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30 Nov 2019 17:47:15
Shappy. Since the 1st game of the season we have conceded the same amount of goals we have scored.
Can you put a positive spin on that one please. So since the 2nd game if the season we are averaging 1.07 points per game.
So we are getting worse as time goes by.
How low does it have to go before you change your opinion?
I just interested to know what purples tolerance levels are.
Mine snapped 2 weeks ago. I wanted to wait and judge him in jan but lost patience.
Redman from day one.
Ajh i think was a bit like most of us in that we wanted him to do well but still has the hope that many of us lost
Angel also from day 1
Im sure there are many like me that wanted him to do well and wanted to support him but have just run out off patience.
What do you think will be your breaking point?

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30 Nov 2019 18:09:48
Red Man, before day one :)

30 Nov 2019 18:26:49
I don’t think Ole is the man but I see what he is trying to do. Win tomorrow and we will we be 5th or 6th. It’s fine lines isn’t it, the performances against Sheffield a United and Bournemouth stand out as begin beyond acceptable and that’s my issue. Nobody is bettering us, we have let winning positions go, we could easily be a couple of points worse off or 4 or 5 points better off. Right now it could go worsen way this year.

30 Nov 2019 18:40:05
Look at our players. Really look at most of our midfield, it is crap, bar Scott, Fred as a rotation option, off with the 2 viruses pogba and Matic, off with Andreas who even though I want him to do well is not at the quality required. Hererra has not been replaced, fellaini though often maligned, unfairly in my opinion, has not been replaced. We need 2 possibly 3 midfield replacements, 2 at least verging on World class to compete in anyways.
Once we get that and a striker we will compete.

30 Nov 2019 20:18:59
Does no one see that these are exactly the same conversations that were had about Jose, about lvg no? Literally these exact same conversations just years later, it's madness I say, off to the asylum 😜

30 Nov 2019 20:37:46
I think sooner or later somebody will have to be afforded some time and patience to sort things out.

The Clubs appears to have a new approach to recruitment and I've enjoyed seeing some of the younger players given a chance.

I really like Tuanzebe and don't think it will be too long before he starts to put real pressure on Lindelof for a starting position. Williams has looked promising, Mctominay has been brilliant and Greenwood looks special. I think Ole deserves credit for integrating these players into the squad and whilst it's always hard to predict exactly how they'll develop I think the future looks promising.

It's been a frustrating season. We've seen leads evaporate against Wolves, Southampton, Arsenal, Liverpool and Sheffield Utd. I think we could make a case that we were the better team in at least 3 or 4 of those games and maybe a bit unfortunate not to be at least 6 points better off. We've been poor against the likes of Newcastle, Bournemouth and West Ham but I don't think we've been well beaten or hammered in any game. With a touch of luck and without injuries to key players we could conceivably be much higher up the table. It's fine margins and the table doesn't lie but maybe it's not quite as bad as some people would have you believe.

Key to our revival will be recruitment. It takes time to overhaul a squad and it simply cannot be achieved over one transfer window.

I know many don't agree but I think our team could be transformed by signing just three players. We need another really good midfielder to partner Mctominay (assuming Pogba is sold), we need a quality No10 and a RW. If Ole can recruit three really good players in those positions I think we can expect a big improvement next season. We probably need another CF to compete with Martial and a couple of other midfielders to add some depth to the squad but I just can't envisage the Club spending upwards of £300m-£350m on 5 or 6 new players in one window. We will have to be patient and trust the Club has found another formula and learnt from its mistakes.

My opinion is let Ole have the summer in order to try and recruit the correct players, continue to develop and give opportunities to the youngsters and hopefully results and performances will improve. If results continue to be poor and inconsistent then the Club will have a decision to make but I don't think that time has come just yet.

30 Nov 2019 21:08:48
Of course I can darling.

If we have conceded as many goals as we have scored, and everyone is right that we have an awful defence and are conceding loads of goals.

Then it must stand to reason that if we have conceded loads of goals, and we have conceded as many as we have scored, then we have also scored LOADS of goals.

Hallelujah it's raining goals. 😂.

30 Nov 2019 21:22:07
Well that thank you honey😂.

30 Nov 2019 22:31:34

Someone will have to be afforded time, but that someone needs to know what they are doing. The Ed’s tell us, including Ed002 yet some posters just want to give someone who relegated Cardiff more time than they deserve. It could put us in trouble but because he scored some goals 20 years ago he gets the sympathy sentiment vote, utterly ludicrous. It isn’t 13 games, it’s his record since becoming permanent.

30 Nov 2019 22:44:37
There is a lot going on judge ole at the end of the season .
There is a blue tinge on this site, that sets a tone.

30 Nov 2019 23:12:23
Redman - who is worthy of our patience and support? Your choice of manager, mine, Shappy's, Ken's, AJH's, Mumbles, Jred, Mort, CSM, Park, Noucamp, AAA, DSG, Ed001, Ed002, we all have differing opinions of who that is.

One thing is for certain no matter their CV or reputation if they don't hit the ground running mutiny invariably follows. You may believe Poch is the answer for example, a manager who presided over a team without an away win since January. Spurs have been equally as bad as Utd during the period Ole has been in charge and if he brought that form with him to Utd would everyone be so understanding!

Let Ole develop the young players, his signings have been solid, give him another summer window and let's give him a real opportunity.

Since SAF retired seven years ago Utd have only finished in the top 4 twice! We've got no where near a title challenge, we cannot even call ourselves a top 4 Club so why do we have such high expectations? It's been disaster after disaster we now need some stability, a sensible approach to recruitment and some patience. If Ole doesn't deliver he'll be sacked but the signs are there if you want to look hard enough.

We have a decent defence, a raw, young and talented attack and some promising youngsters. We've thrown away leads against Wolves, Southampton, Arsenal, Liverpool and Sheffield Utd and in my opinion can consider ourselves unlucky not to be at least 6 points better off. Yes we've seen some bad performances and we've struggled when we've gone behind but we've also witnessed some decent attacking stuff on occasions. The squad is threadbare, has been decimated by injury and it will take a bit of time to recruit the right players. It's not what we're used to but this isn't the Utd of the last two decades.

Ole may ultimately fail but let's not give him the excuse that he didn't have our support or patience. We've waited nearly 7 years to watch a team we can feel proud of again. Ole has turned to the academy, he's placed his faith and trust in youth and I'm prepared to wait a bit longer to see where he can take us.

01 Dec 2019 01:47:44
Dlib i respect that opinion. I really do.
Coaches like signings we all want them to work out.
Sanchez was a player i wanted to do well but there came a point when i lost patience.
Those that have lost patience with ole myself included most of us to so reluctantly. I don't think any the worse of him for how the team are playing. He is really trying he is doing his best.
I not in the camp of being outraged out he is given until the end of the season. If he gets some shrewd signings in jan and results imorove then it will prove to be a good decision. We all know 3 good signings in jan would turn it 1st 11 into a more than decent team. If ole is given time and gets his signings right and if results improve and he looks like is is building something then my opinion will change like 90% of fans who are calling for him now.
All anybody wants to see is improvement. I see the next 4 Games pivotal if we come through with 6 or more pints he will get a lot more patience
A win tomorrow will bring us into the spurs and city games with some confidence. Can he build momentum.

01 Dec 2019 04:37:51
Threadbare squad is right. But Ole gives chances to the young ones and that is encouraging. Yeah, just like in the non existent midfield he gave chances to Garner, Levitt and Gomes against Sheffield. Oh yeah, right he didn't rather he played Perreira and Lingard. Gives chances to the youth my ass.

01 Dec 2019 08:39:54
Gives chances is different to just throwing them in. We have consistently played the youngest team in the EPL this year which shows how much youngsters are being trusted but I guess people see what they want to see.

01 Dec 2019 09:23:34
Spot on AJH.

01 Dec 2019 10:36:03

You ask; who is worthy of our patience and support? My answer would be that if the club conduct a well thought out assessment of the prospective manager, consider what experience he has to offer, then they will choose far better than they have previously which would give us all more confidence. It may also buy the powers that be to put their own house in order. Of the four managers since SAF only Mourinho had anywhere near the right mix. The other three were clearly not right, Moyes was blatantly obvious, LVG was a strange decision unless they wanted a structure (which they didn’t), Ole was a sentimental seemingly spur of the moment decision based on a dozen games. As to the who, there are a number of candidates Allegri, Poch are both available, Ancelotti, Simeone, the club may look at younger progressive managers as well.

You mention that if they don't hit the ground running mutiny invariably follows. If we get a manager for example, and this is not saying it is my first choice, Simeone, then there will be a lot less noise because we know he can deliver. In the mess we are in I would be considerably more confident with Simeone in charge than Ole.

01 Dec 2019 11:38:14
Redman - I fully agree the Club should do their due diligence and appoint what they consider to be the best man for the job.

My point in about patience and how much time someone is afforded to improve results and performances.

In that regard the Club needs to decide what it wants to be. I can't honestly argue that Ole has improved results and to find ourselves so far behind after only 13 games is very disappointing. If the Club decides to only judge mangers after a short period, has a clear indication of what is acceptable and wants to adapt a no nonsense trigger happy approach so be it but surely the new manager must be given millions to spend and allowed to buy and sell players as they choose.

At the moment we fall somewhat in between. Managers have been sacked after a short period, they haven't been backed in the market or allowed to move players on and have actually been undermined by the Club. If this continues we'll get nowhere.

Under Ole at least there now appears to be a plan for the future. It would appear the recruitment policy has changed, we have some promising youngsters and I actually believe that over the next few years we'll start to see the likes of Rashford and Martial perform more consistently. If we can get the recruitment right over the next few windows, see some players mature and develop I'm sure we'll see more consistent results and performances. Ole is fully committed to the Club and the long term re-building project. I'm just not convinced there is a quick fit here and don't believe somebody can come in wave a magic wand and have us playing great football and challenging for the title after 6 months.

I fear if we abandon this approach and appoint another manager, with a different vision, different principles and new ideas the whole process will just repeat itself.

The Club hasn't been successful for a number of years now. I don't see the problem in affording Ole some time to see if he can get the recruitment right and allow some of our promising young players such as Tuanzebe, Williams, Mctominay, Rashford, Martial, James and Greenwood amongst others time to learn and develop. Most of us agree there is real promise in that group and if that can be supported by some good recruitment over the next few windows I'm sure we'll be better for it. Ultimately if Ole fails he'll be sacked but let's just stick to the plan for a little longer before we abandon it and start again.



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