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28 Dec 2019 23:47:07
That’s a massive win. I really enjoyed it because we haven’t kept a clean sheet in a while and we beat a team that is notoriously physical and difficult to beat. You have to have a strong appetite and work rate to beat a team like Burnley. We had that in abundance.

Martial was brilliant and has been for the past few weeks. You can see he is playing with the bit between his teeth - making runs and stretching the defence. He clearly has a lot of talent. But his attitude has always been in question. If he can play with consistency then he will fulfil his huge talent. Something I have noticed is how genuinely happy Rashford and Martial are for each other when each other scores. That is very rare nowadays, so it’s great to see.

Fred was very good again today. He really has stepped up and I love his energy and tenacity, something we have lacked for years, and something we lost when Herrera left. I’m so pleased for him.

Dan james took a battering today yet still got an assist. That’s 6 now in the league - only Trent, de Bruyne and son have more. Phenomenal for someone who has just come up from the championship. He’s still raw and should be rotated with greenwood. But there’s a player there. And at £15m, that’s a steal.

There is some exciting talent in this side. Some obvious gaps we need to fill with quality signings, but nonetheless there is reason to be optimistic. It all depends on whether we can put a run together and really push hard for top 4. Without sounding negative, I’m still not 100% sold. We have shown we are a side capable of beating the top sides (city and spurs), and then the following week we lose to the bottom side (Watford) . Until I see evidence Ole has figured out how to beat the smaller teams on a regular basis, I can’t fully relax and have 100% faith that we will be back where we need to be. I hope I’m proven wrong and I want Ole to smash it. I’m just trying to enjoy each week as it comes and hoping we can do it.

Have a great New Year everyone and here’s to 2020 being a year to remember for United. Thanks to all the Eds you have been great, especially Ed047 whose input has been stellar.

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29 Dec 2019 00:39:18
It's easy to see something after it happens .

29 Dec 2019 05:27:47
This is the Martial we want to see.
Many have rightly had a go at him because of his don't care attitude.

But the last 2 games from him have been brilliant. He showed work ethic, aggression and closed down the goal keeper regularly.
This is what everyone wants to see from him every week.

Great effort from the whole team considering we had just 48 hours time for recovery.

Our forwards still need to get those tap ins, those nasty goals.
Brandon Williams produced 3 top class crosses which should have been put in the back of the net.

Encouraging signs. Let's hope we improve our consistency in 2020 :)

29 Dec 2019 10:06:10
What does that even mean jred? Digs again? It’s what you do.

{Ed047's Note - morning Park, thanks for the mention and have a great 2020 yourself mate!

29 Dec 2019 10:37:13
A week ago ole had to be sacked and half the team sold. Have things really changed so much in a week.

29 Dec 2019 11:42:32

We beat two fellow mid table teams, Newcastle and Burnley and now everything is fine, have things really changed so much in a week? works both ways. I am always pleased to win and winning yesterday is very welcome. I think we have Ole until Spring and they will see where we finish in the table.

29 Dec 2019 11:05:01
You too ed!

Jred - at least I come here and give my opinion when we win or lose. You hide when we lose then when we win you go after posters for what they’ve said the previous week. I stand by my view of Ole. I don’t think he’s good enough and I would rather a better manager. If you read my post, I say that I’m not fully sold. But I can appreciate and credit a good performance. So how about you give your opinion instead of jumping and sniping at others? Just a thought mate. Anyway hope you had a great Xmas and happy new year.

29 Dec 2019 12:41:55
Park an excellent post and very balanced and positive as the performance deserved praise. So not sure why some people have got their knickers in a twist about it. We performed extremely well and got 3 very important points. I enjoyed the match and our attitude.
We cannot be more complimentary about it, hope the consistency will follow and we carry this form into the second half of the season. There's nothing stopping us from doing so.

29 Dec 2019 13:21:12
People were talking about relegation a few weeks ago, Knees were jerking all over the place. Depending on whether we can get consistent I see us between 3rd and 8th.

29 Dec 2019 14:09:34
I'm with AJ. It's one extreme to the other. Talk of relegation battles was ridiculous.

Its obvious we have an imbalanced squad and the buying team didn't do enough in the summer. There have been some awful performances and results and we should be 10 points better off. But waving a magic wand doesn't solve everything.

29 Dec 2019 14:51:07
Park I don't hide I just don't reply to the frankly ridiculous post.
People shouting for the manager to be sacked each time we lose a game? That Watford game is our only lose in the last 13 games .
Or going on about us getting relegated, martial never a striker etc .
My opinion hasn't changed I like the direction the club has taken, I think ole has been a breath of fresh air and I'm pleased the way things are going . And martial is a striker. It takes time.
Redman spurs and city aren't midtable teams and I honestly don't think we will be relegated this season.

29 Dec 2019 15:07:37
Yes because people that want Ole out only react on a one game basis. Pretty insulting to many long standing fans like red man/ AAA who have supported the club for a long time. It’s ridiculous that if you have any opinion that suggests Ole is not good enough, you are jumped on an attacked. Nobody jumps on your opinion that you like Ole and support him. I can enjoy games and give a complimentary post, as well as believe we would be better under a better manager. They are not mutually exclusive. I didn’t realise you were the one that got to judge how people support the team. And you do like to have digs at people.

29 Dec 2019 15:30:38
Park, just like anyone like myself, who thinks Ole should be given a bit of a chance, are accused of being over-emotional, sentimental fools who herald bright, new dawns everytime we win a game? As a long-standing supporter, I find that quite insulting to be fair 😉.

29 Dec 2019 15:47:54
Redman has made his mind up on ole, he will openly tell you he wanted ole sacked before a ball had been kicked .
But that's his opinion and he will stick to it and won't be happy until he is sacked .
I don't get people who shout for a manager to be sacked on the back of a bad result but each to there own.
One day ole will get sacked, imo before a ball has been kicked is a bit early so is after 12 month, especially under the circumstances.
But again each to there own.

29 Dec 2019 16:07:23
And you are entitled to that opinion Stevie! I just don’t appreciate someone sniping at me or others when they decide to compliment the team, even though they don’t think Ole is the right man. Like I said, you can enjoy a win and also still have that view.

29 Dec 2019 16:35:16

I said and still feel the OGS is not qualified to be the manager, esteemed Ed02 said the same. I would be happy, because I support the club, if Ole demonstrated he had got the skills by doing something appropriate but I don’t think he will. I sense we will waste this season and possibly next, waiting for him to do it and then when it doesn’t work, have to start again. The club comes first so if it did work I would be happy.

I am not shouting, as you put it, for Ole to be sacked after one game, being Watford or anyone else, it is on the basis of his record here and at Cardiff and his chronic lack of experience.

29 Dec 2019 16:41:43
To be fair to you you wanted him sacked before a ball had been kicked you have stood by that opinion.

29 Dec 2019 21:29:01
Redman, I have a feeling you will be vindicated at some point.

But we support them matter what. It was nice to see us beating Burnley and Newcastle the last 2 games and hopefully the consistency continues because the way other teams around us are imploding, top 4 should be a realistic goal.



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