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02 Dec 2019 04:55:32
Liverpool under Klopp:
6th- 2014-15
8th- 2015-16
6th- 2016-17
4th- 2017-18
2nd- 2018-19

Things sometimes take time to get better, Ole might not be the best manager out there but give him time. What else is he supposed to do with the squad he has?
Sacking would be the worst thing that could happen to Man Utd right now, Ole should be given a fair shot unlike his predecessors. Let him get a few players in next two windows and then we judge him. Its not like we hire a new manager right now and he wins us the league next year.
Patience will be a key factor among the fans and players alike.

{Ed047's Note - why are you even comparing OGS to Klopp, you might as was well compare Fred to Messi. 🤷‍♂️

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02 Dec 2019 06:41:30

To give some balance when you post a pro OGS like that. OGS relegated Cardiff, is sending us in the same direction and that is the only direction he has given us. Ole should not have been appointed permanently with no relevant experience and the situation needs to be rectified. The powers at United need to decisive to save the club, he should be gone this morning but I suspect they will keep dithering until they panic and the free fall is such that we will need an Allardyce to avoid the drop.

02 Dec 2019 06:43:48
Liverpool were managed by rodgers in 14-15 not klopp. Also he never finished 6th.

Liverpool under klopp
8th- 2015-16
4th- 2016-17
4th- 2017-18
2nd- 2018-19

Also its really interesting how trying to make the it requires time point all ole fans conveniently ignore the fact that the first season klopp took charge he got them to the europa league finals, he's made it to eurpoean competition finals in 3 of the 4 seasons, the only time he couldn't was because they weren't in one.

So may be it doesn't take so much time does it?

02 Dec 2019 06:59:20
Until the structure is fixed, every manager will be bound to fail.

Yes the squad is weak. But the poor results will drain out the confidence in players as well as the belief in fans.

Although we want OGS to succeed, ultimately the results will have the final say.

02 Dec 2019 07:13:19
A lot of games under Klopp, Liverpool were getting close to winning cups and were losing finals.

02 Dec 2019 07:15:29
Thanks Becks. This made my day. Its always good to have a good laugh early in the morning.

Ed047, its more like Andreas Perreira to Messi. But going by Becks viewpoint, i am sure Messi is OGS and Perreira is Klopp 😂😂😂😂.

02 Dec 2019 07:32:51
Spot on ed047. I think everyone could see what klopp was trying to do, and liverpool reached the Cl finals during those years and finished in top 4. The club also out a structure in place, which allowed Klopp to achieve his goals. Klopp had done a very similar thing in a top league with BD.
When klopp came to liverpool, you could see that he was trying to play a pressing game and the club went out and bought the players to git the system.
Ogs has been here for a year, he bought £130m worth of defenders, and yet, our defence still looks shambolic. Also, defence is about the team as a whole, and ours seem at 6s and7s whenever we go in front or at set pieces. These are tactical processes that the manager and coaches should have sorted by now. Why is our team still playing at half tempo?
Keep Ogs and delay the inevitable. Ogs is learning the job he's still an apprentice, he shouldn't be plunged into the United job at such an early stage of his managerial career.
Finally, I don't buy into this squad is not good enough. Our midfield is lacking, I agree, but we showed against Chelsea, leicester and liverpool that we can compete against the big teams, but we seem to lack heart and dare I say a work ethic, which is the responsibility of a good manager to instill in his team.

02 Dec 2019 08:45:27
At last someone got klopps stats right at last, and to put another urban myth to bed about his spending. his time as liverpool manager has liverpool with a nett spend of just over 62 million in 8 or so transfer windows. under oles Uniteds nett spend on transfers stands at 70 million after one window. hard to compare that as well seen as it's a stick some people try to beat him with as well. ole hasn't spent as much as klopp, he hasn't he's spent more.

02 Dec 2019 09:27:02
Can’t see any manager - eve SAF - getting results from midfield of Fred and Perriera, so no point sacking OGS at moment (unless to secure Poch before someone else gets him? )

Let’s see how results go after McT and Pogba return.

If OGS is still seen as a rabbit caught in headlights after that, then change managers.

Need two midfielders in Jan. Can see us getting Can and Vidal on loan.

02 Dec 2019 09:54:29
That’s a top post AAA. I completely agree on the squad not being as bad as some think. Can’t believe Ole is being compared to Klopp. Klopp was one of the most sought after managers in Europe when he left Dortmund, quite rightly with an impressive and proven record at Dortmund.

02 Dec 2019 10:35:03
Becks that's a load of bolloxology.
Ole is our worst manager for 40 years.
There are any number of managers who could do better with this squad including big sam and tony pulis. In fact neil warnock would get mite out of this squad than ole is doing.
Rubbish football manager.

02 Dec 2019 12:42:12
Not having a go Wallace, but as IBEM put nicely SAF played Darren Gibson, O'shea, Fábio and Rafael in cm and we won.  

OGS'not getting the best out of a squad that he's 'happy' with at the moment. So why would he want new midfielders and why should he be allowed to bring new midfielders in if our current midfielders are supposedly good enough?

02 Dec 2019 13:44:00
Thanks Park. It's not just having a go at OGS. But unfortunately, he does look out of his depth. If the team is not fired up, then that's a manager's job.
Are Leicester's GK, dedenceor attack better than ours? Definitely not. Do Leicester really possess a vastly superior midfield to ours when mctominay and pogba are playing? I definitely don't think so. So why are they 14 points ahead of us? It is a damning verdict when pundits are saying the team is not trying hard enough.



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