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25 Nov 2019 15:06:24
Doesn’t look good for Ole, 20 points off top and 7 points from relegation. He did a good job last season post Jose but he should never of been put in this position in the first place. The club are in a precarious position, no team has the god given right to be top 4 comparing in the CL every year, it’s earned and we look pretty far from being in that position.

There’s a lot of work to be done to bring 4 post Ferguson era managers transfer dealings together in a cohesive way. This requires more than just a manager, this needs a team of footballing people with a clear vision and strategy than can be implemented and be used as a blue print so coaches/ managers can come and go buy the overall strategy retains focus. Manchester United is a big business, change is going to be difficult, it’s going to be expensive and it’s going to need very clear leadership driving it. It will be interesting to see what’s we do over the next 18 months.

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25 Nov 2019 15:19:03
Why not suggest a manager that will do wonders with the current squad? Ole deserves a fair chance with at least 3 more transfer windows to rebuild the squad. Would definitely not want to start from 0 again after sacking him.

25 Nov 2019 16:34:29
Becks, take Ole the man and the player out of your mind and just look at his C. V and his results since joining. Why should he be giving another 3 windows or 18 months?

I asked the question to the pro Ole fans a few months ago. "What is the bare minimum he needs to produce to stay in the job? ". The answer from them all was top 4. Now as we slip further and further from that goal, watch the tide shifts to make more excuses for the man.

It's just sheer stubborness at this stage that fans want to keep him in the job. Pochettino and Allegri are available. Both better coaches. Both willing to join.

Arsenal are ahead of us on points and Emery is one or two results away from being sacked. Spurs were 2 points behind us and sacked their manager that got them to a champions league final. We gave our manager a 4 year contract for beating PSG.

Ole has nothing in his managerial arsenal to succeed at the top. We're 9th in the league. I'd imagine we'll be in and around that position when Ole is sacked in January.

25 Nov 2019 16:34:56
Becks i would have agreed with you IF we had a manager in charge. Ole isn't a manager. He is just an emotion.

25 Nov 2019 16:52:18
you know its coming, i wouldn't be surprised if ed has already spoken to poch agent to get him in the summer.

25 Nov 2019 17:32:12
The real worry is that Poch has gone through a difficult time at Spurs this season, is he ready for the job? What happens if Poch struggles for a while with the squad we have and having Woodie to deal with the transfers and he messes up?

How long are we going to keep changing managers? Ole is definitely not a top manager, but if we are serious in rebuilding this club we need to provide whoever is in charge with ample time to complete the process. If we do fire Ole and hire Poch, we need to stick with him for at least 3yrs and give him the resources to do so.

We also need to think long term and whoever comes in next isn't going to stick around for their entire career, so we need to make sure to get a proper structure in place within a time frame allowing any future managerial changes to go through smoothly and not affect the matters on the pitch.

25 Nov 2019 19:32:38
I find it funny that two of the biggest sticks used to beat Ole is him not winning anything (in a major league, because winning a title for the first time in a club's history doesn't count if it's in Norway) and the club's form since February.

Yet many of those same people who say we need to fire Ole for those reasons also want Pochettino to get the job even though he has won less than Ole and has a worse record since February.

25 Nov 2019 20:25:14

I read today that Ole has a worse record than Moyes. The only reason he is still in place is what he did as a player not what he did at Molde. Cardiff was more relevant a role to judge. Because we as supporters don’t unanimously agree on a successor is not a reason to keep a failing manager in place.

25 Nov 2019 20:47:48
Shappy the Norwegian title win got him the job at Cardiff. He failed miserably in that role. Unfortunately a title win from the Norwegian league should never be enough to land the Manchester United job. Molde have just won the league again yet nobody would know their managers name without Google.

Steve McClaren won the Dutch league with FC Twente. That got him the Wolfsburg job. Every year a manager wins the title in lesser leagues and they climb their way up the ladder, or make huge waves in Europe and skip a few rungs.

If you cannot see the good work that Pochettino has done at both Southampton and Spurs then you simply have a vendetta against the man. A Manager that got Spurs consistently into the top 4 is much more pertinent to our situation than a manager who won a title in Norway 6 years ago.

It was time for him to leave Spurs but his work there should not be discounted. They're in a much better place now than when he took over. He presided over a stadium move and kept them competitive.

Is top 4 still the minimum for Ole this year Shappy?

25 Nov 2019 21:23:13
I hope we sack him and appoint poch.

25 Nov 2019 22:02:22
That comment is childish Mort. No fan wants to see Ole fail. This isn't so we can say "i told you so". We want what's best for the club. I think our best chance to improve and climb up the table is with a different manager.

If Ole was doing his job right it wouldn't matter what manager was available, but right now he has shown very little for me to be optimistic about the future.

25 Nov 2019 23:58:42
Mumbles the rest of my comment got cut. By all means sack him. But you'll be here again wanting his successor sacked. And his successor. And for some people on here it is all about "I told you so. "

26 Nov 2019 08:41:21
I seen your original comment Mort and it was even more childish than what the eds changes it to.

Whatever new manager is appointment is playing dour football, being tactically outclassed by Steve Bruce and Wilder, if the new manager comes off the pitch gleaming and smiling after conceding a late goal against newly promoted Sheffield United taking about "huge strides forward" and languishing mid table with very little signs of improvement, then yes, I will be calling for his head.

26 Nov 2019 12:23:00
And constantly chopping and changing managers is solving what exactly?

The biggest problem is the unbalanced squad filled with average players from 4 previous managers.

You want to blame someone then blame the genius who rwn down Herrera's contract then didn't replace him. Who made a joke bid for Bruno Fernandes. Who dragged out the lukaku sale and didn't leave enough time to get a replacement in.

We need to allow a manager time to shift out the average joes, bring in quality and develop the youngsters and we have a manager who is trying to do that albeit with an arm tied behind his back.

Do I think we will the league under Ole? No. But I do think in 3 years time we'll be in a better place and the next guy will win it.

We need patience and someone with a clue running transfers. Not constant whining at every setback.

26 Nov 2019 15:04:54
Great post, Mort.

26 Nov 2019 18:10:23
Chers Nou.



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