someone in January
2. There are any better managers available who want to work for Woodward.
3. That the reason Haaland didn't come to United was because of Ole
4. There are any top class players who want to play for United while Woodward is in charge, when so many more attractive clubs are also knocking at their door.
5. The transfer committee would know how to select the right player even if he were available and staring them in the face.

The executive team is a joke. Any plans they have had, decent or otherwise, they have been unable to hold onto, bowing to the whims of the press and the so called toxic fans. Ole was a great example. They were going to wait until the end of the season. There was no reason to do otherwise unless, as I suspect, they had conducted a search and had come to the realization that #2 above was the case.

Ole is a symptom, not the disease.

02 Jan 2020 21:09:12
I tend to agree with you as you know.
I know how frustrated you are and i know how passionate you are for the club and the respect you had for ole as a player.
You instance on referring to him as 'the failed cardiff manager' most of the time comes across badly.
I believe like you there is an emotional connection. This connection must be broken but in a respectful way and it can be respectful.
I genuinely believe that while if ole is fired about 1% of the fan base will be delighted 98% would be saddened but see it is the sensible decision and only 1% would be up in arms.
A lot of the 98% that i fall into realised some time ago that he just isn't up to it. Another batch of that 98% still have some hope and belief it might come good but if the board call a halt to it they will accept it well i think.
His record is not good and getting worse.
Like a lot of us i do see some grren shoots within the squad. I do see good bones to work around and build a winning squad and team. But sadly i don't think ole is the man to bring those players forward.
It looks like he will be given until the summer and a review will take place. In the hope that he can guide us into the top 4 or win the EL. Personally i think both are a very big long shot.
Tough tie v wolves let's hope someone gives him a mark robins moment and we go on to win the cup.

02 Jan 2020 21:12:38
Couldn’t agree more red man. Good post.

02 Jan 2020 21:25:03

Yes, lots of respect for Ole the player. I would not be delighted if Ole is sacked, more relieved that we can get on with making a logical not emotional decision on the next manager. Yes I am frustrated because I see it like Ed002 sees it, have done since they made him permanent far too early.
Tough against Wolves and against City. We are so inconsistent who knows what could happen.

02 Jan 2020 21:31:20
Very much in aggreance with you Ken.

02 Jan 2020 22:06:08
ZzzzzzzzzzzzzZzz, same old same old.

02 Jan 2020 22:24:53
He's right though AJH.

02 Jan 2020 22:59:42
Red man,

Your posts don’t come across like you have ‘a lot of respect’ for Ole, the failed Cardiff manager nonsense is quite frankly embarrassing and just takes any credibility away from the rest of your posts. A lot of what you say is correct, I don’t agree with all of it, but I just don’t get wound up and call for a sacking every time we lose or win or have a training session.

02 Jan 2020 23:32:47
Last6 epl games

Won 3, draw 1, lost 2

Including playing and beating our local rivals and epl champions.

Liv, City and Watford have a better record.

Sheff utd have the same record.

That is the only record that matters. Not some rinsed and repeated nonsense that spews forth everytime in the place of an "I told you so" at every dropped point. 3 years ago he relegated Cardiff. I mean seriously, CARDIFF!

Judge the guy on what he is doing now. Judge him for poor selections. Team showed no commitment. The color of his clothing. But please drop this rubbish now, it is embarrassing.

03 Jan 2020 00:11:23
None of us can say we havnt lost the head on here from time to time or been repetitive or even been disrespectful to each other or towards a player or manager.
I think what we are seeing is exactly what we saw with jose, (not so much with lvg and moyes where the vast majority were all of the same opinion all at the same time), with every defeat or poor performance the greater the swell for his sacking as more and more of the undecided make their mind up that this manager is not working.
I wanted jose to resign the day the summer window shut as he had lost the faith of his bosses and eventually the dressing room followed.
At the beginning of the season i claimed ole should be judged at xmas. But i jumped over in late november and gave up hope. With every defeat and poor game since others are doing what i did and made their mind up and that will continue if he can't win 3 or 4 on the bounce. A new manager won't come in and win a league nobody expects that. But steady improvement is all we can hope for. 1 year and 150m spent ole has taken us backwards. Zero improvement.
As bolger on another thread pointed out if you include his time as temporary manager it proves the longer he has had with the players the results have got worse and worse.
Yet the door is still ajar because unlike every other season there seems to be a top 3 not a top 4 and there is half a dozen clubs chasing that elusive 4th spot.
Just think if a new manager game in and we had an immediate bounce and we win 4 on the bounce then 4th is a more realistic possibility. Some still think because we still have a chance of top 4 then ole should have the opportunity to go for it. I don't agree.
Ole took over a poor squad. But they had got to 3 cup finals in 2 years winning 2 and been 2nd in the league the season before. He has taken that poor squad spent 150m and moulded it into an even poorer squad. That the reality as i look at it as a Manchester United fanatic.

03 Jan 2020 04:38:37
Red Man. Will sacking Ole improve the tranfer dealings or the structure of the club or the huge wages offered to mediocre players?

You are missing the bigger picture. The decision makers have screwed up with Allegri. Sack Ole and we may end with Big Sam next.
Because of the amateurs running the club, we are no longer an attractive club to the best players and managers.

However under Ole, there are lot more positives than negatives.
There is more work ethic and commitment from the players now than the eras of Josse, LVG and Moyes combined.

03 Jan 2020 07:03:08
More positives than negatives under Ole, are you a parody account? As a former management consultant I understand more than nearly everyone on here how to look at the bigger picture, at structure and how to solve it so I am not missing it. There is more than the manager but Ole is a symptom of the structure, stymied into not making a decision. If the manager is in place is wrong, they are wrong and you have to deal with to protect the business in the immediate future.

Running around like headless chickens is what you think is good, whilst being tactically inept.



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