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03 Dec 2019 05:37:34
This one is for RedMan. I saw a pic on the internet of Ole in what looked like a deep discussion with Phelan. The tag line of the photo was-

"Failed Cardiff Manager in deep discussion with the Failed Hull City manager on how to resurrect the great Manchester United. "


What we have is Ole and Phelan with records as above and assisting them is Carrick who has no managerial/ coaching experience and McKenna. What should we expect?

{Ed047's Note -

A - a miracle? 🤷‍♂️
B - The 2nd coming 🤔
C - a massive slice of luck🤞
D - more of the same 💩

Those providing an essay need not reply. 🤣

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03 Dec 2019 06:49:25

I want to laugh but this denial by the club over the Ole situation is too frustrating, maybe the originators of that picture and line have read my posts over the last 12 months. It is factual though, obscurity management from Norway and via Hull through backwater Australia. Amateur as Ed says.

Nevertheless there are rumours the club decision makers are starting to feel this isn’t a long term situation and may get resolved sooner if results continue. This has already gone on far too long, dithering board. I won’t cheer when he and Phelan get sacked but I will feel relief, OGS will always be a club playing legend and revered as such.

03 Dec 2019 07:08:02
Shan, basically, they've got it spot on. Appointing phelan was the worst decision, as I've said previously and at the time. He offered nothing as a player and even less as a coach. I also criticized the appointment of Carrick, as he has zero coaching experience and a very dour character. Non of the three in charge are going to be running motivational courses, are they? You look at Pep and Klopp and you see the emotion in them, this transforms itself to the team and the fans.
We have three men in charge who are all dour and with no leadership qualities. You've either got it or you haven't.
My preference is for Rodgers as he's got excellent tactical awareness, a good balance between emotion and calmness, and seems to be an excellent man manager. I think he'll be an excellent choice. But will he leave Leicester City in the near future? They are flying and I think it will be hard to drag him away before end of this season.
Ed047, I think a combination of A, B and C is required.

{Ed047's Note - I make you right AAA much like we need at Arsenal

03 Dec 2019 09:58:39
Unfortunately, even when he loses his job in the next couple of months, the stubborn Ole fans will still cry foul play about the situation. The sooner this mess is put behind us the sooner we can start planning for the future.

03 Dec 2019 10:01:23
Might sound childish but I never want a manager Liverpool have sacked at Old Trafford. I don't buy into the Rodgers hype. He bottled it at Liverpool. Failed to keep key players likes Sterling, went to Celtic which is a two horse race - and they had already lost a horse and now is having a few good months at a solid club like Leicester and he's flavour of the month again. All those who say Poch hasn't won anything so we don't want him and then in the next breath call for Rodgers, are frankly embarassing. It broke my heart he went to Celtic as its a club close to me and my family. I couldn't enjoy it as I just don't like the guy. If he gets any further up his own arse he will get stuck. At least Jose had the C. V to back up the arrogance.

03 Dec 2019 11:00:28

I think if Ole went the fans would appreciate he tried but it didn't work, nobody could really be surprised at the club making that decision right now, it was a strange decision to give it him really, especially the timing.

I think you are getting mixed up with people thinking there are some good things he is doing and not wanting to 'start again' and stubbornness.

There are 3 or 4 managers available right now who I am sure would take the job, they will need backing in the market though and continue the work Ole has done but with better results which will buy more time from fans who judge on a game by game basis.

03 Dec 2019 11:07:16
Whilst I am not advocating Rodgers, was he not an academy player at United?

03 Dec 2019 11:59:18
GDS2, fans will always still sing about Ole. His status as a legend will be untouched. There was a thread the other day proclaiming we play attacking football. If Ole lost his job tomorrow, they will cry he didn't get enough time. It's stubborness plain and simple. There's is virtually nothing to be positive about this year.

03 Dec 2019 09:22:32
What we need Ed is a combination of A, B and C but what we will get is D.

{Ed047's Note - yep I think you could be right

03 Dec 2019 13:48:22
Mumbles, your posts here are starting to sound childish now. GDS explains how most of us will feel. It'll be sad that it didn't work out for him, but we'll move on. As football always does. Why try to start silly arguments by getting wee digs in at people, and trying to encourage this, 'us and them' situation on the site?

03 Dec 2019 14:14:03
On your high horse again NouCamp. Neither side of the argument can take the moral high ground. Every post is hijacked with people's thoughts on the matter.

It's not about starting an argument. Its not us vs them. It's not I told you so. I am distraught by the state of the club on and off the pitch and unfortunately on the pitch matters start and end with the manager.

Some posters would rather stick with Ole struggling for the next 18 months, because they originally backed him and are too proud to admit it's been a disaster.

03 Dec 2019 14:59:16
"Unfortunately, even when he loses his job in the next couple of months, the stubborn Ole fans will still cry foul play about the situation".

Nah, not trying to start an argument, or make it us v them, at all.

And I thought we were supposed to back all our managers once they're appointed. We might not like them or rate them, but surely wanting them to succeed, thus making the club successful, is more important than getting a chance to say I told you so, to a group of total strangers.

03 Dec 2019 15:13:24
Ate there die hard Ole fans? I've not seen many if any. Some are more patient than others but I'm not sure many think he is the answer.

03 Dec 2019 15:24:29
I think that's exactly it, Tony. I don't know one person who thought he should be first choice for the job, nor anyone who doesn't have serious doubts about whether or not he's up to the job. But some say he should go now, while others argue the conditions at the club currently, make it irrelevant who's the manager. Like you said, patience is the only real difference.

03 Dec 2019 23:11:33
I think I’m like most fans. We all desperately wanted OGS to work and be our version of Pep - a hidden gem that came froM lower level coaching to become the next big thing. I think it’s clear to see he is not that - I wonder if a change of assistant might help as I personally think Phelan is a dinosaur and well out of touch with modern football.



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