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29 Nov 2019 23:56:21
League win rates as permanent manager.
Marco Silva (EFC) 38%
Roberto Martinez (EFC) 38%
Sam Allardyce (EFC) 37.5%
Stuart Pearce (MCFC) 33%
Steve Clarke (WBA) 31%
Ole Gunnar Solskjær (MUFC) 28.6%
Gus Poyet (Sunderland) 23%
Gary Neville (Valencia) 19%

Moyes lvg and jose won twice as many games.
I doesn't make pretty reading. Just about 1 win in 4.
What can he do to stop the rot?
I was reading below how ole has improved players form but if all the players are playing better now how come our results are worse?
I understand the call for patience but how bad does it have to be and get before we ruin it of patience?
4 points from our next 4 games still leave us in the bottom 6. We need to do better in order to have some more patience.

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30 Nov 2019 03:16:52

How do you figure 4 points from next 4 leaves us in bottom 6?

Have to say, 4 points from next 4 could well be the end for everyone who is desperate for Ole to go. But I do think he'll get those 4 games. And also think he'll get more than 4 points. but I guess we will all see soon enough.

30 Nov 2019 09:02:04
The win rate means that under OGS we have drawn or lost 71.4% of games, nearly three quarters, how is that acceptable or accepted? We are nearer the relegation zone (7 points) than the top 4 (9 points) . We sit in 9th, play another promoted team tomorrow, a game we must win, not least because a loss puts Villa on the same points as the once great Club. The lustre of Manchester United is waning due to decisions being made or not made. People talk about statistics, 28% win rate, 71% lose or draw then in the next 4 games, statistically 4, maybe 5 points should be expected. Will that leave us in the bottom 6? Quite possibly the way the table is but we may be mid table unless clubs below us start picking up points. Maybe we can get to 5th, for a few days, hurrah, success. That is our mindset now.

30 Nov 2019 09:46:56
Dodgy i think 8 points would be a great return but its possible we could only get 4 given oles record of 1 win in 4. City are a better team i think spurs will be very tough and even is traditionally a very tough game. I think we will beat villa tomorrow.
I think 4 points would leave us in the bottom 6.

30 Nov 2019 09:48:43
Ken/ Red Man. It is a very worrying statistic. And if we get sucked in near the bottom half, we will play with even less freedom and less likely the young players will know how to get out of it.
One thing about the statistic on PL games, we have thrown away winning positions on 5 games so far this season. That is 10 points we've dropped from winning positions. This is a very worrying trend as it shows that the team does not have the knowhow and the fire to protect a lead. Also, it shows that the manager substitutions, tactics and mindset when we're winning games might be at fault. So, I think OGS and his team have to get their act together and sooner rather than later.

30 Nov 2019 11:57:46
Ole was never going to be long term . Its as if the club are waiting for someone. I don't think its Poch i thinks its Ancelotti. 😂😂.

30 Nov 2019 16:12:02
Im not so sure mate. Perhaps they are going to tough it out and accept this season as a write off maybe sneak a cup win and invest better In the summer.
I can't see what they see every day. I don't know the long term plan.
I can only give a view on what i do see and know.

30 Nov 2019 16:47:12
These figures aren't comparable unless you have adjusted for the difference in the number of games that each manager has managed.

Also the full time manager stance erases the 14 wins he got as a caretaker manager for which he got the job.

His overall record is 48 matches in charge, 25 wins, 10 draws and 13 losses. Which gives him a win rate above 50%.

{Ed047's Note - do you stick up for Ole as you think he’s a nice guy or do you actually think he’s a good manager shappy?

For me he’s way out of his depth and pretty much winging it. Looks totally lost half the time and I think, can’t believe his luck that he got the job.

30 Nov 2019 17:15:47
Shappy the stat is for full time managers.
So yesterday your defence was that players are improving and playing better but the stat you quote above totally undermines that as you point out oles record has dramatically disimproved since he has been given the job as have perfomances.
So let's not talk about not winning 2 games in a row since march and talk about our form under an interim manager.
So do agree that our results and performances have got worse the longer he has been at the club?

30 Nov 2019 17:28:13
Ed047 i'm not sure shappy even knows why he sticks up for him😂😂 he puts up so many arguments that over time they all begin to contradict themselves.

{Ed047's Note - 😂 I get he scored an important goal Ken but how anyone thinks he’s anything but bang average at best amazes me mate.

I’d think I’d literally die if, having got rid of Emery, they turned around and said don’t worry we’ve managed to get OGS! 😱😩

30 Nov 2019 17:53:33
Fergie didn't build his success on kids at the beginning. They came into an improving and winning set up.
Take a glace at fergies 1st 2 epl winning squads and measure games played. With the exception of giggs who was a child superstar very few graduates and kids. A team full of leaders. Led with an iron fist.

30 Nov 2019 21:17:00
Ed047, I don't think Ole is a good manager, but I appreciate what he is trying to do.

I also appreciate that we have had two UCL winning managers at our club since Sir Alex retired and neither of them could stop the club sliding.

If we sack Ole who do people think will want the job? If a club that is a shambles behind the scenes, supposedly doesn't give managers much say in signings and shows no loyalty to a club legend.

The next guy will fail as well, but will he have the club's best interests at heart like the current manager?

Until issues further up the food chain are sorted ALL Manchester United managers are doomed to fail. So I'd rather not stab a club legend in the back just so we can have a shiny new manager fail as well.

{Ed047's Note - to most posters including I’d guess, yourself, you still consider yourself a big draw, you pay good wages, you’ve put money out there for players, you are one of the worlds richest clubs.

You’re only negative is your league position. You consider your squad with just a couple of additions to be in amongst it.

Managers come and go, they know the score and I wouldn’t imagine sacking OGS would be stabbing him in the back, I’m certain he would accept it with good grace.

As for LVG and Mourinho where they really all that when they came to you.

Had you got either Klopp or Guardiola you’d be flying, the question is why didn’t you and as you didn’t who is next best, who can challenge and he should be your next manager sooner rather than later.

I only see you stagnating or going backwards under Ollie.

30 Nov 2019 22:14:18
Ed047, let's play devils advocate.

Let's say you're a top manager, and you're looking for a job. Rank these clubs in order of preference based purely on how you see those club's right now.

Arsenal, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, United, PSG, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan, Napoli, Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Because every summer more or less at least 3 or 4 of these jobs will be up for grabs.

How often do you think United will be the best available job?

We tired for both Pep and Klopp but neither wanted the job.

We are a club with a squad with only 2 world class players at most and one of them wants to leave.

We have potential in our squad, but a fan base who aren't prepared to wait for that potential to be realised. We have money, but according to Ed002 the manager will have very little say in how that money will be spent.

I'm pretty sure all of Moyes, LvG and Mourinho felt betrayed by their sackings. Told they would be given time then axed. Not sure why Ole would feel any different. To give the guy the full time job then sack him within 6-8 months would be a slap in the face and a public embarrassment for a club legend.

{Ed047's Note - so why did Mourinho go for it if it wasn’t a top job.

Do you think Simeone, Allegri, Pochettino or Nagelsmann would also say no thanks then.

Ollie is a different animal compared to those 3 especially the latter two, Ollie loves the club and for me would take it with good grace, he’d know he’d not done enough for the club.

I agree on your squad but is that really a deal breaker for a club of your magnitude.

30 Nov 2019 22:36:20
Ed047, I would imagine all of them would have better offers. If I'm honest.

We have had four managers since Sir Alex retired. The United job destroyed both of Moyes and LvG's reputations. Jose has had to take a job at a good club but not an elite job like the ones he has had in the past. And Jose has the second-best CV in football.

{Ed047's Note - it’s like I’ve said before, crazy, if this is the position your clubs got themselves in.

I feel we have a similar situation at Arsenal, that everything upstairs is skewed, so we can’t attract the likes of Allegri and Monchi and Mislintat leaves.

I just feel, like Emery, you’ve made a mistake with Ollie and potentially the worst one.

30 Nov 2019 23:10:48
shappy you had better get glasses if you think pogba is world class he is dog sh e.



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