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04 Nov 2019 10:52:39
I said at the start of the season that any success this year would be built on our ability to keep clean sheets and I was ridiculed in some quarters.

I didn't say this to be dramatic but because it was obvious. We'd sold our only proven goal scorer and did not replace him, any sensible person could see that there was a worrying lack goals in our team. On top of losing Lukaku and not replacing him we didn't even sign a No10 or RW, just where we're our goals going to come from? Even if Rashford and Martial had successful seasons it was highly unlikely either would breach the 20 goals mark and if both got 15 it would represent a significant improvement.

If defence we invested heavily in Maguire, AWB and made De Gea one of the best paid goalkeepers in football history. Our defence simply had to perform and whilst improvements have been made there is still a vulnerability to our play and we've not been able to keep clean sheets. Shut outs against Wolves, Southampton, Arsenal and Liverpool all games where we were leading and seemingly in control would have seen us 8 points better off.

Whilst I try not to blame individuals I feel Lindelof is one of the most over rated players to ever grace our hallowed turf. Maguire gets constant stick, many didn't even want him at the Club yet Lindelof has been making horrendous mistakes since he made his debut nearly 3 years ago.

Lindelof is now an experienced international and entering his third year at the Club. He is now one of the senior players in our squad yet he still continues to make massive mistakes and simply can't cope with the physicality of the premier league. Many have criticised and blamed AWB for the goal against Bournemouth but just look at Lindelof's role. I must confess AWB was poor but just watch Lindelof! He gambles anticipating a pass and leaves the massive hole where King scores the goal. If he just holds his position there is no chance King scores the goal and he was perfectly placed to block the shot if King decided to lay the ball off.

On the stroke of HT, in difficult conditions, in a team that has struggled for goals we need leaders and warriors in defence with a determination and resolve not to concede goals and put their body on the line. It's about recognising important moments in the game, switching on and concentrating. All players make mistakes but Lindelof continues to make simple, goal conceding mistakes on a regular basis. Lindelof is a nice player but does he have the determination and steel required to play in the premier league. Is he really any better than Daly Blind for example who has been brilliant for Ajax in a less physically demanding league?

In my opinion Tuanzebe must replace him asap and even Rojo has that steel and determination to defend and put his body on the line. If someone like Barcelona are prepared to pay over £50m for him I'd snatch their hand off. I'm not saying he's a bad player I'm just not convinced he's right for the premier league and certainly not in a struggling team.

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04 Nov 2019 11:41:11
Oh it is Lindelof's turn this week?

04 Nov 2019 11:52:52
Should of sold him to Barcelona if the supposed rumours were true. I highly doubt it though probably his agent putting it out there and old wooden top fell for it hook line and sinker and gave a new improved contract.

04 Nov 2019 12:23:53
Tell us who you were happy with this week gds2 Instead of jumping on posters when they post their views.

04 Nov 2019 12:32:22
There are two key defensive issues.

First, we have no defensive leader organising things. Saturday was illustrative of this - Lindelof gets sucked out of position leaving Wilson free, Maguire follows Wilson’s run to the front post leaving King free, AWB tries to cover King and makes a mess of things. AWB has one full year of playing as a defender. He’s going to make mistakes, so the cbs need to make sure that he isn’t isolated against a striker. Both Lindelof and Maguire are guilty here because neither is leading the line.

Second, our lack of consistent goal threat is putting the defence under even more pressure. They play with the knowledge that one mistake could result in defeat, and this ramps up the nerves. AWB, Lindelof and Maguire all have the potential to be good defenders. But they can’t be expected to play at their best when the attack is misfiring. It doesn’t matter how good your own defence is if you can’t unlock the opponent’s defence.

What I see is a nervy backline that’s feeling the pressure, and struggling to command authority. I don’t see this changing until we offer an attacking outlet to take the pressure off.

04 Nov 2019 12:42:21
Ken, the only player who deserved any credit and was our best player was Brandon Williams and he played 10 minutes, says it all really. Fair criticism of Lindelof DLIB.

04 Nov 2019 13:16:14

04 Nov 2019 13:53:58
Sadly I have to agree, lindelof is the weak link this season in defence. No longer the iceman, more like the lukewarm man.

04 Nov 2019 13:54:46
I still think he'd be a better defensive midfielder.

04 Nov 2019 14:07:33
Really its a bit glum when people can't even make a point without being jumped on like that.
Post something positive gds2 instead.
Tell us what you liked about the weekends game.
Tell us what impressed you.
Tell us how is only a blip or down to injuries or blah blah blah. whatever you believe and think.
Then let others post what they like. That's how it works.

04 Nov 2019 14:37:07
GDS2 - it's been Lindelof's fault a number of weeks I've just tried to remain patient with him. I've had my say because AWB is a young player who's been brilliant for us this season. If Lindelof holds his position King does not score. Where was the support for his teammate who was obviously out of position in a absolutely crucial part of the game just before HT. The bloke doesn't like defending and in a struggling Utd team it must be all hands on deck. Other players have been criticised so has the manager and I think Lindelof has been consistently poor.

He has been a poor acquisition not suited to the Premier League and he keeps making mistakes and costing us goals. Luckily it's an area of the pitch where Ole has real options and I think he needs to make a change. I have nothing against the player I just wouldn't trust him in physical encounters especially away from home.

04 Nov 2019 15:23:52
Do you promise you've nothing against him Dlib. you better swear on the holy bible in order that gds2 doesn't get you suspended from the 'super supporters club'

04 Nov 2019 16:13:45
I just don't think he's a particularly good defender Ken. Smalling, Jones, Rojo, Bailly and even Maguire have all been vilified yet Lindelof continues to make important individual mistakes on a regular basis yet many still rate him. I suppose it's all a matter of opinion but after an awful start to his Utd career he enjoyed some promising games last season and I was hoping for much better, I'm just very disappointed with him. He gets bullied physically far to often and he's simply not good enough in the air in my opinion. I thought Maguire might have helped him but he seems to get targeted even more now and teams are regularly exploiting his weaknesses.

04 Nov 2019 16:44:00
I feel the same about martial dlib. I'd sell him in the morning for the best offer. Awful player.

04 Nov 2019 17:18:20
Yeah I know what you mean Ken both are nice players, talented but there's something missing. Do they have that drive and determination? Do they sacrifice themselves enough for the team? Do they really care enough? I'm not sure!

04 Nov 2019 18:10:22
Yep we have a few players like some of our fans. Play when your winning and disappear when your losing.

04 Nov 2019 19:50:55
I only had a few minutes so posted that in jest earlier, feel like that bite from Ken was worth it though, wow hilarious, chill out and get off your high horse Ken you aren’t the posting police.

Once again a post with a number of thumbs up picked on by someone, this place is great sometimes.

I think he’s been poor too, at the start of the season we had an amazing back 4 and shaw was the weak link apparently, now it’s Lindelof.

04 Nov 2019 20:24:48
Give Lindelof a break. He plays brilliantly for his national team. He has been trying to forge partnerships with too many different partners whilst relatively new to the league. Smalling Jones Rojo Bailly Tuanzabe Maguire. In addition he has not had a consistent relationship with either of his full backs. When we have a settled team defensively and just as importantly a decent midfield then judge him.

05 Nov 2019 05:03:44
DLIB. I agree that Lindelof has to develop a nasty side in him.
However, he is a talented defender and his partnership with Maguire will improve as they play more games together.

05 Nov 2019 11:58:58
Young at left back has been caught out of position several times and caused all sorts of problems for the back 4. Lindelof has had a bit of poor form at the same time. Wan Bissaca has been covering across the line, which tells you he is nervous and doesn't trust the CBs, Nd also means he is not able to stop crosses from his side.

I hope they can make this click. Shaw or Brandon need to play left back. But Lindelof and Tuanzebe will push each other for CB next to Maguire.

05 Nov 2019 15:11:42
Lindelof has cost us points, are targeted weakness and has literally lost us games with his mistakes.

Worse than Jones.

05 Nov 2019 16:51:31
@Dlib. Having a good keeper and a good defence is not enough. Brandon Rogers earlier this week said that Leicester are not missing Maguire because they defend with 11 players.
At the moment we are not doing that properly.



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