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17 Dec 2019 10:32:38
Well looks like Pogba is off in January.

Last month he posted a video of him playing basketball.

The other day he was dancing at his brothers wedding.

Now he is out for a "little while longer" with a mystery illness.

To be fair I've woken up the day after a wedding with a mystery illness myself once or twice.

I've found a couple of paracetamols, plenty of water and a big breakfast and the mystery illness has normally cleared up by mid morning 😂.

On a serious note Pogba has now been out injured since the end of August. He's coming up to 4 months out injured, when his initial injury was something that would normally be cleared up in 4-6 weeks.

In that time he has been jet setting to Dubai and America. As well as several trips to France and Italy.

It appears that he is just calling it in until the January transfer window.

Hopefully the club already has something lined up for him to move on, and bring in a replacement.

Time to move on from Pogba now.

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17 Dec 2019 11:27:37
To be fair to pogba shappy. He asked the club to leave. He told the manager he wanted out and told the club he wanted to be sold.
The club decided to hold him to his contract despite his honesty against his will. The manager said he was building his team around a player that told him he didn't want to be here.
Its pretty obvious to me that the club are trying to ensure he holds some value by not exposing what appears to be effectively a one man strike.
No player should be kept at any club against his will. It never ends well. But ole seemed to know better.
I hope he is sold in jan. I really do. He is a player who has not lived up to the values of the club and we know what happens to employees that don't do that.

17 Dec 2019 12:22:55
Exactly Ken, just shows the naivety of the decision makers at the club. Had the possibility of doing a deal in the summer, had a good replacement lined up, but thought they’d be clever demanding an inflated fee.

Now we’re left with a player on strike and not even attempting to hide it, the club inventing injuries to save their blushes, and interested clubs knowing that we have to sell. It would be an insult to a bag of rocks to make the analogy.

17 Dec 2019 12:27:28
its irrelevant if he asked to leave or not, he is under contract. he should have the right attitude and honor that contract,

how much does he earn? he should be grateful he has the chance to earn so much and be a professional like many players who under contract have wanted to leave.

he was told the club had no desire to sell him in the summer, i agree it was stupid to keep a player that doesn't want to be here but he has a contract that he signed and the club made a decision.

he should give his all until he is sold.

17 Dec 2019 12:29:11
Ken, whilst I agree no player should be kept against their will, they also freely signed a contract that is set for a period of time.

While contracted to a club a player should act professionally. The club set a price for the player over the summer which no one was prepared to pay. It happens. Ronaldo asked to leave twice, as has DDG. when their moves fell through or didn't happen they didn't call it in and not turn up for work. They showed up, worked hard and in Ronaldo's case he got his move, whilst with DDG he has been given a new contract, which he signed, which suggests he is happy to stay at the club.

I appreciate that Pogba wanted to leave, I don't have a problem with him wanting to go either. It's understandable why he would rather be in Spain or Italy, and that he would like to be a club with a genuine chance of winning things while he is in his prime. Why playing with world class players in the UCL is more appealing than playing with Phil Jones in the Europa league.

That said, if he wants to get his dream move then surely the best way, the most morally upstanding way, and the most professional way is to get out on the pitch and prove to those teams that didn't think he was worth the asking price that they are wrong. Make the world top clubs come banging down our door for him. That way he can walk out the front door with his head held high when he leaves, rather than slinking out the backdoor.

When he came back to us he said he has unfinished business, so finish it.

17 Dec 2019 12:36:18
Love how many are in the know on here.

17 Dec 2019 13:04:03
jred, what is it you aren't aware of?

The Ed's have confirmed that Pogba wanted to leave and that the club was pricing him out of a move.

He has posted pictures and video clips of himself playing basketball, dancing at his brothers wedding and photos of himself in America, Dubai, France and Italy. So unless your suggesting he is posting faked images to social media then we can safely assume he has been to these countries while out injured.

The club have put out several conflicting statements about the severity of his injury and his likely return date.

All of these things have been in the public domain and you haven't needed to be is cousins barbers best friends dog in order to know this.

I have said it APPEARS that he is calling it in. Not that I know he is, just that 4 months of injuries which stop him playing football but not basketball seems excessive.

It also appears that he has hardly been at Carrington and hasn't featured in many if any of the clubs training ground images they regularly upload to different forms of social media.

In fact the only images I can remember seeing Pogba train in the last 4 months were ones of him by himself in Dubai.

It does seem like he has been injured almost from the closure of one transfer window right up until the opening of the next one.

Convenient for a player who is looking to leave don't you think?

17 Dec 2019 13:12:58
If everyone on the site knows it much be true then shaps .
You read a lot on here not that much of it happens
What's dalot been up to of late?

17 Dec 2019 13:19:10
Shappy he couldn't give a toss as it walking out with his head held high he just wants out.
He didn't 'have to do anything'
Clubs sack managers on contracts and sell players when it suits them. So they should expect the same type of treatment in return. Keeping a player that wants to be elsewhere is folly and rarely ends well.

17 Dec 2019 13:50:04
Must be jred. Btw I still think Shappy is the most attractive and intelligent poster on the site.

Ken, I know he doesn't give a toss. He has made that quite clear. I just think he is not helping himself by acting this way.

If his dream is to move to Real Madrid or Barcelona but neither club feel he is worth it, do you really feel him going on strike and sulking will make those top clubs sit up and go look he must be worth the extra 20m now?

If he got his head down, worked hard and looked to improve himself and maximise his talent then he would be in the running for the Balon d'Or, then he would have his choice of clubs.

As it is, he will likely end up back at Juventus or with PSG. Good clubs, but to the level he is hoping for.

17 Dec 2019 15:22:45
Pogba asked to leave and the manager and owners or one of them decided that he cannot be sold at that time to me, it shows the nativity and inexperience of OGS. He should have insisted that Pogba is sold, got Fernandes and Maddison in and we would have been 10 points better off than we are now.
But OGS thought he can change pogba's mind, when we all know, that he's just a mercenary who came for the money. Sir Alex is a good judge of character and he had him sussed many years ago.

17 Dec 2019 16:09:46
Or maybe Ole knew he wouldn't get a replacement for Pogba, so thought he stood a better chance with a top class player that without. Maybe he thought once the window was closed Pogba would get his head down and fight for his move by putting in performances on the pitch.

17 Dec 2019 17:41:59
Or maybe there wasnt the right deal on the table .
Its maybe not as straight forward as many think?



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