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24 Dec 2019 21:30:29
I lost my job this month, last week I heard that an old work colleague had passed away. I shared this with another ex colleague who told me she was nursing her Mother through end of life care, and had just been told her 24 year old stepson has stage 4 cancer.

Football is just a game, passions run high, we love out club but in the big scheme of things there are far more important things to worry about.

Have a great Christmas, hug your loved ones, and find time to think of those less fortunate or who don’t have loved ones. Love to all. x.

{Ed047's Note - lost one of my best mates to cancer 5 days ago and there are definitely more important things to worry about. There but by the grace of god go all of us.

Have a great Christmas and good luck for next year AJH. Life is far too short.

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24 Dec 2019 22:37:18
Sorry to hear about you loosing your job ajh. Like you pointed out much more to life than just football. We take for granted for what we have.
I hope you find new employment soon. Happy Christmas to you All.

24 Dec 2019 22:45:33
I’m so sorry to hear that AJH and Ed.

Hope you both have an amazing Christmas!

I’ll pour one for you tonight 👍🏽.

{Ed047's Note - thanks Amz and you too.

24 Dec 2019 23:30:03
So sorry to hear that and I am sure things will look up for you soon and Merry Xmas to everyone.

24 Dec 2019 23:33:20
I know we're all strangers on here, but I genuinely wish you all the best, Tony. Unfortunately we're getting to that age now, where our loved ones are passing on. Coming from a big, tight-knit family, this year has been a hard one, personally. It's why I've said on here a few times, there's more important things than the outcome of 22 men kicking a ball round a field.

On a personal note, I hope all those in our emergency services who are working tomorrow, get back to their families safe and sound.

Happy Xmas, guys.

25 Dec 2019 01:13:15
Merry Christmas lads.

25 Dec 2019 03:56:18
My condolences to both of you ajh and ed. Merry Christmas to all on this site.

25 Dec 2019 05:13:21
Never a true word spoken. Enjoy those you've got and be thankful.

Thanks to everyone on the site, Ed's and posters alike.

25 Dec 2019 06:05:00

Sorry to hear of your losses and it is particularly sad to hear of someone at 24 in that situation. I lost both my parents and one of my brothers many many years ago, my remaining brother is in a bad way with Alzheimer’s. Also lost several of my friends this last year. As we get older it seems it moves from four weddings and a funeral to four funerals and a wedding.

Luckily I have a great wife and we have a family Christmas but today my thoughts and prayers always go out to those less fortunate. I have also had several unemployed Christmases (both times made redundant at the end of November) and found work in the New Year and am sure you will.
Have a Happy Christmas and if I could help you find work I would. Pity we can’t connect on LinkedIn. All the best.

25 Dec 2019 08:41:09
Thanks everyone, and sorry to hear of your losses. I lost one of my best friends when I was 32 and he was 42 and it brought home to me the fragility of life. I can get a bit too excited sometimes but I long ago realised that life is for living and enjoying, negativity and anger are just destructive emotions that get in the way.

I have a family Christmas, wife and 2 kids, my parents, and my wife’s Mother (her father died 3 years ago) and I’ll be cooking for us all for about the 15th consecutive year. There will be laughter, tears, and reflections.

We may disagree sometimes (or a lot of the time) but I think we all want the same thing, even Jaime!

Enjoy the festivities, here’s to a glorious 2020.

{Ed001's Note - fingers crossed for a better 2020 for you mate.}

25 Dec 2019 10:39:15
AJH and Ed. Sincere condolences must be really difficult for you to feel happy right now. Without meaning to sound preaching would like to tell you a story I heard. Bit cheesy but the message can give us all hope.

A man died and went upstairs where he was told he had to be judged about how he spent his life on earth to determine if he would then live in heaven or be sent to hell.

He was directed along a winding road. As he walked a big lorry with pikes of bags on passed. A little later a van with bags in passed. Just as he got to the court house a man on a bicycle with one bag rushed past.

Inside the court were a huge old fashioned set of weighing scales. On one pan all the bags from the lorry were emptied. The pan hit the floor. Then in the other pan the bags from the van. Nowhere near as many from the lorry but the scales started to almost balance. Then the bicycle man put on with the van bags his one little bag and miraculously the pans were exactly level.

The judge explained. In the lorry bags were all the bad things you did. In the van bags all the good. And in the bicycle bag was all the sad things and hard times you suffered on earth.

To which the man replied. God why didn't you give me hard times!

Moral of the story is that we never see the bigger picture and nobody can say why things happen. But have confidence in that just like as sure as day follows night there will be light in your lives.

{Ed047's Note - thank you mate, love the story, have a great one. 😊

25 Dec 2019 11:32:38
Condolences to you Tony and Ed. This site is like a family, a quirky and sometimes volatile family, but a beautiful one nonetheless. We may argue and debate till the cows come home about United, but at the end of the day it’s only a miniscule part of our lives. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas surrounded by their loved ones, and that 2020 is a cracking year full of love, joy and success. Many thanks to all the eds who have made this site what it is.

{Ed047's Note - thanks Park and that’s all very true, genuinely hope you all have a great Christmas and a fantastic 2020 with maybe positive things for both United and Arsenal as a little bonus.

25 Dec 2019 18:57:52
Tony, sorry to hear of your misfortune and losses. Hope Christmas brings you happiness and hope as it does for us all. Keep your chin up and things will get better.
In the meantime, hope the Reds can cheer you up. We're not the best at the moment but life goes round in circles and we'll soon be challenging and keeping us all happy.
And a big thank you to all the Eds for the fantastic work they do. Merry Christmas to all.

26 Dec 2019 12:18:54

Its awful to hear about the events in your life lately with you friends and family, we all wish you the best.

I haven't left a comment on this site for a good while but I really want to try and help you find employment again.

Where are you from? Its a longshot but I may be able to help out somehow.

I hope your Christmas has bought some smiles to you and your family this year.



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