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17 Dec 2019 15:07:28
Good afternoon ed001
What's your opinion on the situation with pogba.
Do you think he is injured or stalling his recovery? And will try to get his move in jan?
Or do you believe he is doing all he can to be back fit and playing asap.
Obviously there is rumour and counter rumour so its hard to know what's true.

{Ed001's Note - when you have a player worth his kind of money and being paid his wages who you want rid of, you get them in the team as much as possible. That is the only way to ensure you get the value when you sell.}

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17 Dec 2019 15:57:51
I agree. That's why i was wondering if he is stalling his recovery. Is he genuinely that unhappy? I find it hard to believe.

{Ed001's Note - as far as I can find out he just wants to move but is not particularly unhappy, just doesn't see a future at Man Utd.}

17 Dec 2019 16:53:43
That makes sense to be honest. I wonder where he will end up.

17 Dec 2019 17:02:48
Given Zidane is still in a job at the end of the season i believe he's Madrid bound. I do reckon we'll get a player from them in exchange, the question is who. I'd take Isco in a heartbeat personally.

17 Dec 2019 17:06:40
I don’t know Ken. Real’s interest seems to depend on us taking their unwanted players, and I can’t see that as a good option. Juve won’t have the funds either, so we better hope that PSG make a move. Otherwise it will be another 5 months of this nonsense.

17 Dec 2019 17:53:06
Yeah its hard to know Danny. This MIA stint is affecting his vaults somewhat is imagine.
I think madrid will go for him he has the advantage of not being cl cup tied.
If not keep his head down until the summer try to displace fred and play out the season. I just foresee more unnecessary dramas.

17 Dec 2019 18:07:03
Or he has been Injured and unwell?

17 Dec 2019 18:41:48
That's why i asked jred. Its hard to know what to believe.
I find it hard to believe he has not been injured.
But is he trying his best to be back asap?
Posts himself playing basketball then
2 hours after ole says he is sick he is posted on instagram dancing at his brothers wedding the night before.

Looking at it it looks to me like he is trying to pi## everyone at the club off including the fans so he can get the move he desperately wants.
I hope he gets a move in jan as i think its a win for all parties. Top talent and im sure he will thrive wherever he goes.

17 Dec 2019 19:40:23
As coincidences go, it’s a pretty big one. The sooner he is gone the better. He may or may not be quality, but I think if he wants to leave, and everyone knows he wants to leave, then he’s out of the team for me.

17 Dec 2019 20:11:56
It stinks the way things happened with the timing of these posts. Its as if he is taunting the club. That's just the way i see it.

17 Dec 2019 21:00:01
Every time the club have said something about a delay to his come back he posts something that seems to contradict the club's statement.

He's either monumentally stupid, or intentional belligerent.

He either doesn't realise how it looks, or he does and is doing for that effect.

For me bridges have been burned. Let him go, I wish him luck in his future career. But it's time to get this guy gone.

17 Dec 2019 21:59:36
He has also missed games for france .
I think because its pogba everything is blown up .
Look at it the other way he doesn't look like he is trying to hide anything and the club, etc will be fully aware of the extent of his injury .
Maybe doesn't care how it looks because he has a clear conscience.

17 Dec 2019 23:58:10
Let him go fgs, and I do not wish him any luck. Just get lost Pogba.

18 Dec 2019 07:00:20
Dithering by the club in so many ways. It was an awful decision keeping Pogba last summer, now the club have a player who doesn’t seem to be straining to get back playing for it, who doesn’t seem to want to play for it. This is all down to the hopeless dithering decision makers at the club whose ego didn’t allow him to be sold plus make other decisions the club needed and need to make. Now they will likely get less money, all very avoidable. Get Pogba out ASAP and move on. Should have been done in summer.

18 Dec 2019 09:27:09
Jred, surely a man of such immense intelligence as yourself is not that naive?

I don't get why people still defend him and/ or want to keep him. Teenage hero worship can be the only reason.

He needs to be gone yesterday.

18 Dec 2019 12:32:56
Betty I honestly think he has been injured.

18 Dec 2019 14:23:28
There was confusion to start with whether he had an ankle or foot injury after the Southampton game on the 31st of August.

He was then deemed fit enough to play against Rochdale and Arsenal on the 25th and 30th of September.

He then had an ankle injury that required a cast until the 11th of November. When the cast was removed it was suggested he would be fit to play in the Sheffield United game on the 24th November.

He then posted a video of himself playing basketball in Miami on the 21st of November. Which suggested his ankle is fully healed.

Since then he has been unable to get match fit in what is over a month.

While now he won't play until January as he has been ill for a couple of days.

Then he posts a video of himself dancing at his brothers wedding, supposedly around the time he was "ill".

I have no doubt he has been injured for a decent amount of time. You don't get a cast if your not injured.

Yet his cast was removed 37 days a go, a week after the cast was removed he was playing Basketball in America.

In the middle of October (18th) he was rehabbing in Dubai, with his cast on.

If he was able to keep fit with his cast on, and able to play basketball a week after it was removed, then why 37 days after it was removed has he been unable to return to playing football?

You're not telling me he has been unable to get fit in that time?

Now he's "ill", something stinks about this whole injury situation and I wouldn't be stunned if he leaves in January.

18 Dec 2019 16:29:49
Shappy was he playing basket ball or shooting a couple of hoops?
He was Ill after the wedding, you will be telling me he was hung over next .
When the doctors physiotherapist declare him fit for selection he will be available .



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