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05 Dec 2019 23:29:54
Hey Ed001

Would be interested to hear what you think of the current crop of youngsters coming through at United and also England in general. Seems endless at the minute, got to be optimistic for England too

I for one a loving all these lads coming through especially those from harder backgrounds and setting such good examples eg Rashford.

{Ed001's Note - they are looking very good at the moment, the difficult part is keeping them on the right path once they break through. That is the bit that Rashford is particularly impressive on. If they follow his example, they won't go far wrong. It is good watching them getting chances. My worry is what happens if the club brings in some players, will they still get their chances?}

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06 Dec 2019 05:49:14
The interesting point is that most of the young players are out performing the older ones.
McTominay for example is clearly ahead of Matic and Fred.

Dan James is the clear preference in RW over Mata or Lingard.
Tuanzabe over Rojo, Jones and Smalling.

Similarly Brandon Williams is ready to oust both Young and Luke Shaw for the LB spot.

However, some of the young players are not of the required quality if we want to compete at the top.
We need significant upgrade over Andreas and even Martial (who still just wanders off the ball)

Additionally, we need to increase the competion for places to keep everyone on their toes.

06 Dec 2019 11:50:12
Ed001, What do you make of the youngsters coming through at United atm? Particularly Williams, Laird, Garner, Levitt, Gomes, Chong and Greenwood. Which ones do you think will make it?

{Ed001's Note - I expect Williams to make it, because he is already better than the options and there are so many other spaces that need filling it enables the club to save money there.

I have not seen enough of Laird to really be sure on him. Liked what I did see, but I would want to see a bit more of him.

Garner has something for me. That little extra something that makes a player stand out as a talent. Whenever I see him I think he has everything needed to make it. The only worry for him is that the midfield is so weak United are likely to go and splash out for players who will block his route. If any of them can cope with that I would say he would. I see him as an international in the future with little doubt.

Levitt is like Laird, I haven't seen enough to be sure. Decent when I have but neither of them have that swagger and presence that Garner has that makes it easy to see the talent.

Gomes, Chong and Greenwood all look set to make it, but they are going to need to fill out a lot and grow into adults without losing their way. Out of them Chong I have fears for in that dept, he is very weak and the work on bulking up could well interfere with his development as a player. He desperately needs to pack on a bit of strength, but needs to be careful to do it right or it can mess with his balance, his touch and his control.

Greenwood is slightly ahead of the others for now, but that often means that he will end up behind, as those ahead at this age often fail to work as hard as those below them. The others have to catch up and that is why someone like Rashford has done so well, while the players who were ahead of him have faded away. That will take careful management of Greenwood to keep him focused on improving. He will need more first team football, and bad games, to remind him that he is not the finished product yet. It is the bad days which will focus him on getting better.}

06 Dec 2019 12:47:53
I get what you mean with regards to midfield signings blocking Garner and Levitt. But considering we haven't replaced Fellaini and Herrera and both Pogba and Matic want out I can't see us signing 4 players. I can see them bringing 2 in and using Garner and Levitt as a cash saving excuse which would for once be beneficial.

{Ed001's Note - I hope you are right Mort. They need to play. Sometimes you are better to leave gaps in the squad just to give hope.}

06 Dec 2019 13:44:28
Interesting Ed001, I think me and you have similar thoughts. My concern with laird isn't whether he will be good enough, he looks almost as good as Williams does in many games. I think the issue for him is we have AWB a 50m signing and only a 4 years older ahead of him and Dalot a 20m signing who is only 2 years older than him.
Unless Dalot's injuries continue I can't see him getting enough game time to make it at the club. If he can get some good loans and keep developing he stands a great chance of making somewhere else.

As for Garner and Levitt, I don't see two academy lads both getting the chances they need when they play in the same position. We will make midfield signings over the next couple of windows. Which means there probably won't be enough space for both to get the game time they need. Out of the two Garner does look a class above Levitt who I think will like Laird need to move away from the club to make it.

Chong and Gomes clearly have the talent, but there are questions over whether they have the temperament. Neither have really shown enough when given chances this season. Both look like they need a loan to play regularly at professional level. I think they stand a good chance of making it, but I'm not sure if that will be with us.

Greenwood looks a class above everyone else currently, and he has all through his youth career. He will need to be kept grounded if he is to reach his full potential.

What do you think of McTominay? He has surprised many with how he has developed in the last couple of years.

{Ed001's Note - I have said all along that I really like McTominay and think he was always better than he was given credit for. It is because most people only look at what he does on the ball, but he is one of those players who are particularly good because of what they do when they don't have it. Yes he is a good passer and has a cracking shot, he can drive forward with the ball too, but he doesn't offer the same obvious skills as some, nor the range of passing of others. What he does is put it all together well and uses what he has to great effect. You can also rely on him positionally and to offer an option when a player needs someone to pass to. He is going to be a mainstay of the midfield I believe.}

06 Dec 2019 14:53:09
Ed001, if we are able to (sadly I doubt we will) get Maddison and Sancho then in a few years time a midfield and forward line of Garner, McTominay, Maddison, Sancho, Greenwood and Rashford looks fantastic. Along with AWB, Tuanzebe and Williams in defence and Henderson in goal. It could be a top side made up almost entirely of British talent.

Most United fans are quite down about the club at the moment, and I can see why. But when you look at the talent we have coming through, and the fact that our current situation will likely create chances for those players that otherwise might not be there then it is also an exciting future we have with these lads.

{Ed001's Note - would you take Sancho? I am not sure I would want him. The talent is there but his attitude has been honking lately. Billy big time he is and he has not yet done enough to earn the right to think he is special.}

06 Dec 2019 16:29:11
He does need to sort his attitude out a little, but the talent he has it might be worth taking a risk on him.

Besides, I doubt we'll get Sancho, he won't leave Dortmund for any team unless they are in the UCL. We probably won't be next season. So he'll probably end up at Liverpool as Salah's replacement I would guess. Which might be best for him as he wouldn't be expected to be the difference maker every week and Klopp would sort his attitude out.

Maddison is the one I really want though. I think he would make a bigger impact on out squad than Sancho would.

{Ed001's Note - you might be surprised about him leaving, as Dortmund are wanting rid.}

06 Dec 2019 17:39:29
Thanks Ed for the reply and all the others in the thread. Nice to be optimistic for a change.

I hear amazing things about Laird and his attitude, he is apparently the reason Williams is a Lb.

Williams I love already, top attitude that has drifted out of the game. Proper throwback and love a right footed Left Back.

Tuanzabe looks set to be either a first choice or mainstay back up.

Levitt for me is quality, compared to Modric in style. I think a loan to someone like Bournemouth or Sheffield Utd or even Germany would be good for him. It would also allow the club to ‘churn’ some players out and while letting him play for the next 18 months.

Garner is class, all action, leader and I’m sure could make it without a loan. I think the right Pogba replacement wouldn’t happen his development.

Gomes I really enjoy watching, something of an Ineista/ Ronaldiniho hybrid. I think he’s pushing for first team guarantees before signing up and would be better going out on loan and signing a big deal with us but out of the way making a name for himself for 18 months. Similar to Welbeck but a better loan than Sunderland and for 18 months.

McTominay is fantastic- reminds me of Rio’s description of Carrick “he puts out fires before you even see them” or word to that affect which I think is down to movement and positioning.

Rashford has levelled up big time, really similar progression stats as Ronaldo and Messi. no pressure.

Greenwood looks ready for greatness just needs to work. I’m sure he’ll be steered right.

James looks a revelation and an actual decent player not just a pace merchant.

AWB looking like a gear signing. Will be a good choice of defensive or attacking with Laird and Dalot in the wings.

Andreas in my opinion is a fine 4th choice but nothing more, if he wants more he should be moved on.

Some others i like and see intelligence in are: D’Mani Mellor - great feet and hold up play, Galbraith - a bit like fletcher, Mengi - could be special. Plus goalkeepers Henderson, who I’d like to see fight it out with de Gea next season and Kovar we seem to be getting it right somewhere.

Largie Ramonzanie - is looking good too.

As for signings
I’d like see a Cavani, Erikson, Bale.



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