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26 Nov 2019 17:15:05

Reading down below, surely you don't believe pogba staying is down to solskjaer?

There are many more factors in the managers saying who they want to keep or let go etc?

I read an ed Woodward interview today where he said he has told managers no for selling and buying players?

I think what people tend to forget is that Ole does not have full control of the running of the club nor does he control what other clubs bid for our players. they don't meet the demand the player stays and I think Ole backing that player reduces turmoil.

Let's drive this manager out too and then wait 12 to 18 months to drive the next one out.

Whoever the manager no matter how much they are qualified the decisions come from above and until that is fixed in regards to certain aspects of the club all the managers are set up to fail.

The club is being run as a cash cow and I mean people need to look below the glazers, there are many on the wage bill that do nothing for the club and only disrupt matters.

The club is a mess and until they stick to a plan or direction regardless of the results people will just come to man utd to take advantage for big pay offs.

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26 Nov 2019 18:00:46
Whose defending Woodward on this site?

This defense of OGS by pointing at how bad Woodward is something I don't understand. Yes woodward is useless, incompetent, meddlesome but that doesn't make OGS good at his job. OGS is Woodward of managers, a lot of talk but very little substance.

The only reason to keep a manager should be there aren't any other available managers who are better than the current one. And this logic that we shouldn't sack an incompetent manager because with Woodward incharge we will have fire someone in the future as well is just plain bizarre.

26 Nov 2019 18:28:18
I do think pogba staying is down to ole yes.
He said from the outset and again in the summer that he wants to build his team around pogba.
If he didn't want him he wiuld not have done a jose but he would not have said that.
What he didn't realise was that pogna want the 16 yo child he used to coach. He had turned into an even bigger 25 year old child.

26 Nov 2019 21:41:53
I said in summer they should have been decisive and sold Pogba then brought in two midfielders. The fact Pogba is still here shows a lack of any decisive leadership either by manager or higher. Now we are in a weaker position and I just can’t believe the mess.

26 Nov 2019 22:13:06
I still can't believe they haven't called you, Red Man :)

27 Nov 2019 03:27:37
Do you guys feel that working for/ under Ed Woodward would be better or worse than under Daniel Levy? If its close or better overall then getting Poch is a no brainer as he has already proven his capability under difficult circumstances.

To caveat this I don't think it should be done until the summer as he needs a break and in truth I like Ole and like what he's trying to do. I'd really like to see him stay around much like the Bayern interim manager who has in his contract he will become number 2 to whoever comes in to the main role. A deal could be put in place now for Poch to take over in the summer and only before if things start to go seriously wrong. Part of the deal - Ole offered the chance to stay involved so its communicated early and not seen as stabbing anyone in the back. Ole is Utd through and through and would I think accept it if presented correctly - bearing in mind he took an interim job to begin with anyway.

I'd like to think that the club has at least considered this approach.

{Ed002's Note - You are drawing irrational comparisons, and yet again MU supporters want to throw the blame for everything at the door of EW when it is clear no one understands the structure of the club and how it works. Pochettino will not be thinking about Manchester United, that I can assure you. OGS was given the job at a time when there was a clear and easy run of games to be won - and he and the team did. Mr Mourinho is one of the very best coaches in the world - there were two at the club who didn’t want him - and he was never going to work out - and I explained that the day he joined. I think OGS was a significant mistake but the club will stick with him and have a massive financial decision to make in the coming months - again, the decision is not Woodward’s to make. The supporters might want to move on from this blame culture they are entwined in.}

27 Nov 2019 10:36:01
Who is responsible then?

27 Nov 2019 11:11:18
EW. Does not pick the team or coach the team or pick the players we want to sign.

27 Nov 2019 05:17:02
So what / who is the problem then? It sounds like its bigger than the manager but you have consistently denounced Ole on here so you don't rate him for the role and that's probably justified but if the issue is further up than that and its not EW then please advise on who it is and how the structure works that we don't understand. I can't remember ever reading a specific breakdown of how you see the problems and how they need to be addressed.
Of course we as fans don't have the insight that you seem to so if possible could you please enlighten us a little rather than just insinuating that we are in the dark and clueless so may as well not post, give our thoughts or hope for better. If it's a blame culture that would suggest that everything is fine and there is noone to blame but us fans but there clearly is a problem as the decline has been marked in recent years.
I liked Mourinho and agree that he is a top coach. Why though would Poch not be thinking about UTD at all when other top coaches have in the past.

A succinct and easy to understand explanation would be much appreciated and would hopefully lead to less headaches for you answering 'dumb' posts.

Call it an early Christmas present.

27 Nov 2019 06:44:15
Ed002, everyone bar OGS is wrong when it comes to Manchester United. Surely, you must have had the same feeling while editing several of the posts, defending everything that OGS does. Woodward is useless, players are a waste of money (although every time we win, that tune changes to that we have a talented squad), blame lies with Moyes, LvG and Mourinho and not Ole etc. etc. etc. When you say, OGS was a significant mistake, i assure you that people will simply miss reading that statement and bypass that to the next line.

I am glad that the decision makers (for a change) are sticking to what they decided in the first place but i am also worried for the club because the thing they decided and are now sticking to was a wrong decision.

{Ed002's Note - I have never said anything of the sort and it is very clear you have no idea how the club is run.}

27 Nov 2019 08:48:09
Thanks for the insight Ed. It's good for us to be enlightened on some of these.
Just to be fair to OGS, that easy run included wins over Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea and PSG.

27 Nov 2019 09:41:02
Ed02, you regularly state that none of us fans understand the structure of the club and how things work from a decision making perspective. Can you break it down for us?

I don't doubt that I've got lots of misconceptions about this, but I don't know where to go to learn more. So if you don't want to break it down for us, can you perhaps point us in the right direction to find out for ourselves?

{Ed002's Note - It is pointless doing taht as it will lead to attacks on people you know nothing about.}

27 Nov 2019 12:04:55
Lol Utd Road, I hope you said that in jest! 🤣.

27 Nov 2019 16:27:51
No, I am bit confused as everywhere but Ed002 says it's a committee headed up by Judge who reports to Ed?

It's a bit mad to say we know sweet FA but not provide correction then criticise posters for getting it wrong.

{Ed002's Note - Another hate campaign against people you know nothing about is pointless.}

27 Nov 2019 17:01:54
I don't hate anyone, I would just be interested who is culpable.

Seems unfair to direct criticism at Ed Woodward if he's not involved.

{Ed002's Note - Others will set in to them. EW is not ideal but it is not him who is responsible for everything.}

27 Nov 2019 18:58:12
Fair enough, seems to me it they need to set up modern footballing board that shows face in public and let's the others get on with their roles.

{Ed002's Note - Just to be abused? Not a chance.}

28 Nov 2019 10:32:54
Abuse is wrong but criticism of these mythical decision makers is surely warranted?



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